CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show


Hello Fellow Sensitive Souls, heart fire

Jamie Lynn Thomas here with some great new content to support your evolution from a plane of lower existence to one of a higher mindful existence. I’m so excited to share this innovated technique of self love/care for the busy HSP, empath or sensitive person.


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A Virtual quarterly Summit with innovators in the field of the Body-Mind Connection. Each Quarter we will focus on the Feminine or Masculine Qualities for a Healthy PEMS system. The PEMS or physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
All of our classes happen online so you will only need access to a computer or smartphone with a browser like google.
The widespread dissemination of tools for the PEMS systems. Heal thyself and the healthy world from the inside out.

1.Interview on Getting High on Anthropology – April 21st 20016

2. 8 Minute Self Aura Application – with the Core 4


      3.  Violet Uses-  

October is a month of Cleansing and Integration after the long months of the past year.If you would like to practice your sensing centers, watch the video with a soft gaze. What do you notice? Can you sense shifting in my auric fields? Let me know your electric senses with some comment goodness 🙂

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Violet- Regular & Practitioner Size Bottles

4. Clearing PAIN in the PEMS with the core 4 


5. Healing Cancer with the CannaEssence Core Four – A Video Testimony 


6. Getting High on Anthropology TV- Teaser 


7. Quick History of Flower Essences by Jamie Lynn Thomas 

8. 3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live like a SuperWoman