CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show



“Energy medicine is the future of medicine” Dr Oz  

Testimonials for the Total Health Programs


  1. I can’t say enough about Jamie and her work. Jamie has assisted me in releasing various traumas, physical and otherwise. After working with her, my body now moves in ways I thought it never would, and I have a level of health I once thought impossible. Her variety of techniques combined with her incredible intuition make her a one-of-a-kind practitioner, and her desire to really understand her clients’ issues is unmatched. With Jamie, I feel incredibly listened to; she gets it, and works with everything where it’s at. Jamie holds a beautiful space for healing, provides excellent guidance and support, and throws me so many amazing tools. Jamie’s support has been invaluable during a time of rapid growth and healing, and I can’t imagine anyone better to support me along the way. Thanks Jamie! Grateful always. – Amanda S.
  2. “if you are looking for an experience that has you trying to remember how to dress yourself when done, Jamie is it.  Any body work experience with Jamie is an hour or two where you can forget the world exist outside and it is all about you”  MJ Beaupre
  3. I would like to say that working with Jamie has completely change my life.    When I first went to see her, I was looking for an alternative to western medicine.  I had been on anti-depressants and had a horrible reaction to the prescription pills, along with some other health concerns.  Jamie did a though intake, she took her time to find out about my history and my current life stresses.   We were able to identify my treatment goal, and set a plan in place.  Jamie is so very knowledgeable, she was able to help me from many different angles.  Via my nutrition,  through rakhi, and traditional massage.   Since I have seen Jamie I have been in  the best mental and physical condition, of my life, she has not only  affected me, but the people around me.  Jamie takes the time to share her knowledge, to help you take charge of your own health, and continue to maintain a healthy happy lifestyle. I would highly recommend working with Jamie Thomas,  it will be a life changing experience.  She approaches each person, with an open, calm, accepting, understanding, that allows you to feel completely comfortable, and confident in her practice. Michelle Garcia
  4.  As a massage therapist, I’ve had a lot of massages from a lot of different therapists over the years, and am thrilled to have found someone who can work as specifically and thoroughly as Jamie Lynn does. Not only does she have pre-existing qualities that make her a great therapist in a variety of ways – especially high intelligence and intuition, but she has a natural talent for massage that just can’t be taught.  – Jessica Mehsikomer
  5. I have had nutritional consultations with Jaime throughout the last year. I found that she was very thorough in fact gathering to determine your present health, eating habits, physical and emotional well-being.  She was also very flexible with our consultation meetings that allowed me to visit her, email her or have phone conversations. The recommended changes to my diet and non-existent exercise routine were small changes that I could achieve and not feel discouraged. The small changes helped improve my energy level and maintain a more even feeling of well-being. I have been very impressed with Jamie’s knowledge level and her follow up to see how I was doing. Once I had a digestive issue and she provided advice on what to do and lo and behold, I was much better. It saved me a visit to the doctor and a bill for $200.00. She knows her stuff! MG
  6. Jamie’s work is above and beyond what I have experienced with any other health professional.  She is an expert at integrating my current health maintenance routines (including antigen/allergy shots, ) with her own professional skills including vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, massage, and cranial-sacral therapies.  Jamie is THE most thorough health professional I have ever worked with. I have chronic allergies and insomnia and she has supported me at all fronts to make actual, real, improvements in these issues.  We worked from a physiological standpoint,  a musculo-skeletal  standpoint, and an emotional and lifestyle standpoint.  Jamie is also skillful at making supporting changes that are not overwhelming to implement.
  7. Jamie has taken me further into the world of Bach flower essences as well, and I am SO happy for this support.  This is a more “esoteric” remedy to my mind, but she has explained and implemented the Bach essences in a way that I can experience and observe the actual effects within  my body, mind and emotions.  I have experienced DRAMATIC improvements in my allergies, insomnia and their accompanying ailments.  Also, I have learned SO MUCH about my body systems that I feel like I have more resources to support myself with, in between sessions with Jamie.  She helped me get to know myself and my body better. She is A GIFT to her community!  JM
  8. Working with Jamie has been an exceptional experience.  As a client, she works with your body as a whole, mind, body and spirit.  In receiving a massage, she is thoughtful about her approach and gentle with her touch. She has many skills to draw from, from light Swedish to trigger point. The aftercare that is provided is above and beyond the normal massage.  Working with Jamie is a true partnership in a path towards healing.  It has been my privilege to know and work with Jamie numerous times and I plan on continuing that partnership.  -Grier Gladden
  9. My name is Pamela.  I am a relative newcomer to alternative healing methods but I have been using CannaEssences for about a year now.  I have found them to become faithful companions in what might have been a far more difficult time for my family and I.  The Core Four Essences have been a wonderful place for me to start when there are several things brewing inside at one time.  My favorites have been the Violet for Cleansing and Red for Grounding.    As a general rule they are the areas that I find myself repeatedly growing through.  These last months have required me to hold onto many details that might be needed at a moments notice while letting go of the emotional baggage that often comes with those memories.  I do a body check to see where I am either losing energy or feeling stagnant energy while allowing myself to sense the need I am able to choose the correct essence and apply it where it is needed.  It has truly been that simple to find a better vantage point and a higher vibration.  When I know that I will be away from my CannaEssences for a long while or if I feel the need for a bit of extra support, I have supplemented the therapy by choosing to wear one or two of the colors represented in the essences as an article of clothing.  This form of color therapy has proven to be both powerful and settling.  These last months have been unpredictable and chaotic.  As of late I have felt unusually calm and strong where as I would have been full of anxiety if past experiences were to have been a predictor.  My son has also migrated towards my set of CannaEssences when his world has been a little difficult to navigate.  He also settles in by intuitively allowing them to work with his system.  Sometimes he plays with the bottles and sometimes he asks for them to be applied.  I also get quite a few nose bumps from my puppies.  Today they wanted to use Green or Abundance. I am actually very fortunate to have studied with Jamie Thomas who created CannaEssences.  I have an entire set of the 12 colors as well as the one used to balance things out.  Yellow or Golden Goat has helped ease chronic pain by getting my lymphatic system to gently flow again.  The great part of this is that it has been powerful enough to make big changes and gentle enough that I am not being bombarded with toxins as they leave my body.   I have probably avoided some setbacks because of this one aspect of CannaEssences.When my world is racing and I need some stability and reintegration of my entire PEMS system Blue is the one I go to.  A good application from crown all the way down my spine has always worked well. Since I have been working with Jamie I have gained some wonderful skills through the training sessions and now have the tools available when I need them for myself or others.  No matter what is out of balance in your life there is an energy center that correlates in your PEMS system and CannaEssences are easy to match up with them.  If you are struggling in some area of your life my advice is to start with the CannaEssences core four to get your reintegration under way! PBK


Up to Date Reviews & Testimonials for CannaEssence 

  1. Chronic Pain Reduction: “Out of 300 cases with chronic pain scores of an 8-9. After 1 tx with CE pain decreased no less than 5 pain points with 79% having their most acute pain was gone after session. With continued decreased pain score for an average of 2 weeks. When receiving tx 1 x a week chronic pain reduction to 4 points or below for a 6 week study period” Jamie lynn Thomas
  2. The CannaEssences have changed the way I communicate with my body. They have given me the strength to rise up out of chronic pain and see the light that has been there all along. The pain is just a tool for my ascension process. Now, I just need to stay up on the self care to see those long lasting changes” (Anonymous- Name protected)
  3. Nothing is like the CannaEssences: “I have received a lot of body work and have not experienced something so powerful as the CannaEssences. I was receiving a body work session and at the end my practitioner placed 1 drop of the red on each of my feet. I felt an electric shot from my feet to my head. It was so powerful. I felt my body light up with energy and knew that I needed to know more about this so I can do that to my body daily. I’m feeling so alive!” (Anonymous- Name protected)
  4. Simplicity = Healing: “I was a bit overwhelmed with the 12 essences until I was told to just choose a color or picture that drew my eye. I thought she was messing with me…..its this easy? Well, it was that easy. I choose green and took a drop of the essence. I did not notice much immediately until the woman had me walk through my body. Wow I did not know what was going on in there……the second drop though! I have never felt anything quite like it before. I really liked it. and I think I want more” P. Rudgers
  5. In end of life stages with animals- “I used violet on my daughter’s dying dog. It immediately settled her (the dogs) ragged breathing and she looked like the pain had decreased. I then used it on the forehead of each of my family members to help with the grief. I feel like violet supported easing out of life opposed to traumatic passing. I continue to use violet when I have anxiety or feel alone in this world.” S. Anders
  6. Use with Cancer & end of life stages- “I used my entire set of 12 with my color boards on a friend of mine who is dying of lung cancer. Her situation is extremely bleak and I find myself being drawn into her depression and fear. However, when I use the CannaEssences with myself and her something surprising happened. I used them on myself and I was able to say the things that needed to be voiced. I was not censoring my words but I was also tempering them so that I did not explode or get lost in my own thought stream. When my friend came over I took a few drops of the violet & emerald checked in with my body. When she arrived I was ready, supported to deal with her heartbreaking case…I showed her the essences and the color boards and told her to choose the colors & bottles that would support her. She worked with many color boards and intuitively started placing them on the boards and then taking drops of essences as she was called. I was amazed to see that she did this without any real direction except choose which colors, or pictures that you are most attracted to and place them wherever feels good to you. After working with most the set she & I made a dosage bottle to take home. Now 2 months later she is still in her end of life stage but she is speaking up to the people who need to be talked to. She is happier, has a brighter outlook on life and is less of a vampire. I actually enjoy talking to her now that she is connecting to her PEMS” S. Anders
  7. Changing My View of Cannabis: “I did not like Cannabis for most my life….until I met the CannaEssences. I had had negative experiences growing up in the 60’s. I did not like what smoking did to me or my skin or the people around me. But once I met the CannaEssences I fell in love! They are nothing like smoking the plant. The colors and strains fascinate me. I would suggest the CannaEssences to anyone who disliked Cannabis or never tried it. You will definitely have a pleasant experience while raising your consciousness!”  Alita M.
  8. “I have used almost every flower essence on the market clinically and I have never seen so many changes occur in such a short amount of time with such ease and grace. Huge changes can be witnessed over a 3 month time period with the client using the full spectrum set with color & picture attraction only”.  Anonymous  – protected name
  9. “Brilliant absolutely brilliant!”
  10. Esophageal & Post Cancer Transformation- Fosamax Recovery: “This was a client who had recently undergone multiple surgeries and was taking multiple medications for recent cancer bout. She was having trouble swallowing and was experiencing dispersed physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pains that her practitioner clearly outlined in her 5 page intake. After 1 CannaEssence session, using the color boards and essences topically & internally with a take home dosage bottle, the client experienced marked clinical changes. Her pain levels decreased from an 8 down to a 3 and many of the physical pains completely subsided. But the most amazing thing was that this person was unable to swallow and eat food as well as having a very raspy and limited vocal production or sound. After this 1 session the client was eating & swallowing foods with regularity and ease. Also the voice that was raspy, weak and non pronounced is vibrant, clear and singing too” jamie thomas about Bonnie MacPhee’s case study.
  11. Color Boards: “I love the color boards! I just grab 1 for the day, stick it in my purse and place it in my cubicle. I feel protected and happier every time I look at the image.” B. MacPhee
  12. Kids & Color Boards: “My kids love the color boards! it keeps them busy for hours.”  A+ Mom
  13. Dizziness & Vertigo & Ascension: “As a wounded healer I have been experiencing vertigo & bouts of dizziness. These bouts were directly connected to my ascension process, as I found out along my CannaEssence journey. As I balanced my PEMS these bouts have not occurred for 6 months. I was having 2-3 days every 2-3 weeks where I was bedridden for most of that timeframe. This was debilitating & no quality of life for a 25 year old. I took Steroids, valium, herbs, and smoking cannabis. They did nothing for my severe condition….until I received 6 sessions over the course of 3 weeks which transformed my life. I now do regular self care and maintenance sessions to continue to raise my vibrational frequency and would highly suggest Jamie Lynn Thomas’s and her CannaEssences. They will electrify your life!” Sue Porter
  14. Craniosacral Therapy & Trauma Resolution: “CannaEssences increase the therapeutic benefit of any CST session. Working with the inner physician throughout the entire PEMS system the client is more prepared to work through large encapsulated trauma, emotions and triggers. By following the colors that the body is asking for during the session, massive changes happen.” Jamie Lynn Thomas

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