CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Smudge and Space Clearing Workshops Oct 30th and Nov 13th

Come explore the world of smudge and space clearing in your own PEMS for a deeply cleansing experience. We will discuss daily hygienic clearing exercises for the PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) centers as well as environmental cleansing. We will go over the extensive list of resources and space clearing tools like smudge sticks, sprays, quantum cleansing bowls and more.

You will leave with one of Jamie Lynn Thomas world famous sacred smudge bundle as a resource to start cleansing your spaces right now. You will also leave with an extensive handout with non-smelling, non-smoking smudge, and space clearing options as well. This is on top of the two-hour webinar series you receive too.

There is something for everyone in this hands-on class.

Are you needing a good cleansing of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of yourself? Or maybe your sensitive and empathic and you are sensing more energies around and they are overwhelming you. If either is the case. You will feel like you had a full body makeover and reset. Elevating your vibrations to new levels of being.

 Some advanced topics we will go over: 

-Charcoal burning & resins- Safety and resin qualities we will work with Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber and Palo Santo Resins.

-How to clear another person PEMS system with a smudge stick/sage wand etc

-How to sense others auras and boundaries

-How to fill in any holes or gaps, wounds int he bio electric fields and auras.

*Upgrade to a decorated sage wand for only an additional $15

Two dates available for 2017

– Oct 30th 6 to 8 pm – Lakewood, Co. 

– Nov 13th 6 to 8 pm- Lakewood, Co. 

Check out our other workshops, events, and classes for the rest of 2017




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Invitation to Party + Celebrate the Earth

Calling All Earth Conscious People,

Come on out today and celebrate the Earth at the Weed and Wine Health Expo at 6-9pm in Lakewood, Co. Special expert talks on plant spirit medicine, healing allies and tools will be available for you to change your consciousness and raise your vibration. Imbibe in some adult CannaEnhanced beverages and get a massage and facial while you’re at it to feel revitalized and nourished. Tickets are going fast, so reserve your space right now. Plus, get a free copy of my book a value of $24.99. What is stopping you from connecting with your heart tribe?

April 22nd 6-9pm 

Weed & Wine Health Expo  April 22nd, 2017 6pm-9pm Lakewood, Co.


Weed and Wine Health Expo kicks off April 22nd at 6pm-9pm in Lakewood, Co. Come celebrate the month of Plant Spirit Awareness as we focus on the many healing aspects of the master plant, Cannabis. This evening extravaganza will consist of an enhanced massage or facial, wine tastings, live music, expert mini talks on Cannabis. We are focusing on the many ways to use Cannabis in your life for healing, an increased sense of wellbeing or connecting to the spiritual side of cannabis. During the evening, you will experience the healing power of Cannabis with a CannaEssence Enhanced Massage or Facial. Experts in the industry have been gathered to share their best tools and tricks to help you live a more empowered, healthier and vital life.

You will leave with a free signed copy of Jamie Lynn Thomas’s book on Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners. 

Your ticket includes:

  1. Enhanced Massage or Facial
  2. One copy of the book Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners by Jamie Lynn Thomas  
  3. Access to the evenings expert talks See the Schedule Here

*No consumption of THC or recreational cannabis will occur at this event. No smoke or secondhand exposure. You can be sure this is a great event to introduce your mom to cannabis.

*21 and up event

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Apprenticeship Flower Essence Program Enrollment is Open

Colorado Wild Crafting Flower Essences Apprenticeship

July – October 2017

Have you wanted to connect more to the heart of nature and heal yourself and your friends with natural remedies?

This once in a lifetime flower essence apprenticeship will change the way you view yourself and the world.

You will learn about one of the most powerful healing modalities that have been dubbed the future of medicine. Join Jamie Lynn Thomas, a certified flower essence practitioner & instructor, for an experience packed adventure into the realm of Wild Crafting & Flower Essence creations. 

Each month you engage in one 4-6 hour wildcrafting and essence making an adventure in the field or garden. Changing your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies PEMS in profound ways. Each class is an adventure full of healing and flowers. To supplement our unique nature class experiences are special learning topic webinars that are recorded and available for a lifetime. 


In this Apprenticeship program you will:Jamie Lynn profile 300

  • Attend monthly classes
  • You will make 1 flower essence each month
  • Take home 3 mother essences for your flower essence pharmacy per month
  • Learn to dispense stock & dosage bottles for yourself or your energy partner
  • Learn the indications & healing properties of at least 40 Foundation essences
  • Receive a spiral bound color copy of Jamie’s flower essence database
  • Get electronic or hard copies of class notes, webinars & the essence database
  • Online access to each Mp3 file or video for the months webinar or teleconference
  • Use the online forum to share your monthly essence experience report
  • Participate in feedback on your peers monthly essence report
  • Receive a certificate of completion in Flower Essence Wild crafting

Flower Essence Banner

And take your vibration to the next level 

Combo2Cosmo FEEmperorEmperor2essence pour

Equinox100 gatheringEquinox090 gatheringEquinox097 gathering

Equinox102 gatheringEquinox096 gathering

Equinox091 gathering

In a world where 350 million people are suffering from depression and Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined our PEMS system is overwhelmed. Flower essence therapies and earthing techniques are the best tools to rewire the brain and nervous system to a more harmonious state of well-being. This means that when we go out into Nature for a hike or wildcrafting, we are rewiring the pathways that cause depression and increase pain perception. In a recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States (PNAS), hiking for 90 minutes will change the way your brain works. By changing these pathways, we can decrease the circulating thoughts or rumination that can lead to severe depression and psychosis.

 Work in harmony with Nature and become a change maker using vibrational and energy medicines!

By working in Nature using the flowers to make vibrational or energy medicines we are able to change the way our bodies react to things like depression and pain. By learning the tools of a flower essence practitioner, you will be able to rewire your own PEMS. By doing this, you create a higher vibrational template of PEMS health. This means that your clients, friends, and family will be attracted to your flower essences through your own illumination. In the massage world, we refer to this higher energetic template as a way to work with entrainment through the client-practitioner relationship. Entrainment means to draw in and transport. Energetically we think of this as a way to show others a signpost on their way to a higher level of being or ascension. In the therapeutic relationship, the practitioner is given a task to work with in their own PEMS. Once they work through this level of dysfunction and find their way to another higher level of being, the client who needs this similar guidance will appear. For each practitioner will work with clients, who are a few steps behind your own process. This not only serves the client but encourages the practitioner to consistently be working towards a higher level of being.

In this program you will work with your own PEMS to raise your vibration and develop skills to work with others if you so desire.

Join the movement of reconnection and raise your vibration with this once in a lifetime Apprenticeship. 

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Just a Few Spots Left + Free eBook on Flower Essences

Hello PEMS People,

The Wildcrafting Flower Essence Making Apprenticeship is filling up with women wanting to make their own flower power medicines.

Come join us in the wild for some medicine and magic making 

Flower Essence Banner

As I prepare the spiral bound books for this years class I noticed that I added over a hundred pages to the new book on the  Encyclopedia of the 38 Bach Flower Essences.So, I wanted to give away an earlier copy that I have used in my private practice and apprenticeships for the past 5 years. I hope you will enjoy this free gift and consider enrolling in this amazing program. I have 6 spots left 🙂 I also uploaded some great videos and webinars from the resources section of the upcoming book to my youtube channel.

Complete Video Links below 

You can preorder the upcoming book Encyclopedia of Quantum Bach Flower Essences – A complete guide to healing your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. A Color and Picture Diagnostic System.

ebook cover small

Claim Your Copy Here

Complete Video Resources can be found at my Youtube channel   Facebook 

I have included the two best videos to start with. Enjoy

History of Flower Essences: 

Applications & Other Uses for Flower Essences 


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Download- 3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live Like a SuperWoman

Hello Superwomen,

If you have missed any of the webinars this year…… I have a lovely treat for you 😉

Just click the link below to watch the best webinar of the year.

Hint at the 3 min mark I start talking about my health story and get a little emotional. Its gave me chills and reminded me why I need to share my story more often. 

PS. I had so much fun with this series of classes that I am now working on publishing my upcoming book in September9 Keys to SuperPower Success – The step by step guide for every woman who wants to live like a superwoman .  You can Pre-Order that book here.


Would love to hear your comments below! Love it hate?


hearts & flowers,

jamie lynn Thomas


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Plant Your Seeds Today + Elevate Your Garden

Hello PEMS People,

Today is the New Moon and an excellent time to get your seeds planted today.

When I think of seeds and the new moon, I think of my own personal seeds and intentions as well as my garden seeds for the summer. For the past eight years, I have been co-creating with my Denver post picgardens towards specific intentions and goals. By doing this intentional or mindful gardening, I have benefited from increased yields, decreased pests and more vital, healthy plants. My gardens have been so productive and beautiful that they have been featured in the Denver Post Newspaper in April 2013.

This year we have moved and will be creating a brand new garden using the amazing techniques I’m sharing with you today.

How I came to learn sustainable, conscious and beautiful gardening methods was when I choose to rent my first home. My husband and I have always chosen homes that needed lots of work to the yard. My two favorite rental homes,  had large expansive front yards. Each one looked like hard caked down dirt that looked like they had not been watered in a season or two. No healthy topsoil layer or growing weeds, just hard packed earth that needed much love and TLC. We would work up to 40 hours a week for the spring season transforming the environment, the soil and the community. I remember having the community involvement grow as the plants started showing their lovely green sprouts. It is amazing what plants can do to a community when they start transforming the energy of the entire block. We would notice non serving neighbors finding better serving homes, more bees and more engaged children in nature. How did I do all this? I had to raise the vibration of the environment with Essences and CannaEssences. I co-created and actively listened to the plants and their individual needs. I created formulas for my tomatoes, fennel, cannabis, flowers, wildlife and even the routy squirrels.

For those of you who want to work with the shadow side of April, I suggest you utilize the quantum broadcasting ceremony to set your intentions for the next month and the next spring season. This is a powerful new moon as the astrological zodiac sign  #1 is aligned perfectly and this tends to mean that seeds of intention placed on this day have been, in the past, auspicious and abundant. A perfect time to set those long term heart strings and quantum programming.  You can use this awesome FREE PRINTABLE CananEssence Quantum Broadcasting Wheel. 


Planting-SeedsDirections for Planting in the Earth:

I like to use cold weather vegetables to get grounded into my intentions for the spring and summer season.

  • How will your garden outside and your inner garden grow over this time period?
  • What are your goals? Intentions?
  • Will you nourish your friends and family with your abundant garden?
  • Will you create a product or sell at a farmers market, Etsy or from your home?
  • Whatever goodness you create will be easier if you follow these simple steps for planting, transplanting, deterring pests in all senses of the term 😉


For those who want to get their garden started, I have a  special treat for you from my upcoming book below 🙂


 Garden Sprays & Environmental Changes

The garden is a great place to watch Nature at work in all her glory. Any seasoned gardener will tell you that plants have an all out war during the growing season. Some plants are dominant and fast growing, taking nutrients from the other slower, shallower root systems. This leaves an abundance of dominate plants while the others are slowly strangled and killed. This war is why we” pull weeds” to “save” other plants, so that they can grow and produce vegetables or fruit. As a bio dynamic urban gardener, I tend to have a wild looking garden; that is a place where the war can easily be seen to be sustainable and nourishing to the cohabiting plants. I always choose to plant my garden with companion plants. This way my garden, when it goes wild as it inevitably will, will create its own soil system that serves the entire ecosystem. By using flower essences to support my garden, I can change the way a plant behaves to its neighbors and pests. The CannaEssences serve to tame them with love and nourishment, so that the war turns to a peace treaty of co creation and cohabitation.

When I have pests going after a certain plant i.e. tomatoes I will go and observe the area during the three main parts of the day i.e. morning, afternoon and the evening right before sundown. Then I will ask the plants which essences will serve them, to balance the plants PEMS system, so that they can better fend off pest and predators. The plant spirit then indicates though subtle communication methods its needs and desires. Those who listen to this unique voice will get clear indications on what are the next steps to creating vital health. This plant spirit voice can come to each person in a slightly different manner.

In my experience, the way people first start to sense plant spirits energies is through their most dominate learning style. However for many, especially during their first experiences, there will be an inner knowing of what the plant is trying to tell you, however being new and lacking trust in yourself you may think you heard nothing at all. It’s a trick; your senses will tell you exactly what to do. There is no needs to think about it- just trust this intuition and keep practicing active listening and observation.  For others it will take much practice to TRUST what you are sensing with your PEMS. The best way to start is to sit for 10 minutes in front of one plant and notice all the little details of this plant that has caught your attention. If you are called to make a quick sketch, it may serve to deepen the interaction between your PEMS and the plant spirits PEMS.

Birds and wildlife love the essences. Any range or brand you are attracted to will bring you the support in your garden that you need. This is the magic of the law of attraction and color psychology. You will always choose what you need the most in the moment therefore giving your system the perfect support in its greatest need. By adding essences to bird and animal water, the animal kingdom is supported and balanced to your gardens perfect harmony. This creates a great resonance for you, the animals and the plants. In gardens where this co-creation has been part of the very fabric of its growth for 3+ years; they have a special energy and quantum signature. I noticed more bees, less pests and more co habitation between all species. It was almost as if the whole ecosystem was working towards the optimal goal of conscious, sustainable and beautiful gardening just like I was. In my clients yards, where they said nothing would grow, they have thriving gardens full of abundant wildlife and co diversity.

  1. Using Essences in the Watering Can

This is one of the most diverse ways to use the essences with your garden. The essences are very powerful to the plant kingdom. The water has a special communication system with plants that needs very little essence to create large changes in the plants PEMS systems. This is part of the quantum bioresonance communication complex. Add this water to any plant that needs a little bit of special attention.

  • Focused Plant- Acute Care: Take a moment to really look at the plant that wants some special attention. Get up close. Notice any injuries, weeping spots, bugs, or any other details that stick out at you. Once you have a good sense of what is going on in the plants PEMS system; look at your CannaEssence set and choose the color or flower that you are most attracted. Add 1-3 drops of essence to any size water can or mister or sprayer. I suggest a mix of the two for an acute case or a plant that wants special attention. Mist the leaves 3x a day for 3 days. Water the plant with a little bit of Essence enhanced water. If the plant likes a big drink; water as you normally would. If you water 1-3 x a week just make a new essence enhanced watering can for each watering day. If you have a plant that only likes a tiny drink. You can freeze up essence enhanced ice cubes in any standard ice tray. Giving the plant 1 to 3 ice cubes each day for 3 days. This will depend on the size of your plants water demands. Please stop watering if mold or fuzz appears. Allow the plant to dry out and then try another essence. This is a type of plant acute care. Sometimes they need a little surgery to skim off the top non serving layer of dirt and have a new layer or healthy dirt infusion. J Listen to your plant spirit friends and they will show you the way to vital plants.
  1. Watering According to the Color Days of the Week:
    • Purple- Monday am, Violet- Monday pm, Red- Tuesday, Yellow- Wednesday, Orange- Thursday, Green- Friday, Indigo- Saturday, Magenta- Sunday
  1. Using Essences in Hydroponics

I have been receiving many case reports from Colorado grow operations on the use of the CannaEssences with their crops. Some report decreased pest and more vital plants. Once we gather more information and case reports on this use, I will report it in my second edition.

  • Sit with your plants or current group of grows. Cannabis grows or species specific grows- you will want to tailor your daily mix to the needs of your plants. This will require sitting with the plants for a while as you listen to their PEMS collective needs. During this time you may notice that a specific plant may need some acute or immediate attention and it may not be the same as the rest of the group. See above Focused Plant- Acute Care. Once you know the essence that the group would like to use, you can add 1-3 drops to your master tank. Allow your plants to flush as normal. Repeat the next time you fill your master tank.

 Using Essences in Animal Water

Animals, like the plants, are very sensitive to energetic vibrations. This means that a little goes a long way to making PEMS transformations. By paying attention and doing some Nature watching you will be able to figure out which essence will serve your animal kingdom friends the best in your ecosystem.

  • Add 1 drop of the chosen essence to the animal watering dish or bowl. I like to start in my garden with abundance and then move through the colors according to the needs of the animals.
  1. Using Essences as a Pest Deterrent

You can use the essences as a natural barrier to pests on top of infusing the plants PEMS with fortitude and abundance. I like to use Violet – Cleansing as a barrier or pest deterrent. I have infused salt, water, placed drops on rocks, used the four directions and added to my roof and trees. This use of diluted and direct drops created a type of network that wove webbing around my gardens ecosystem; a special little paradise in the city. By combining both the exterior protection and internal watering of the plants using the above method we can see huge changes in the garden ecosystem.

  • Direct Drop Pest Deterrent Method: Take 1 drop and put it in the 4 directions of your house; on the edge of your property line. This form a square around your house. Then get on top your roof and place 1 drop at the middle or topmost section of your roof. If you do not have a roof; place one drop directly in the middle of the garden. Do not endanger yourself i.e. get on the chimney. This has created a 3D pyramid around your garden. You just performed a type of quantum cleansing using Sacred Geometry + Essences + Colors = VibroChromoTherapy.
  • Diluted Drops & Watering Can Barrier Method: Take a large watering can with a thin neck and drop 3 drops into the water. Then go to the edge of your property and start walking as you trail a thin fountain of barrier water around your home. You may need to fill 3+ cans to complete this method for a standard suburban home. Just go back to where you left off and connect the water lines as you continue to work your way around your property to where you began. Once you are complete with this process, it should last at least 1 lunar cycle sometimes up to 3+ months for well maintained gardens with daily enhanced water through the growing season.


I hope this was helpful and PEMS enlightening.

Abundance Flowers & Veggies,

jamie lynn

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Best Tool for Any Sensitive Person or Empath

The body check exercise is the best tool that any empath or highly sensitive person can do for themselves.

If you embrace this tool as a resource for truth telling. You will connect so deeply with yourself that your highly sensitive tools will become gifts for you to help those around you.


“This simple exercise will transform your life if you are overwhelmed with others energies.”      Jamie lynn Thomas an excerpt from her upcoming CannaEssence book: Daily Exercises for the Sensitive Soul 


Body Check Exercise – Step 1 to Connecting to Your PEMS

Take a moment to get in communication with your body mind by performing the body check. This is a great exercise to get you to connect to your PEMS, so that you can be fully aware of the changes your body goes through as it delves into body talk.

Body Check Starter Questions:

You can simply start by asking the body a few questions:

  1. Body mind we are listening please tell us what you want us to know?
  2. Is there an area of the body that has discomfort, pain?
  3. Is there something in your life that is causing you suffering? If so where do you sense this in your body?
  4. What area of the body is affected when you talk, think or imagine this thing that is causing you suffering?
  5. When you sense into this area what information do you get?
    1. Audio, visual, scents, emotions, pain, inner knowing, sensing’s, flashes, movies etc
  6. Ask this area what type of support it would like?
    • It may flash a color of the essence, touch somewhere on the body –ANYTHING really – no expectations just listening
    • If it is not a direct answer
      • Look to the 4 essence cards & do the color attraction or touch method

Exercise- Body check Exercise Parts 1 & 2

  1. Body Check EXERCISE #1: to ground & connect the body
    • Close your eyes or keep them open in a soft gaze
    • Do a quick inventory of the entire body- breathing in the body as a whole 3 breaths
    • Then start with your attention at your feet breathing in for 1 or 2 breaths then moving onward upward to the head Once you are complete you are ready to begin body check part 2
  2. BODY CHECK EXERCISE #2: to move heavy energy & get in full body mind space

Step 1: Imagine there is a large vase full of a warm honey like fluid that is being poured gently over your head in a cleansing and nourishing movement that will eventually be pooling at the feet & soaking into the great earth mother as sweet compost

That which does not nourish us can nourish the mother – our hoocha (heavy energy) is her black gold!!!

The honey acts by taking everything that is not serving into itself to be fed as ambrosia to the earth

  1. Step 2: As it moves its way slowly down the body it pools and sits on areas that need a little extra attention or nourishment – breath this into your body letting it leave you clean, bright, clear and full of life

If there is pain in an area – allow the honey to pool around the area. Seeping in, bringing with it the light of your awareness. Bring your breath and awareness into the area. Breathing through the it for 3 breaths and on the final breath exhale deeply letting your awareness float on to the next area with the next breath

Step 3: The honey has reached your feet & is now pooling around you slowly seeping into the earth. You see this dark & heavy honey leaving your body & it is transformed as the earth sucks the ambrosia of hoocha. I image a brightness of diamond golden rays as the hoocha honey is transformed by the earth mother. She transforms darkness to light and uses it to grow her inner gardens. She loves our heavy energy & wants to co-create a more solidified PEMS for you for it also supports her too.


Audio version is Here!!!

 Keep your eyes peeled on the resource section for upcoming free downloads and printables 🙂