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Bach Flower Free Foundation Training Program

Hello PEMS Conscious People,

I wanted to share the companion Level 1 Bach Flower Training Program to my upcoming book Encyclopedia of Quantum Bach Flower Essences – A complete guide to healing your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies. A Color and Picture Diagnostic System. I wanted to share the Bach flower program as it is a foundation program for anyone who wants to learn more about flower essences. Once you learn about the traditional Bach Flower Remedies…you will understand why I love the CannaEssence and the Quantum Bach Flower Essence Lines.

The CannaEssence work so well with other “ranges” or companies who produce flower essences/energy medicines. I always use the Bach flowers for all my beginning clients. As their PEMS systems increases in vibration and resonance,  they will need stronger vibrations to continue to elevate their PEMS. This is where the Quantum Bach Flower Essence line  and CannaEssence Color spectrum’s come in.

There is no need to memorize indications and out of balance patterns to dispense the correct flower power. All  you do is look at the pictures on the bottles and choose the one that you are most attracted to….Poof

You are on your way to engaging with the plant spirit by looking at the write up and noticing if that is what the plant was mirroring to you when you gazed at the bottles. Working with the internal physician, means you find the perfect remedy for that moment without going deeper then the person wants to go.

Amazing how intelligent our PEMS is.

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