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"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Smudge and Space Clearing Workshops Oct 30th and Nov 13th

Come explore the world of smudge and space clearing in your own PEMS for a deeply cleansing experience. We will discuss daily hygienic clearing exercises for the PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) centers as well as environmental cleansing. We will go over the extensive list of resources and space clearing tools like smudge sticks, sprays, quantum cleansing bowls and more.

You will leave with one of Jamie Lynn Thomas world famous sacred smudge bundle as a resource to start cleansing your spaces right now. You will also leave with an extensive handout with non-smelling, non-smoking smudge, and space clearing options as well. This is on top of the two-hour webinar series you receive too.

There is something for everyone in this hands-on class.

Are you needing a good cleansing of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of yourself? Or maybe your sensitive and empathic and you are sensing more energies around and they are overwhelming you. If either is the case. You will feel like you had a full body makeover and reset. Elevating your vibrations to new levels of being.

 Some advanced topics we will go over: 

-Charcoal burning & resins- Safety and resin qualities we will work with Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber and Palo Santo Resins.

-How to clear another person PEMS system with a smudge stick/sage wand etc

-How to sense others auras and boundaries

-How to fill in any holes or gaps, wounds int he bio electric fields and auras.

*Upgrade to a decorated sage wand for only an additional $15

Two dates available for 2017

– Oct 30th 6 to 8 pm – Lakewood, Co. 

– Nov 13th 6 to 8 pm- Lakewood, Co. 

Check out our other workshops, events, and classes for the rest of 2017




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Download- 3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live Like a SuperWoman

Hello Superwomen,

If you have missed any of the webinars this year…… I have a lovely treat for you 😉

Just click the link below to watch the best webinar of the year.

Hint at the 3 min mark I start talking about my health story and get a little emotional. Its gave me chills and reminded me why I need to share my story more often. 

PS. I had so much fun with this series of classes that I am now working on publishing my upcoming book in September9 Keys to SuperPower Success – The step by step guide for every woman who wants to live like a superwoman .  You can Pre-Order that book here.


Would love to hear your comments below! Love it hate?


hearts & flowers,

jamie lynn Thomas