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3 Day Map to Better Sleep

Hello PEMS People,

As I prepare for my events this month, I am reminded by my own systems dis-stress that sleep is such a valuable resource. I have been working with this protocol for years and it is time to get better sleep in 3 days.

Whenever I feel pooped and exhausted for more then a day I turn to this 3 day map to better sleep. It truly works and resets your PEMS system. I will use this protocol in consecutive 3 days increments until  I feel like I am above my normal energy levels. I want to end on a high note 🙂 

I go into major detail in this 2 hour resource packed goodness. I suggest listening to it in the car or while you are putsing around the garden or house. You can also skip the first 5 min or so as I was learning…years ago in 2012…how to sell a product and produce good content…in one venue. As you can tell I have done a lot of growing since then 🙂

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