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"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Healing Fibromyalgia Class Today

Hello Beautiful People,

The Fibromyalgia and Cannabis Flower Essence class happens today at 1:10-2:45 at Peak 17 at the Beaver Creek Resort at the Mountain West Herb Conference. In this class I present our clinical trial that had 3 out of 4 people out of pain & increased well being in only 6 weeks using the CannaEssence 12 color line. You will learn how to apply the CannaEssences to the body to heal fibromyalgia pain symptoms. Healing with Cannabis + Colors

Core 12 Color  Strain Spectrum all 12 available in 2016

I will be selling for the first time to the public the full 12 color CannaEssence set, so you too can replicate our results. 

A paid downloadable video will be available after the conference courtesy of the MWHC.

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Cannabis Flower Essences & Fibromyalgia – A 6 Week Protocol  Saturday 1:15- 2:45 Peak 17 

  1. Jamie Lynn Thomas presents Cannabis Flower Essences & Fibromyalgia – A 6 Week Protocol.  This class outlines a 6 week topical energetic protocol using the Cannabis plant spirit to transform fibromyalgia symptoms and decrease PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual bodies) pain. Every person who has used the essences for fibromyalgia has seen some shift in their PEMS pain and 70% have total resolution of acute symptoms. The protocol is so simple it takes less than 15 minutes to complete and 30 minutes with clinical check ins.


Hearts & Flowers,

Jamie Lynn Thomas


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Make Your Own Pain Medicines at Today’s Class

Hello People in Pain,

Do you spend a ton of $ on your current Cannabis Pain Medicines? Cannabis Dosing Strategies for Pain happens today at 1:15-4:30 in Peak 14.

This is the class to arm you with the tools to make your own powerful extractions. 5-10 drops is well over the traditional 10 mg doses.

This class will also be available as a paid downloadable courtesy of the Mountain West Herb Conference

Cannabis Dosing Strategies for Pain Using Eclectic Percolations    Friday 1:15 -4:30 Peak 14 

  1. Jamie Lynn Thomas presents Cannabis Dosing Strategies for Pain Using Eclectic Percolations. These special Eclectic extractions are rarely available in the Cannabis recreational or MMJ (medical) markets. A class demonstration of an Eclectic percolation will set up any medicine maker to prepare and use the drop dose strategies that are highlighted in the case and formulary examples. Attendees will be invited to sample the finished Eclectic percolation and sense for themselves the power of the Eclectics.“I currently have 2 clients who have replaced their use of morphine with drop doses of my Eclectic percolation formula for the past 2 years”This class supports the empowered education of herbalists and their clients.  By practicing empowered education, this resolves the practitioner of the risk for dispensing medicines, especially in non legal states. Instead, the herbalist or practitioner acts as a consultant educator who empowers the client to take control of their vital health and decrease their pain.

Hearts & Flowers,

jamie lynn Thomas

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Cannabis Energetics & Quantum Flower Essences Class Today

Hello Conscious PEMS People,

Just a quick reminder that this info packed three hour class is happening today at 2:30-5:45 in Peak 14 at the Beaver Creek Resort in Breckenridge for the Mountain West Herb Conference. 

This three hour class is the foundation to using the CannaEssences. This class will be available as a paid downloadable MP4 video courtesy of Mountain West Herb Conference. 

Introduction to Cannabis Energetics and Quantum Flower Essences Thursday 2:30-5:45  Peak 14 

  1. Jamie Lynn Thomas presents an introduction to Cannabis Energetics and Quantum Flower Essences. She will discuss Cannabis energy medicines and quantum H20 Infusions and their role in healing the PEMS or the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual bodies in clinical practice. This class empowers sensory awareness of the PEMS by inviting the attendees to sample four separate Rocky Mountain cannabis plant & color spirits as well as record clinical changes in their own PEMS systems.  This exercise will prepare the practitioner to work with the CannaEssences in their innovative, conscious practices. Many herbalists and practitioners, in Cannabis legal states, are being overwhelmed with Cannabis medicine perception imbalances and heroic uses. This gentle effective, internationally legal, remedy is exactly what they need in their vital tool belts.

About CannaEssence: Jamie Lynn and CannaEssence have studied the unique water crystal imprints of a variety of Cannabis Strains using hundreds of case studies and large samplings of the public. These special floral imprints are an innovative alcohol free elixir with quantum infusions that resonate harmonically with specific color (light waves) from the Manchester color wheel. By combining the power of plant spirit medicine, color/light therapy and quantum infusions these elixirs are a new sensory experience for the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies or PEMS.

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