CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Invitation to Party + Celebrate the Earth

Calling All Earth Conscious People,

Come on out today and celebrate the Earth at the Weed and Wine Health Expo at 6-9pm in Lakewood, Co. Special expert talks on plant spirit medicine, healing allies and tools will be available for you to change your consciousness and raise your vibration. Imbibe in some adult CannaEnhanced beverages and get a massage and facial while you’re at it to feel revitalized and nourished. Tickets are going fast, so reserve your space right now. Plus, get a free copy of my book a value of $24.99. What is stopping you from connecting with your heart tribe?

April 22nd 6-9pm 

Weed & Wine Health Expo  April 22nd, 2017 6pm-9pm Lakewood, Co.


Weed and Wine Health Expo kicks off April 22nd at 6pm-9pm in Lakewood, Co. Come celebrate the month of Plant Spirit Awareness as we focus on the many healing aspects of the master plant, Cannabis. This evening extravaganza will consist of an enhanced massage or facial, wine tastings, live music, expert mini talks on Cannabis. We are focusing on the many ways to use Cannabis in your life for healing, an increased sense of wellbeing or connecting to the spiritual side of cannabis. During the evening, you will experience the healing power of Cannabis with a CannaEssence Enhanced Massage or Facial. Experts in the industry have been gathered to share their best tools and tricks to help you live a more empowered, healthier and vital life.

You will leave with a free signed copy of Jamie Lynn Thomas’s book on Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners. 

Your ticket includes:

  1. Enhanced Massage or Facial
  2. One copy of the book Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners by Jamie Lynn Thomas  
  3. Access to the evenings expert talks See the Schedule Here

*No consumption of THC or recreational cannabis will occur at this event. No smoke or secondhand exposure. You can be sure this is a great event to introduce your mom to cannabis.

*21 and up event

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Apprenticeship Flower Essence Program Enrollment is Open

Colorado Wild Crafting Flower Essences Apprenticeship

July – October 2017

Have you wanted to connect more to the heart of nature and heal yourself and your friends with natural remedies?

This once in a lifetime flower essence apprenticeship will change the way you view yourself and the world.

You will learn about one of the most powerful healing modalities that have been dubbed the future of medicine. Join Jamie Lynn Thomas, a certified flower essence practitioner & instructor, for an experience packed adventure into the realm of Wild Crafting & Flower Essence creations. 

Each month you engage in one 4-6 hour wildcrafting and essence making an adventure in the field or garden. Changing your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies PEMS in profound ways. Each class is an adventure full of healing and flowers. To supplement our unique nature class experiences are special learning topic webinars that are recorded and available for a lifetime. 


In this Apprenticeship program you will:Jamie Lynn profile 300

  • Attend monthly classes
  • You will make 1 flower essence each month
  • Take home 3 mother essences for your flower essence pharmacy per month
  • Learn to dispense stock & dosage bottles for yourself or your energy partner
  • Learn the indications & healing properties of at least 40 Foundation essences
  • Receive a spiral bound color copy of Jamie’s flower essence database
  • Get electronic or hard copies of class notes, webinars & the essence database
  • Online access to each Mp3 file or video for the months webinar or teleconference
  • Use the online forum to share your monthly essence experience report
  • Participate in feedback on your peers monthly essence report
  • Receive a certificate of completion in Flower Essence Wild crafting

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And take your vibration to the next level 

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Equinox091 gathering

In a world where 350 million people are suffering from depression and Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined our PEMS system is overwhelmed. Flower essence therapies and earthing techniques are the best tools to rewire the brain and nervous system to a more harmonious state of well-being. This means that when we go out into Nature for a hike or wildcrafting, we are rewiring the pathways that cause depression and increase pain perception. In a recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States (PNAS), hiking for 90 minutes will change the way your brain works. By changing these pathways, we can decrease the circulating thoughts or rumination that can lead to severe depression and psychosis.

 Work in harmony with Nature and become a change maker using vibrational and energy medicines!

By working in Nature using the flowers to make vibrational or energy medicines we are able to change the way our bodies react to things like depression and pain. By learning the tools of a flower essence practitioner, you will be able to rewire your own PEMS. By doing this, you create a higher vibrational template of PEMS health. This means that your clients, friends, and family will be attracted to your flower essences through your own illumination. In the massage world, we refer to this higher energetic template as a way to work with entrainment through the client-practitioner relationship. Entrainment means to draw in and transport. Energetically we think of this as a way to show others a signpost on their way to a higher level of being or ascension. In the therapeutic relationship, the practitioner is given a task to work with in their own PEMS. Once they work through this level of dysfunction and find their way to another higher level of being, the client who needs this similar guidance will appear. For each practitioner will work with clients, who are a few steps behind your own process. This not only serves the client but encourages the practitioner to consistently be working towards a higher level of being.

In this program you will work with your own PEMS to raise your vibration and develop skills to work with others if you so desire.

Join the movement of reconnection and raise your vibration with this once in a lifetime Apprenticeship. 

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Invitation to Celebrate

Hello cannabis connoisseurs,

I’d like to invite you on September 9th thru the 11th to join me at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration at the Denver Merchandise Mart. I will be teaching about the CannaEssences on Friday at 2 p.m.

Come visit us at the booth number 121

While you’re there enter for a chance to win a special gift package worth over $1,000. Winners will be announced on Sunday at 4 p.m. Three special people will receive the gift of cannabis Energy Medicine and one person will receive the opportunity to have dinner with Jamie Lynn Thomas. The author of Cannabis Energy Medicine and the Creator of the CannaEssences.

While you’re at the festival take a moment tools and resources physical emotional mental and spiritual well-being.

Sending you lots of love and strength during this Virgo Mercury retrograde.

Hearts and flowers,

Jamie Lynn Thomas

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August 8th Ruined My Life

Hello PEMS Conscious People,

August 8th ruined my life in 2000, or so I thought….I was sitting passenger in my best friends car at a stop light in a Colorado summer sprinkle, and then I was hit from behind at 80 miles an hour. I hit my head, felt searing needles and heard my friend scream in pain…..then we were rushed to the hospital.

Sixteen years ago I would have told you that the car accident ruined my life, however with the intelligence of reflection I see that that car accident came into my life to change the direction I was going. Now, when I look back, I thank my lucky stars that the woman with a baby slammed into our car and changed my life.

I experienced long term severe disabling pain, injured joints, and I lost the ability to have children in that car accident.

Now, I know this looks gloomy for a post from me but bear with me for a just a bit…

Consider a moment when you thought your life was ruined…then years later you reflect on that moment and realise it was the very best thing that could have happened to you. Would you want to share your biggest aha with the world? 

After the car accident, I had no choice but to change my lifestyle, my health, and my vibration. If I did not I would be disabled for life, depressed, suicidal and just no fun to be around because I was viscous to all the people to tried to love me.  I was a big giant mess, and I had no idea about the woman I would become. If only I could re-connect my PEMS or physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of myself to change my perception and heal myself.

 Along the way, I met mentors who supported me and elevated my vibration and vitality. Some of my mentors were authors of books, many many blessed teachers, Doctors, practitioners and therapists from all types of disciplines. One of my most powerful mentors has been the Earth itself,  teaching me to learn from Nature using mindfulness and intention. By living mindfully or at least trying to I completely transformed my life.  If it were not for this diversified mentorship, I would not have been able to re-connect my PEMS and write my new book Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week Map to Self Healing that showcases my keys to self-healing.

 I have used these same tools with my thousand clients and have seen them raise their vibration through self-healing techniques

What would happen if you healed yourself and re-connected your PEMS?

What would you be able to accomplish?

Would you too change the world one drop at a time? 

Go get your copy of the book Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week Map to Self Healing and start your vital health journey. If you come visit me on the Cannabis Energy Medicine Facebook Group and tell me your story or ask questions I guarantee you I will be answering those posts.

Healing yourself requires support from your mentors and I would be honored to call myself your mentor.

Come join the Movement of Reconnection

Hearts & Flowers,

Jamie Lynn Thomas