CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Upcoming Events & Workshops

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  1. Raise Your Vibration – Monthly Vital Health Program  Total-Health RAISE YOUR VIBRATION HERE
    1. Each month you will be sent DIRECTLY to your door, a master dosage bottle prepared especially for you 🙂 Everything you need to start raising your vibration right out of your master care package. E-book, webinar/conference and constant email support make this a truly unique program. Join for just the month color or for the full year program to expereince vibrational health elevation;) START TODAY
  2.  3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live Like a Superwoman Webinar    April 14th 12-1pm  MST –  superwoman_logo_by_stick_man_11-d8jdgrpRegister Here
    1. Jamie lynn Thomas will outline her 3 most vitally powerful supportive strategies to help heal yourself and live like a superwoman with ease and grace.Jamie lynn had been 100% disabled 16 years ago. She was unable to walk without assistance and taking 50 prescribed medications. Now she is medication free and runs 5 companies and is know by many as a superwoman; full of vitality, energy and lots of smiles.Do you want to know her secrets too? Come join us for 60 minutes of life trans-formative resources.Webinar from the comfort of your home. REGISTER HEREsuperwoman_logo_by_stick_man_11-d8jdgrp
  3. Wildcrafting Flower Essence Apprenticeship July – October 2016   Hands on & Experiential Goodness – Limited to only 12 People  SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE
    1. Each month you will have the opportunity to engage in one 4 hour wild crafting and essence making adventure in the field or garden as well as have access to one webinar recording or teleconference. In our webinars, we will discuss the uses, indications and explore our monthly essences in the body through sensations in our Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Bodies or PEMS. Each webinar or teleconference will serve to deepen the knowledge of the previous sessions. REGISTER HERE
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  4. Mountain West Herb Conference June 16th- 19th REGISTER HERE– Jamie Lynn will be sharing 3 of her most powerful classes yet herb conf logo color
    1. Introduction to Cannabis Energetics and Quantum Flower Essences
      1. Jamie Lynn Thomas presents an introduction to Cannabis Energetics and Quantum Flower Essences. She will discuss Cannabis energy medicines and quantum H20 Infusions and their role in healing the PEMS or the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual bodies in clinical practice. This class empowers sensory awareness of the PEMS by inviting the attendees to sample four separate Rocky Mountain cannabis plant & color spirits as well as record clinical changes in their own PEMS systems.  This exercise will prepare the practitioner to work with the CannaEssences in their innovative, conscious practices. Many herbalists and practitioners, in Cannabis legal states, are being overwhelmed with Cannabis medicine perception imbalances and heroic uses. This gentle effective, internationally legal, remedy is exactly what they need in their vital tool belts.About CannaEssence: Jamie Lynn and CannaEssence have studied the unique water crystal imprints of a variety of Cannabis Strains using hundreds of case studies and large samplings of the public. These special floral imprints are an innovative alcohol free elixir with quantum infusions that resonate harmonically with specific color (light waves) from the Manchester color wheel. By combining the power of plant spirit medicine, color/light therapy and quantum infusions these elixirs are a new sensory experience for the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies or PEMS.
    2. Cannabis Dosing Strategies for Pain Using Eclectic Percolations
      1. Jamie Lynn Thomas presents Cannabis Dosing Strategies for Pain Using Eclectic Percolations. These special Eclectic extractions are rarely available in the Cannabis recreational or MMJ (medical) markets. A class demonstration of an Eclectic percolation will set up any medicine maker to prepare and use the drop dose strategies that are highlighted in the case and formulary examples. Attendees will be invited to sample the finished Eclectic percolation and sense for themselves the power of the Eclectics.“I currently have 2 clients who have replaced their use of morphine with drop doses of my Eclectic percolation formula for the past 2 years”This class supports the empowered education of herbalists and their clients.  By practicing empowered education, this resolves the practitioner of the risk for dispensing medicines, especially in non legal states. Instead, the herbalist or practitioner acts as a consultant educator who empowers the client to take control of their vital health and decrease their pain.
    3. Cannabis Flower Essences & Fibromyalgia – A 6 Week Protocol
      1. Jamie Lynn Thomas presents Cannabis Flower Essences & Fibromyalgia – A 6 Week Protocol.  This class outlines a 6 week topical energetic protocol using the Cannabis plant spirit to transform fibromyalgia symptoms and decrease PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual bodies) pain. Every person who has used the essences for fibromyalgia has seen some shift in their PEMS pain and 70% have total resolution of acute symptoms. The protocol is so simple it takes less than 15 minutes to complete and 30 minutes with clinical check ins.

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March to the Beat of Orange


Raise Your Vibration Monthly Health Program

Hello Conscious People,

March is a month of working with the core of who you are as a person and ORANGE CannaEssence is right there to support this process. This is much needed after February’s big energetic changes. Many of you may have noticed the need for more rest, to slow down and come back into a safe space. This allowed you to ground and build some reserves for the months to come.

Now, that March has provided us with a solar eclipse and some much needed reflections, it is time to clarify your PEMS with ORANGE goodness.

This is just a taste of what the raise your vibration monthly health program will offer you through the months to come. 

Utilize the colors of the rainbow each month to elevate your PEMS to the next levels. What do you think you can accomplish if you had the support of these beautiful plant friends? 


Raise Your Vibration Monthly Health Program

Each Month you will have the opportunity to raise your vibration with one of the powerful CannaEssences.

This Program supports superwomen or supermen wanting to raise their vibration powers using the 3 keys to vibration power success.

  1. Flower Power

  2. VibroChromoPictography Boosters

  3. Living Plant Power

Program is good for one months access to the Raise Your Vibration Resource Toolkit

*Vibration Enhancers are Shipped Directly to Your Door

  • 1 Dosage Bottle of The Months Essence*
  • 1 Hard copy of a VibroChromoPictography Enhancement
  • Ebook Writeup on the vibration enhancement of the month
  • Video link with focus on the months Vibrational Enhancement
  • Live Webinar or Conference on the months essence or topic
  • Online Group Collaboration & Feedback
  • Constant Email Support


A Dosage bottle= is a prepared bottle made by a practitioner for the client. It includes drops from the stock bottles pictured above.

Stock bottles= Pictured above are not included in this program. However, stock bottles can be purchased for a discount by contacting: CannaEssence Here

Programs Start After You Have Received Your Essence in the Mail

Who Benefits the Most from Flower Essences & Color Therapy?
Flower essences replenish the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual systems or PEMS.
Essences are especially useful when traveling, experiencing emotional upset, loneliness,
exhaustion or a need to revive or nourish any one of the PEMS systems. Color + Photo

therapy balances moods and increases the effectiveness of all types of healing modalities.

What will I Notice After Using the Essences?
After a session, people will experience an increased sense of well being. Each essence has
its own supportive qualities that can leave you feeling: uplifted, alive, radiant, confident,

loved, supported, relaxed, powerful, energized, protected, joy, abundance and prosperity.

How Long will it Take to See Results?
Each person is unique, however, on average most people will experience shifts in the PEMS
within 7-10 days. Short term results are seen after a session, usually lasting 4-5 days with
Case examples; decreased pain, increased energy, balancing moods and increasing vital
radiance. We suggest using a combination of personalized sessions and self care
applications for the most effective long lasting results.
CannaEssences have no contraindications. They can be used with any medication.
Pregnancy Uses
CannaEssences are excellent tools for the entire pregnancy process; especially useful during
the prenatal phase when combined with reflexology or prenatal massage.
Hearts & Flowers,
Jamie Lynn Thomas

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How to Use the CannaEssences

Hello Everyone 🙂

“I wanted to share with you all the new page I created on the website with a How to section or DIY. I will be adding more tidbits and changing out the information periodically so, make sure to print a copy for your records.  May these serve as great resources as you enter into the fall season and the looming super blood moon on Saturday. Use your resources and growth can not only be fun but comfortable too. Hearts to hearts” – Jamie Lynn Thoma

The Essences are so diverse they can be used in any food product or beverage and with any body care application. 


core 4 with lotion small


Some Suggested Topical Body Applications

Give Yourself a Self Application Today

Give Yourself an Application Today

  1. Aura infusing
  2. Baths
  3. Beauty cream or cosmetics
  4. Cotton ball application
  5. Direct  from the bottle to skin – No dilution
  6. Environmental Cleansing
  7.  Full body applications
    1. With water sponge bath
  8. Spine  specific application
  9. Topical application to specified pain zones that are calling
    1. Lotions
    2. Oils  esp. massage oils
    3. Aloe Vera gel
    4. Water, hydrosols or tea
  1. Compressing
  1. Sprays, spritz & misting
  2. Reflexology maps
    1. Hands, feet & ears
  3. Quantum Broadcasting

*Look forward to the upcoming books that delve deeper into the above topics.

*Keep up to date at our website at:

Directions for Use

How will I know which essence is right for me?

  1. Color Attraction Method: Lay out your core 4 cards that came with your kit. Your essences were hanging on them. Ask the body what 1 essence will support you the most today? 1 color will look brighter than the others; your eye may be continually drawn back towards the color. This is the simplicity of CannaEssence just ask and choose a color.
  1. Touch Method: Play with this core 4 bottles. You can try arranging the bottles in different shapes or formations. This can be done around yourself in a circle, laying on of essences. You may be drawn to use the essences topically or place them on or around the body. When you are complete, do a body check exercise and notice what has shifted.

Body Check Exercise – Step 1 to Connecting to Your PEMS

Take a moment to get in communication with your body mind by performing the body check. This is a great exercise to get you to connect to your PEMS, so that you can be fully aware of the changes your body goes through as it delves into body talk.

Body Check Starter Questions:

You can simply start by asking the body a few questions:

  1. Body mind we are listening please tell us what you want us to know?
  2. Is there an area of the body that has discomfort, pain?
  3. Is there something in your life that is causing you suffering? If so where do you sense this in your body?
  4. What area of the body is affected when you talk, think or imagine this thing that is causing you suffering?
  5. When you sense into this area what information do you get?
    1. Audio, visual, scents, emotions, pain, inner knowing, sensing’s, flashes, movies etc
  6. Ask this area what type of support it would like?
    • It may flash a color of the essence, touch somewhere on the body –ANYTHING really – no expectations just listening
    • If it is not a direct answer
      • Look to the 4 essence cards & do the color attraction or touch method

Exercise- Body check Exercise Parts 1 & 2

  1.  Body Check EXERCISE #1: to ground & connect the body
    • Close your eyes or keep them open in a soft gaze
    • Do a quick inventory of the entire body- breathing in the body as a whole 3 breaths
    • Then start with your attention at your feet breathing in for 1 or 2 breaths then moving onward upward to the head Once you are complete you are ready to begin body check part 2
  2. BODY CHECK EXERCISE #2: to move heavy energy & get in full body mind space

Step 1: Imagine there is a large vase full of a warm honey like fluid that is being poured gently over your head in a cleansing and nourishing movement that will eventually be pooling at the feet & soaking into the great earth mother as sweet compost

That which does not nourish us can nourish the mother – our hoocha (heavy energy) is her black gold!!!

The honey acts by taking everything that is not serving into itself to be fed as ambrosia to the earth

Step 2: As it moves its way slowly down the body it pools and sits on areas that need a little extra attention or nourishment – breath this into your body letting it leave you clean, bright, clear and full of life

If there is pain in an area – allow the honey to pool around the area. Seeping in bringing with it the light of your awareness. Bring your breath and awareness into the area. Breathing through the it for 3 breaths and on the final breath exhale deeply letting your awareness float on to the next area with the next breath

Step 3: The honey has reached your feet & is now pooling around you slowly seeping into the earth. You see this dark & heavy honey leaving your body & it is transformed as the earth sucks the ambrosia of hoocha. I image a brightness of diamond golden rays as the hoocha honey is transformed by the earth mother. She transforms darkness to light and uses it to grow her inner gardens. She loves our heavy energy & wants to co-create a more solidified PEMS for you for it also supports her too.

How to Make a Dosage Bottle:tincture-bottle-150x150

How to prepare your dosage bottle:

  1. Fill your dosage bottle with spring water
    1. You may add a few drops of brandy or your favorite cordial for a deeper preservative effect. Good if you will be touching the dropper to your tongue- OPTIONAL
  2. Then choose your essence to work with for the month
  3. Add 1 drop of the desired essence to the brown dropper bottle
  4. You are now prepared to use your dosage bottle (see direction below)

How to Use Your Dosage Bottle:  Choose 1 of the below methods to work with your dosage bottle.

  1. Set Dosage frequency: Take 4 drops 4x a day for 1 lunar cycle or 6 weeks if you are doing a protocol
  2. Intuitional & body talk method of dosing:
    1. Keep the essence in your pocket & take it whenever you think about it

How to: Use Application Pads & Cotton Balls:

Self Applications are Healing

Self Applications are Healing

The cotton ball method is excellent for sensitive constitutions or direct point or body zone applications. Cotton ball applications are perfect for applying to anywhere on the body.  It is my preferred method when working with clients. It helps with less transference & absorption of energy using this method. It is excellent for compressing, acu or chakra point or spine applications.

  • Directions:
    • Fill a your treatment cup with warm to hot water
    • Add 3-6 drops of the essence
    • Apply to body zones of pain or discomfort that came up in the body check exercise. Use it to compress or pain vacuum.
    • Or Apply to the spine by dipping the cotton ball into the bowl of water and placing the cotton ball at top of spine and squeeze. Allow the liquid to trail down the spine and either soak into your clothes or underwear line for long term compression or when unclothed allow the essence to soak into the body. Air drying.
    • You can go lay down horizontal for at least 45 minutes OR
    • You can go about your day
    • Body check to see what shifts have occurred

How to Make a Compress:

Compression with Color Boards and H2O Infusion

Compression with Color Boards and H2O Infusion

  • Directions:
    • Fill a clean bowl with warm to hot water
    • Add 6-12 drops of the essence
    • Take a thin cloth at least 6 in by 6 in or whatever size covers your body zone
    • Place the cloth in the hot water. Let it sit for at least 10 seconds, then grab tongs to pull out of the hot water. Ring leaving moisture but not enough that it will drip
    • Apply to body zones of pain or discomfort that came up in the body check exercise. Use it to compress or pain vacuum specific zones i.e. chakra zones
    • Cover with a towel
    • Optional- cover with a heat pack for long term compression
    • Go lay down horizontal for at least 45 minutes.
    • When you are complete perform the body check & see what has shifted

How to: 1 Month Transformation Protocol

Create your dosage bottle today

Create your dosage bottle todaySimply move through the colors of your PEMS. Watch as your system transforms over the next month. What heights will you reach? What goals will you set?

Simply move through the colors of your PEMS. Watch as your system transforms over the next month. What heights will you reach? What goals will you set?

Use this protocol to move heavy hoocha and get you grounded into your PEMS quick and simply. Use Red for 1 week, Green for 2, Purple for 3 & Violet week 4. Start each protocol on a Monday. If it is mid week, wait till the following week to start this protocol. Use the color attraction method if it is mid week.

Make your Sprtiz & feed Your Aura

Make your Sprtiz & feed Your Aura

2 Step Directions:

  1. Create a dosage bottle for each week; keep the essence in your pocket. Taking it at least 4 drops 4x a day or as often as you think about it; which may look more like 4 drops 30 x a day. It all depends on what your system needs in that moment. You will notice that for colors that you are out of balance or deficient in, you will be drawn towards taking more of the essence. Then at some point you will feel as if you have had enough and be ready for the next color.
  2. Add 1 drop of the essence to your dab of lotion for the day. Apply in a thin layer to your whole body and go about your day. Do this at least 1-3 x’s per week for each color.
  3. If you do not use lotion or are drawn towards working with your aura or boundaries make yourself a spray with 1 drop of the essence in a spray/atomizer bottle and mist your body 3-4 times per day for the week. You may add up to 16 drops of essential oil per 2 oz spray bottle. Do not spray directly in the eyes, nose, and mouth or on the genitals.