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"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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HeartCore + Earth Day + Full Moon = Powerful

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Hello PEMS People,

On April 21st we had our first mini moon or Pink moon of the year. A term used to describe the quality of the moon and its effect on the PEMS of all living things. The pink moon is a reference to the mooncreeping-phlox being the furthest away from the Earth then any other moon in the calendar year.  According to the farmers almanac  it is also known as the sprouting grass moon, egg moon and the fish moon. Native Americans, who lived in harmony with the land, learned tricks or DIY hacks from living each day in deep observation of Nature. Imagine, you are living on the plains in a tee pee and your life rotates around the seasons, the sun, moon and stars. As each new moon rose and fell, swelling into a bright white egg and then disappearing to blackness, you are left with signs from Nature. Guideposts on your way through life….If you are observant enough to recognize them.

These signs returned every 12 moons, like clockwork. They became the backbone to their planting and harvesting schedules, it dictated their nomadic lives forcing them to moon-a-640x480remember and teach future generations. Each one of these tools laid the course, literally, for their lives. These folks truly knew what conscious, sustainable and beautiful really meant. As modern PEMS aware people, we must remember this knowledge from our ancestors. We can do this with mindful reflection. All full moons offer a time for DEEP SELF REFLECTION. Combine this with the qualities of April, we are hit emotionally with a super whammy.

How can you utilize the power of deep self reflection, sprouting seeds and Earth Day? Well for me and other sensitive PEMS people, getting your hands in the dirt, the Earth will nourish your seeds so you too can sprout your pink flowers and shine even in the face of adversity. This year our huge swings from 78  to 15 degree weather is pulling peoples PEMS out of balance. This is even more intense then in previous years due to the huge vibrational shifts that are happening on the Earth at this time. We are being called home. Remembering what was forgotten and finding the core of why we are conscious beings living on this planet.  I feel this is because we are getting so disconnected from our roots in Nature. This is why I want to share one of the most powerful earth exercises I learned early on from my mentors. 529094_352369041489171_228182337241176_955858_1423640955_n-e1337143078958

I have some tools below for you to work with the HEART OF A TREE to get your PEMS re-connected to the heart of nature. 


The moon, the timing and all the PEMS shake up is a beautiful metaphor for the shadow side of the month of April or color yellow. Ie complementary colors are violet and indigo. The moon is pink to sooth all that huge shake up from the first part of the month and yellows massive amount of clarity and boundary energy. All pushing to the culmination of release. Sometimes in the way of an explosion of upward and outward energy. See my previous post on how to work with these duelistic qualities of the color of yellow. 

What are you changing in your life to best serve your needs? What part of your shadow needs to be illuminated for a reflective glance?

I have a large list that I’m implementing with the full moon. What does not serve, what drains you, what is leeching your soul dry…will all come to a head within the next 24 hours. Stay in your PEMS and take action to remedy that which does not serve.

This is one of those months where these big momentous shifts in energy and vitality create long lasting change. Shake ups and upheavals are common in April and with this emotional child re-connection moon it will be even more powerful then previous Aprils. This is the month where, in the past, I purge most of the things that are causing my PEMS dysfunction. It is usually not pleasant and it is very difficult as it requires work to follow through and keep those boundaries strong. This is a month of relationships beginning and some ending. The great month of life and death. Beginning and ending cycles.

This moon mirror reflection can create changes in perception and health as we hold on to that does not serve our PEMS. This type of dysfunction leads to more illness and less vitality. All things that set up the seed to fail to thrive. If we embrace the positive uplifting, joyful and vivacious qualities of April and the Pink Moon we can solidify the foundation that we created with our Nature and PEMS re-connection. We are the seed our PEMS our beautiful messy PEMS. Love your system and it will show you the path to cleansing clarity.

I like to use the heart core tree connection exercise, to get clarity from the heart of nature. As a sensitive soul, I had always heard whispers from the tree’s, even when I was a very young child. I would tell the Pine trees my secrets and they would talk to me about reconnecting to Nature to solve these problems. I would tell a pine in Jefferson County and one at the far end of the state would know my secrets. This fascinated me,  as a young one who grew up camping and 4 wheeling with my mother in the Rocky Mountains. It fascinates and intrigues me more as a scientist and conscious PEMS person. How can one tree, a supposed single organism, act like one and the whole at the same time? This speaks to me of an interconnected web bridging the gap between each individual tree. It allows them to function as an individual and as a conscious group unit. It is synonymous to the way I  understand biochemistry and physics.

We are the conscious universe experiencing itself in the form of a human body” Jamie Lynn Thomas

I was thoroughly immersed in this delicious thing called Nature. However, this Nature is denied to many souls across the planet…… But it does not have to be this way. We can bring Nature into the Urban environment through mindful re-connection with the Nature that is already around you. It will not be the same high resonance vibration that a wild untouched pristine piece of Nature, but it will be exactly what you need to support the turmoil of this moon, color and month. I invite you to keep your eyes and heart open for the tree that calls to you. That intrigues you…that pulls you in and wraps in its heartcore embrace.

Jamie n Cedar tree- hug

Connect to the HEARTCORE of a Tree:

  1. Search out a tree that is calling you. Perhaps it looks interesting or is brighter then the other trees around you.
  2. Go and sit near the tree with your head and spine resting along the trunk. Get comfortable in your sitting position and your touch with the tree. If you are uncomfortable, move around the tree trunk until you find the perfect spot for you two to connect.
  3. Imagine going into the heart or the heart core of the tree with your minds eye. What do your senses
  4. Imagine your heart space uplifting and opening in response to the trees heart.
  5. Allow the two hearts to connect and start to exchange resources.
  6. You will send the trees heart all that is good and nourishing from you to the tree.
  7. You will receive the same in return from the tree.
  8. Both with give what they can and take what they need without injury to either system. This is the highly conscious Nature that is re-connecting your PEMS to the truth and the heart of Nature herself.
  9. Allow yourself to sit and go deep with the Heart Core of the tree. This usually lasts about 10-30 minutes. The longer you spend with the tree the more depleted you are. This is a reminder from Nature to do this more frequently. Your PEMS will love you dearly for your mindful attention to re-connection.

Hearts & Flowers,







Jamie Lynn Thomas 




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How to Use the CannaEssences

Hello Everyone 🙂

“I wanted to share with you all the new page I created on the website with a How to section or DIY. I will be adding more tidbits and changing out the information periodically so, make sure to print a copy for your records.  May these serve as great resources as you enter into the fall season and the looming super blood moon on Saturday. Use your resources and growth can not only be fun but comfortable too. Hearts to hearts” – Jamie Lynn Thoma

The Essences are so diverse they can be used in any food product or beverage and with any body care application. 


core 4 with lotion small


Some Suggested Topical Body Applications

Give Yourself a Self Application Today

Give Yourself an Application Today

  1. Aura infusing
  2. Baths
  3. Beauty cream or cosmetics
  4. Cotton ball application
  5. Direct  from the bottle to skin – No dilution
  6. Environmental Cleansing
  7.  Full body applications
    1. With water sponge bath
  8. Spine  specific application
  9. Topical application to specified pain zones that are calling
    1. Lotions
    2. Oils  esp. massage oils
    3. Aloe Vera gel
    4. Water, hydrosols or tea
  1. Compressing
  1. Sprays, spritz & misting
  2. Reflexology maps
    1. Hands, feet & ears
  3. Quantum Broadcasting

*Look forward to the upcoming books that delve deeper into the above topics.

*Keep up to date at our website at:

Directions for Use

How will I know which essence is right for me?

  1. Color Attraction Method: Lay out your core 4 cards that came with your kit. Your essences were hanging on them. Ask the body what 1 essence will support you the most today? 1 color will look brighter than the others; your eye may be continually drawn back towards the color. This is the simplicity of CannaEssence just ask and choose a color.
  1. Touch Method: Play with this core 4 bottles. You can try arranging the bottles in different shapes or formations. This can be done around yourself in a circle, laying on of essences. You may be drawn to use the essences topically or place them on or around the body. When you are complete, do a body check exercise and notice what has shifted.

Body Check Exercise – Step 1 to Connecting to Your PEMS

Take a moment to get in communication with your body mind by performing the body check. This is a great exercise to get you to connect to your PEMS, so that you can be fully aware of the changes your body goes through as it delves into body talk.

Body Check Starter Questions:

You can simply start by asking the body a few questions:

  1. Body mind we are listening please tell us what you want us to know?
  2. Is there an area of the body that has discomfort, pain?
  3. Is there something in your life that is causing you suffering? If so where do you sense this in your body?
  4. What area of the body is affected when you talk, think or imagine this thing that is causing you suffering?
  5. When you sense into this area what information do you get?
    1. Audio, visual, scents, emotions, pain, inner knowing, sensing’s, flashes, movies etc
  6. Ask this area what type of support it would like?
    • It may flash a color of the essence, touch somewhere on the body –ANYTHING really – no expectations just listening
    • If it is not a direct answer
      • Look to the 4 essence cards & do the color attraction or touch method

Exercise- Body check Exercise Parts 1 & 2

  1.  Body Check EXERCISE #1: to ground & connect the body
    • Close your eyes or keep them open in a soft gaze
    • Do a quick inventory of the entire body- breathing in the body as a whole 3 breaths
    • Then start with your attention at your feet breathing in for 1 or 2 breaths then moving onward upward to the head Once you are complete you are ready to begin body check part 2
  2. BODY CHECK EXERCISE #2: to move heavy energy & get in full body mind space

Step 1: Imagine there is a large vase full of a warm honey like fluid that is being poured gently over your head in a cleansing and nourishing movement that will eventually be pooling at the feet & soaking into the great earth mother as sweet compost

That which does not nourish us can nourish the mother – our hoocha (heavy energy) is her black gold!!!

The honey acts by taking everything that is not serving into itself to be fed as ambrosia to the earth

Step 2: As it moves its way slowly down the body it pools and sits on areas that need a little extra attention or nourishment – breath this into your body letting it leave you clean, bright, clear and full of life

If there is pain in an area – allow the honey to pool around the area. Seeping in bringing with it the light of your awareness. Bring your breath and awareness into the area. Breathing through the it for 3 breaths and on the final breath exhale deeply letting your awareness float on to the next area with the next breath

Step 3: The honey has reached your feet & is now pooling around you slowly seeping into the earth. You see this dark & heavy honey leaving your body & it is transformed as the earth sucks the ambrosia of hoocha. I image a brightness of diamond golden rays as the hoocha honey is transformed by the earth mother. She transforms darkness to light and uses it to grow her inner gardens. She loves our heavy energy & wants to co-create a more solidified PEMS for you for it also supports her too.

How to Make a Dosage Bottle:tincture-bottle-150x150

How to prepare your dosage bottle:

  1. Fill your dosage bottle with spring water
    1. You may add a few drops of brandy or your favorite cordial for a deeper preservative effect. Good if you will be touching the dropper to your tongue- OPTIONAL
  2. Then choose your essence to work with for the month
  3. Add 1 drop of the desired essence to the brown dropper bottle
  4. You are now prepared to use your dosage bottle (see direction below)

How to Use Your Dosage Bottle:  Choose 1 of the below methods to work with your dosage bottle.

  1. Set Dosage frequency: Take 4 drops 4x a day for 1 lunar cycle or 6 weeks if you are doing a protocol
  2. Intuitional & body talk method of dosing:
    1. Keep the essence in your pocket & take it whenever you think about it

How to: Use Application Pads & Cotton Balls:

Self Applications are Healing

Self Applications are Healing

The cotton ball method is excellent for sensitive constitutions or direct point or body zone applications. Cotton ball applications are perfect for applying to anywhere on the body.  It is my preferred method when working with clients. It helps with less transference & absorption of energy using this method. It is excellent for compressing, acu or chakra point or spine applications.

  • Directions:
    • Fill a your treatment cup with warm to hot water
    • Add 3-6 drops of the essence
    • Apply to body zones of pain or discomfort that came up in the body check exercise. Use it to compress or pain vacuum.
    • Or Apply to the spine by dipping the cotton ball into the bowl of water and placing the cotton ball at top of spine and squeeze. Allow the liquid to trail down the spine and either soak into your clothes or underwear line for long term compression or when unclothed allow the essence to soak into the body. Air drying.
    • You can go lay down horizontal for at least 45 minutes OR
    • You can go about your day
    • Body check to see what shifts have occurred

How to Make a Compress:

Compression with Color Boards and H2O Infusion

Compression with Color Boards and H2O Infusion

  • Directions:
    • Fill a clean bowl with warm to hot water
    • Add 6-12 drops of the essence
    • Take a thin cloth at least 6 in by 6 in or whatever size covers your body zone
    • Place the cloth in the hot water. Let it sit for at least 10 seconds, then grab tongs to pull out of the hot water. Ring leaving moisture but not enough that it will drip
    • Apply to body zones of pain or discomfort that came up in the body check exercise. Use it to compress or pain vacuum specific zones i.e. chakra zones
    • Cover with a towel
    • Optional- cover with a heat pack for long term compression
    • Go lay down horizontal for at least 45 minutes.
    • When you are complete perform the body check & see what has shifted

How to: 1 Month Transformation Protocol

Create your dosage bottle today

Create your dosage bottle todaySimply move through the colors of your PEMS. Watch as your system transforms over the next month. What heights will you reach? What goals will you set?

Simply move through the colors of your PEMS. Watch as your system transforms over the next month. What heights will you reach? What goals will you set?

Use this protocol to move heavy hoocha and get you grounded into your PEMS quick and simply. Use Red for 1 week, Green for 2, Purple for 3 & Violet week 4. Start each protocol on a Monday. If it is mid week, wait till the following week to start this protocol. Use the color attraction method if it is mid week.

Make your Sprtiz & feed Your Aura

Make your Sprtiz & feed Your Aura

2 Step Directions:

  1. Create a dosage bottle for each week; keep the essence in your pocket. Taking it at least 4 drops 4x a day or as often as you think about it; which may look more like 4 drops 30 x a day. It all depends on what your system needs in that moment. You will notice that for colors that you are out of balance or deficient in, you will be drawn towards taking more of the essence. Then at some point you will feel as if you have had enough and be ready for the next color.
  2. Add 1 drop of the essence to your dab of lotion for the day. Apply in a thin layer to your whole body and go about your day. Do this at least 1-3 x’s per week for each color.
  3. If you do not use lotion or are drawn towards working with your aura or boundaries make yourself a spray with 1 drop of the essence in a spray/atomizer bottle and mist your body 3-4 times per day for the week. You may add up to 16 drops of essential oil per 2 oz spray bottle. Do not spray directly in the eyes, nose, and mouth or on the genitals.