CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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New Dates- Weed & Wine Health Expo + Gift Fairs – Pamper Yourself & Make a Splash This Holiday Season

Are you or someone you know curious about Cannabis, CBD or Hemp? This is the perfect health expo and gift fair for the CannaCurious. You will get to experience a sampling from multiple CBD vendors at their booths and in our awesome gift bags. Then go claim your pampering passes for a CannaEnhanced mini CannaEssence Massage or Facial from one of our trained practitioners.  All of this goodness without the exposure to smoke at traditional cannabis events. We are all about the CannaCurious and we want this to be a safe space for you or Grandma to come explore the world of Cannabis at this unique health expo. You will leave refreshed, revitalized, inspired and empowered after you talk with our experts and dig into your very own copy of the Cannabis Therapeutic Manual.

We have three dates and eighty unique vendors to serve your gift giving needs. 

1. Oct 30th – + Yoga 

2. Nov 4th Gift Fair & Health Expo 

3. December 9th Gift Fair & Health Expo 



Details for the Health Expo & Gift Fairs:


This pampering evening extravaganza will consist of an enhanced massage or facial, wine tastings, live music, expert mini talks on Cannabis. We are focusing on the many ways to use Cannabis in your life for healing, an increased sense of well-being or connecting to the spiritual side of cannabis. During the evening, you will experience the healing power of Cannabis with a CannaEssence Enhanced Massage or Facial tm. Experts in the industry have been gathered to share their best tools and tricks to help you live a more empowered, healthier and vital life.


*******You will leave with a free signed copy of Jamie Lynn Thomas’s book on Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners. ***********

Your ticket includes:

  1. Enhanced Cannabis Energy Medicine Massage or Facial

  2. One copy of the book Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners by Jamie Lynn Thomas  

  3. Oct 30th only Entry into an Elevated Yoga flow with self- anointing of cannabis energy medicine on your root, heart or crown chakras. with Ganjasana

*No consumption of THC or recreational cannabis will occur at this event. No smoke or secondhand exposure. You can be sure this is a great event to introduce your mom to cannabis.

*Tickets are nonrefundable

*21 and up event

Bring your ID

First Come First Served- Sign up sheet for General Admission is available as you check in. Please show up early and let us know if you want a massage or facial. 

All VIP PAMPER Passes will get both a massage and facial. Just sign up for your favorite time for each of your services.

What is a CannaEnhanced Cannabis Energy Medicine Massage? A CannaEnhanced Massage is a CannaEssence energy session, given by one of our licensed massage therapists. Experience a taste of what Cannabis Energy Medicine and ViborChromoThrerapy can do for you. Then schedule your 90-minute long bodywork session and get a 20% discount.

What is a CannaEnhanced Cannabis Energy Medicine Facial? A CannaEnhanced Facial is given by one of our estheticians using clean, whole food products and enhancing them with the Cannabis Energy Medicine of your choosing. Radiate your light.


Check out our other events and get tickets here 


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Smudge & Space Clearing Classes and Other Resources

Have you always wanted to know more about sage and smudging to clear space and energies is your body?

Come explore the world of smudge and space clearing in your own PEMS for a deeply cleansing experience. We will discuss daily hygienic clearing exercises for the PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) centers as well as environmental cleansing. We will go over the extensive list of resources and space clearing tools like smudge sticks, sprays, quantum cleansing bowls and more.

You will leave with one of Jamie Lynn Thomas world famous sacred smudge bundle as a resource to start cleansing your spaces right now. You will also leave with an extensive handout with non-smelling, non-smoking smudge, and space clearing options as well.

There is something for everyone in this hands-on class.

 Some advanced topics we will go over: 

-Charcoal burning & resins- Safety and resin qualities we will work with Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber and Palo Santo Resins.

-How to clear another person PEMS system with a smudge stick/sage wand etc

-How to sense others auras and boundaries

-How to fill in any holes or gaps, wounds int he bioelectric fields and auras.

-Working with Sage and other sacred herbs, plants, and trees

-Flower, Gem, Color and Environmental Essences – Create your own formula & learn about the subtle side of space clearing

*Upgrade to a decorated sage wand for only an additional $15


I have two dates available Oct tober 30th 6-8 pm – Lakewood, Co  or  November 13th 6-9 pm Lakewood, Co Tickets Here 




Get your OCTOBER 30th 6-9 pm tickets here


Get Your NOVEMEBER 13th 6-9 pm tickets here 



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VibroChromoTherapy Program Open for Enrollment

Program Starts Feb 2018-Jan 2019

Enrollment is Open for VibroChromoTherapy


In this transformative and healing twelve-month distance learning program you will learn the tools to activate healing in you and your energy partner using VibroChromoTherapy and the CannaEssence. Use Drug-Free Cannabis Energy Medicines and other vibration tools for a powerful year of evolution. You will also learn to work with the Bach flower Essences and other vibrational resources during this life changing program.

We blend the future of medicine with a simple, intuitive monthly process.

Each month you will expereince a whole new color and vibration. Watch as your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (PEMS) Bodies expand and you attain a whole new level of self-consciousness as you elevate from the old you to the new and improved high vibrational you.

Certifications Earned in Year One:
1. Level  3 VibroChromoTherapy Practitioner Certification
2. Bach Flower Essence Practitioner
3. Level 3 CannaEssence Practitioner


Is the VibroChromoTherapy Program Right for You? 

Schedule Your Interview & Application Session Today

Raise your vibration by using the twelve most powerful colors and cannabis plant spirits over the course of twelve months all from the comfort of your home or electronic device. Each month you will plant your seeds, sprout your color and then flower to be replanted and cycled all over again. You are a cocoon transforming each month into a beautiful butterfly, raising your vibration with the cycles of Nature for a powerful metamorphosis experience.

VibroChromoTherapy Certification

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CannaEnhance Facials and Massages with Cannabis Energy Medicine

CannaEnhance Facials and Massages with Cannabis Energy Medicine




Indalesia Velasquez (client model) & Grier Gladden from Alchemy Bodywork and a trained VibroChromoTherapy Practitioner

*Article Reprinted with permission from Spa & Massage Magazine August 2017 Issue 

Fifty million people are living with chronic pain, but they do not have too. Cannabis energy medicine reduces pain and increase a sense of wellness in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (PEMS) and can be used anywhere in the world. Get the renowned healing properties of cannabis without the messy hassle of a drug in business. With no contraindications, cannabis energy medicine can be used during pregnancy, when taking multiple medications and during radiation therapy. Combine the healing benefits of massage and esthetics with the famed qualities of cannabis, and you get a CannaEnhanced session that is sure to be restorative to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The color picture attraction diagnostic system empowers the client to choose the perfect remedy to support the PEMS. This easy one-page tool can be incorporated into any intake or add-on paperwork and takes less than one minute to complete in the treatment room.

What color are you most attracted to?

 cannaessence-coasters-proof-redGreen- Abundance- BleedsPurple - Destinys Calling- BleedsViolet- Cleansing- Bleeds

Any massage can be CannaEnhanced with one to three drops of the chosen color to a small lotion bottle. Then perform the requested massage with the added benefits of cannabis and color therapies.  You can send home the remainder of the specially medicated lotion with the client to continue the healing in between sessions. This type of empowered healing is a great opportunity for the client to work at home with their internal physician; tapping into the perfect time, to apply the medicated lotion to their PEMS, for optimal growth and transformation.

Empowerment and education are crucial in the spa for both the client and the practitioner.  By empowering the client to choose their remedy, using the color picture diagnostic system, and then applying cannabis energy medicine to their PEMS. You reduce pain and increase your client’s sense of wellness; essentially arming them with body-mind-spirit training tools of self-healing. You are giving them paraphernalia for their whole human system, not only the physical body but the emotional, mental and spiritual parts too. This engenders a sense of trust in your brand and encourages abundant referrals. On average, clients who CannaEnhance their massage notice an increased sense of wellness and decreased pain for four to five days after the session.

Cannabis energy medicine, when applied to the skin, decreases pain perception by two to five pain points by reconnecting the PEMS through body-mind-spirit connection and the endocannabinoid system. Opiates and other pain killers tend to affect, on average, only two pain points and have addictive tendencies. In fact, ten million Americans are addicted to substances to fight chronic pain. That means that a fifth of all chronic pain suffers become addicted to the drugs that are meant to be short-term pain management devices.

During a six-week clinical trial of six hundred and forty women with chronic, severe fibromyalgia, cannabis energy medicine was applied to the body for 15-20 minutes once a week by a practitioner. The subject was then sent home with a medicated lotion and was instructed to apply the lotion to the whole body at least one time each week of the trial. At the end of the six weeks, we saw a seventy-two percent reduction in acute and chronic symptoms. Plus, one hundred percent of the subjects felt they had more control of their chronic pain after working with cannabis energy medicine. There is nothing else in our herbal or pharmaceutical repertory that can make those types of changes in the PEMS in such a short time. Larger more intensive trials must be done to find the bio-mechanism behind the first results.

In April 2017, CNN ran a poll that showed 60% of Americans believe that Cannabis should be legalized. The many headlines that followed show the stigma is declining, as states embrace legalization and the clinically proven properties of Cannabis. This means that 60% of clients are CannaCurious and ready to explore the world of cannabis one safe bite at a time. Cannabis energy medicine allows practitioners to provide a unique add-on to massages, facials and other spa services without the negative effects of traditional cannabis. For example,  it is common to hear people getting paranoid and disconnected from the body when smoking cannabis. However, cannabis energy medicine is completely drug-free and those qualities, usually caused by THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ),  are not present and never show up in a drug test. Cannabis Energy Medicine is an international drug-free cannabis product that uses the master flower imprints to heal the endocannabinoid system.

Other Cannabis Energy Medicine Uses in the Spa

  • Enhance aromatherapy affects
  • Hand & foot treatments
  • Hydrotherapy services
  • Massage & Facials
  • Scrubs & Exfoliation services
  • Towel services


When using cannabis energy medicine in facial and cosmetic services, three benefits can be seen: softer smoother skin, vital radiance, and decreased tension lines. By adding just add one drop of the chosen color of the day to the base, moisturizer or other liquid cosmetics, you create a CannaEnhanced experience that leaves the client feeling like they received a complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (PEMS)  makeover. Very similarly to Reiki and Acupuncture, cannabis energy medicine, works with the meridians to create a sense of wholeness or homeostasis in the PEMS.

Cannabis energy medicine seems to work with the endocannabinoid system as if it was fed THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ), CBD (Cannabidiol), or other cannabinoids even though it is completely free of all of these constituents.   The endocannabinoid system is considered the twelfth body system and acts as a bridge to all the other systems. Its main goal is to maintain homeostasis between each body system. Homeostasis is the balanced state in which all body systems are working together harmoniously in sync without decline or change.  When this vital system becomes starved of nutrients, it no longer can function properly, and systemic conditions like fibromyalgia can express in the PEMS.

Cannabis energy medicine and massage services offer three benefits: decreased pain, balancing moods and better energy levels.  When you add the chosen color to your massage lotion and apply it to the body over the meridians, all three qualities come out to support the client on the table. You’re giving a whole body treatment that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (PEMS).

Topical body applications work on pain zones by vacuuming out pain and re-infusing the PEMS with colors and light. During oncology massage, after an area has been irradiated, you can apply water compresses to, the normally contraindicated, area without fear of causing injury or more severe burning; unlike lotion which will cause harm. For most oncology clients twenty minutes will be a long application. However, some clients go into a type of meditative healing space that can last upward of forty-five minutes. It will all depend on what the individual PEMS system needs. If the light is missing from the twenty-two meridian pathways, the cannabis energy medicine will take longer to infuse the colors through the PEMS system.

How to make a compress:

What you will need:

  1. One small bowl.
  2. CannaEssence stock bottle of your choosing (Red, Green, Purple, Violet)
  3. One small towel and one medium towel
  4. Hot water


  1. Fill a bowl with hot water
  2. Add one to six drops of the CannaEssence stock bottle of your choosing.
  3. Place a small towel in a bowl. Wring out excess fluid.
  4. Apply the compress over the affected area. Medium towel on top.
  5. Lay down and stay horizontal for 20 to 45 minutes or until the client gets fidgety or feels complete.

On average it takes forty-five minutes to integrate the changes in the PEMS from a cannabis energy medicine session. After the session is closed and the client is leaving the room, hand them a glass of water with one drop of the color they were working with during the massage. Suggest that they sip the water as they check out. You can then offer them the remainder of the lotion from your medicated lotion bottle or prepare a dosage bottle as a take home oral remedy.

How to prepare a dosage bottle from a stock bottle of CannaEssence:

What you will need:

  1. One ½ oz dropper bottle
  2. CannaEssence stock bottle (Red, Green, Purple, Violet)
  3. Spring water


  1. Fill your dosage bottle with spring water.
  2. Add one drop of the CannaEssence to the bottle.

How to Use Your Prepared Dosage Bottle:  Choose 1 of the below methods to work with your dosage bottle.

Create your dosage bottle today

  1. Set Dosage frequency:
    1. Take four drops 4x a day for two to four weeks
    2. Add four drops to your water bottle, cosmetics, foods,
  2. Intuitional & body talk method of dosing:
    1. Keep the essence in your pocket & take it whenever you think about it


For chronic pain and low energy, I suggest giving the medicated lotion and instruct the client to apply it to the body at least once a week up to three times a week until our next appointment. Usually two weeks later a new medicated lotion or dosage bottle is needed to continue the healing process.

For clients who have anxiety and mood imbalances, I will give a dosage bottle, so they can take drops intentionally every time they need support. By having a resource specially tailored for their current needs, it creates a sense of empowerment and ownership over the healing process. For many people, this can show up as a type of reclaimed confidence, clarity and a sense of balancing the mood swings of life. You can then have them add drops of their dosage bottle to their daily water bottles, cosmetics, foods, etc. until your next session.


Schedule Your Distance or In Person VibroChromoTherapy Session Today



VibroChromoTherapy uses color therapy and plant spirit medicines to reconnect the physical, emotional, mental and spirtiual bodies or PEMS systems. CannaEssence are the main line of flower/color essences that are used. A chakra balancing and wellness raising session will transform your PEMS for 5 to 7 days after the session. Leaving you feeling radiant, alive and full of vitality and resource. An excellent tool during big energetic shifts or transitions or if you are depleted in any one of the PEMS centers. A dosage bottle is included with this session as a resource tool for continued self-consciousness.

*Article Reprinted with permission from Spa & Massage Magazine August 2017 Issue 

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March and April Classes, Events & Workshops

March Classes & Events

1. March 17th-19th Mind Body Spirit Celebration Denver, Co. Booth 122

14711423_1205506776138879_9054333919750733719_oVending/Speaking and Demoing the CannaEssences Booth 122

The Denver Mart

451 E 58th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80216

2. March 18th 4-5pm Room 2 LIVE LECTURE Experience The Essence of Cannabis Energeticscore-4-close-bottles-small-10-mb

Tap into the healing power of Cannabis Energetics and Quantum Flower Essences in this experiential sampling of internationally-legal Cannabis body care products with Jamie Lynn Thomas, who will introduce you to these plant-based energy medicines and H2O infusions, discuss the role they have in the healing process and share with you how they can promote personal growth, reflection and ascension in you physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

March 27th 6-7:30Pm MST 
Use the power of the new moon to create a powerful ritual using cannabis energy medicine to heighten the experience

April 22nd 6-9pm 

Weed & Wine Health Expo  April 22nd, 2017 6pm-9pm Lakewood, Co.


Weed and Wine Health Expo kicks off April 22nd at 6pm-9pm in Lakewood, Co. Come celebrate the month of Plant Spirit Awareness as we focus on the many healing aspects of the master plant, Cannabis. This evening extravaganza will consist of an enhanced massage or facial, wine tastings, live music, expert mini talks on Cannabis. We are focusing on the many ways to use Cannabis in your life for healing, an increased sense of wellbeing or connecting to the spiritual side of cannabis. During the evening, you will experience the healing power of Cannabis with a CannaEssence Enhanced Massage or Facial. Experts in the industry have been gathered to share their best tools and tricks to help you live a more empowered, healthier and vital life.

You will leave with a free signed copy of Jamie Lynn Thomas’s book on Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners. 

Your ticket includes:

  1. Enhanced Massage or Facial
  2. One copy of the book Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners by Jamie Lynn Thomas  
  3. Access to the evenings expert talks See the Schedule Here

*No consumption of THC or recreational cannabis will occur at this event. No smoke or secondhand exposure. You can be sure this is a great event to introduce your mom to cannabis.

*21 and up event

 April 24th 10am-4pm  Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Certification Workshop Lakewood, Co

Activate your light body with Reiki Levels 1 & 2 for more energy, vitality, and healing. Learn to use Reiki on yourself and others in this certification workshop. Earn your Reiki level 1 & 2 certification and start giving powerful healing sessions to yourself, loved ones, clients, furry friends and more.

Reiki is a powerful healing modality that connects you to the healing energy and light of the universe using ancient healing symbols and techniques. Reiki is famed for its healing abilities so much so that it is now part of hospitals pre and post surgery packages. Be the future of medicine and start using energy healing techniques to raise your vibration today.

Download your level one and two manuals today. Pick up your hard bound copies the day of the class.

April 30th 10am-4pm REIKI Master Level 3 Training Certification Workshop Lakewood, Co. 

Become a Reiki Master and learn to activate others natural gifts of healing, wisdom, and vitality. In this certification workshop, you will learn how to give all the Reiki attunements from levels 1 to 3. You will learn more Reiki symbols, including the master symbol. During the workshop, you will receive all the Reiki attunements, and you will give attunements to others. By Receiving the Reiki Master attunement, you are sure to activate your light body and increase your vibration to new heights. In this special workshop, we will also work with plant spirit medicines with our Reiki practices. A bound master manual is included in this workshop.

Learning Objectives:
1.      Be attuned to the final two rays of healing energy;
2.      Be trained how to teach & attune others to Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 3;
3.      Be introduced to more Reiki symbols including the Master Symbol – which can facilitate you to unlock the full potential of the Reiki Energy which can assist to greatly increase your healing;
4.      During the practice session, you will learn how to attunement others starting with Reiki Level 1 and be progressing to Reiki Level 3;
5.      Revise Reiki Level I and Level II;
6.      Be invited to sit in with me on a Reiki Level I or Level II course if you chose to teach Reiki (there is no time limit on this as I am always available for support)
Each student will also be given a:
1.      Reiki Level 3 Manual which will explain information on how to attune others to all three levels of Reiki; Details of symbols used in the attunement of your students;
2.     A copy of your Reiki lineage.
4.      Your Reiki Master & Teacher Certificate and
5.      Continued support from me.  Where you chose to attune others to Reiki, you will be invited to sit in on a Reiki 1 or 2 weekends with me.

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February Classes and Events

February Classes & Events


February 13th  6- 7:30 PM MST 

sexual-intimacy1. How to Increase Intimacy & Sexual Sensations with Your Partner using Cannabis Energy Medicine at 6 pm MST
with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

In this unique workshop, we will discuss the 3 most common intimacy challenges in any relationship and how you can program your love life to be the perfect PEMS partnership. Jamie Lynn will discuss 3 ways to use Cannabis Energy Medicines to create a CannaIntimate TM sexual healing session with your partner. Experience heightened sensations with this unique form of foreplay, sexual play and sensual healing that is sure to deepen your relationship and connection to your twin flame.

Its High Time You Got Intimate with Yourself & Your Partner.


February 15th 6-7:30 PM MST  

Learn the three most vitally powerful supportive strategies to help heal yourself and live like a superwoman with ease and grace.’

Jamie lynn had been 100% disabled 16 years ago. She was unable to walk without assistance and taking 50 prescribed medications. Now she runs 5 companies and is know by many as a superwoman; full of vitality, energy and lots of smiles.

Do you want to know her secrets too? Come join us for 60 minutes of life transformative resources.

There are 9 Keys to Superwoman success, and you will leave with tools to create action and changes in your system right now.

If you have been struggling with your vitality and happiness then now is the time to shift that vibration and elevate your personal vibration.


February 15th 7:30-9pm 

front-cover-sideways-4-x-6-11. Intro to Cannabis Energy Medicine & Self Healing at 7:30-9pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Jamie Lynn’s signature talk on Cannabis Energy Medicine and Self Healing tools from her book Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week map to Self Healing V1.1

Change your life one drop at a time. One color at a time.

Learn three keys to self-healing using Cannabis Energy medicine. The completely drug-free way of using the highest vibrational plant in the world, Cannabis.

Register Here

February 16th  6- 7:30 PM MST 

heart-chakra-balancing-methods1. Balance Your GREEN Heart Chakra at 6 pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Learn 3 keys to balancing your GREEN Frontal heart chakras using color, plants and energy healing. Excellent for both the beginner and expert, as new information and resources will be unveiled in this unique plant spirit, Color

Excellent for both the beginner and expert, as new information and resources will be unveiled in this unique plant spirit, Color spirit, and energy healing class for the heart chakra.

You will learn about the many heart chakras and leave with tools to balance your main GREEN front heart chakra.


February 17th-18th  Secret Smoke Out Slumber Parties Denver, Co.

15871863_1864484717168568_5987950898716377703_nSecret Smoke Out Sumber Parties is a monthly event that Fusion Event Designs LLC has created to gather the cannabis community and share time together. This is networking on a whole new level. Wear your PJs, Bring your sleeping bag and let’s have some slumber party fun.
Men and Women are welcome!
Must be 21 and up – ID will be verified at the door

Dab Bar
Party Games
and more!


February 18th 11am-12:30 PM MST

color board Final FINAL

1. 3 Keys to Cannabis Energy Medicine 11am MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Learn three keys to self-healing using Cannabis Energy medicine. The completely drug-free way of using the highest vibrational plant in the world, Cannabis.

Jamie Lynn’s signature talk on Cannabis Energy Medicine and Self Healing tools from her book Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week map to Self Healing V1. .

Change your life one drop at a time. One color at a time.

Register Here

February 22nd 6:30-8PM MST  

massage-for-messing-with1. Massage + Cannabis Energy Medicine  at 6:30 pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Massage therapy is powerful, and when it is combined with Cannabis Energy Medicine + Color Therapy, the healing benefits are impressive.

Learn about the three keys to giving a cannabis energy medicine enhanced massage. Explore a completely drug-free way to use one of the highest vibration plants in the world.

Enhance your massage, enhance your practice and serve your client’s success.


February 26th 8-9am  MST 
Use the power of the new moon to create a powerful ritual using cannabis energy medicine to heighten the experience

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PEMS MasterMind Summit FREE Class

I’m Hosting the PEMS MasterMind Summit FREE Online Classes

I Would Love it if You Would Join Me.

I have gathered experts from all over the world to share their best tips and tricks to living fully with a healthy body mind. This quarter’s focus is support for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual HEART. You can be sure to find some amazing resources to support your heart too.

Check out the class schedule here

Some of the classes you will see are:

-Cannabis Themed Classes in Feb/March and our special edition CannaHealthTalk News in April

-Sex & Intimacy Themed Classes for February 

-How to Heal a broken Heart using plants & Gems – LIVE 24 HOUR REPLAY

-Heart Chakra Themed Classes 

-Flower Essence Themed Classes
-Color Therapy Classes

-Boundaries Built with Love

-Book Author Interviews
-Healing Fibromyalgia
-3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live like a SuperWoman
-Massage + Cannabis Energy Medicine
-And so much more. 

Check out the Class Schedule Here

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How to Heal a Broken Heart Using Plants & Gems 24 Hour Replay


How to Heal a Broken Heart Using Plants & Gems

If you have ever had a broken heart and felt alone and unsupported then this is the class for you. In this 24-hour replay workshop, we will go over the plant spirit medicine, flower essences and GEM essences used to support the PEMS heart space. You will discover ways to use flower power and color power in your life to heal a broken or fractured heart space. Learn how to reprogram and break old patterns and habits of love and intimacy, so you can rebuild your heart and empower your heart chakras to grow and expand. This allows you to resonate your perfect frequency out into the universe to find your twin flame. The one who completes your soul in this time and place.

Dip into the magic of intimacy with your PEMS and transcend your broken heart today.

If you are interested in more classes or events, check out the Events & Workshops page to stay up to date. 

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Make 2017 the Best Year Ever using the POWER of the Moon + Flowers

Create 3 Seeds of Intention on the New Moon & Transform Your Life in 2017


Connect to the Heart of Nature on January 27th at 5:07 pm

I have created this worksheet to help you clarify your three seeds or intentions that will support your PEMS over the next few seasons. To magnetize the power and potential of these intentions I suggest you use flower essences or high vibrational remedies like the CannaEssence to support your New Moon Intentions. During this powerful new moon, create three seeds or intentions that you want to grow in your life over the next two seasons Winter and Spring.

What three things do you want to nourish, germinate and watch come to fruition over the next few months? What will Spring to life when the seasons change and your seeds start to grow?  

How can you utilize Nature’s power to support your three seeds?


Get clear on your message to the Universe.

Start to clarify your intentions and watch how Abundance aligns with your PEMS systems (physical, emotional mental and spiritual) systems.

By using higher vibrational remedies you can support your seeds of intention inside a cocoon of high vibration. This will more easily link your intentions directly into the wellspring of abundance from the Universe. What Color are You Most Attracted To below?

Just choose the flower or color you are most attracted to right now.

Click the photo for more information on how this essence can help you. 

 cannaessence-coasters-proof-redGreen- Abundance- BleedsPurple - Destinys Calling- BleedsViolet- Cleansing- Bleeds


Life Questions & Shadow Pack Review

Use the questions to clarify what it is that you want for your PEMS. By thinking about and reflecting on the things in our lives that are working and not working we create a direct pathway to our shadow pack. The place where we carry all our baggage and hide our faults and fears until we are able to have enough vitality to look upon them and transform them, with our awareness and intention. By looking at these life questions, you may be sparked to reflect on the things that support your PEMS systems and the things that do not. Take the questions as an opportunity to look inside of yourself. If you have resistance to answering the question or anger or frustration appear. Acknowledge this inside of yourself and try not to judge yourself too harshly. We all have faults we all have issues and we have an opportunity to learn and grow every single day.

Take this day as an opportunity to join the evolution and be a whole new you. A better you every single day. Grow and expand just like the garden does over the spring/summer seasons. Then take fall as the start of the dark time, or the germination time. The time to figure out what we want to become next.

Will you join me and raise your vibration by choosing yur three seeds of intention?


What one thing depletes you the most?

What one thing makes you feel alive, radiant and vital?

What one thing makes you feel confident, abundant and secure?

What type of people support your PEMS?

What would you like more of in your life?

What would you like less of in your life?

How are you making the world a better place?

How are you lowering your vibration and the environment around you?


Planting Seeds & Setting Intentions

When we have a wired connection to the parts of yourself that want to be more, that want to grow, expand and fly out into the world, we are deeply connected to the source of our calling. Our reason for being a vibrational being in this time and in this place. When you are engaged in calling the universe conspires on your behalf. Use the law of attraction and attract to you all the things that will serve in your next evolution of self. As you transform and raise your vibration these seeds will become clearer and the intentions will become more focused.

Use this superhighway connection and reconnect with your seeds of intention at every new moon and full moon.

Take note of what is clear and what is still murky or just hidden from view after your life question review.

Now that you have your shadow pack awake and aware. It is now time to figure out the three seeds of intentions that will support you most in the coming seasons.

Think big. Think to the stars big. No seed of intention is to too high to ascend to


What three things would you like to see grow, transform or change vibration?


  1. Seed One:
  2. Seed Two:
  3. Seed Three:


Raising Vibrations & Supporting Growth

Now that you have your seeds of intentions clarified it is time to support their growth by raising their vibrations. This means you will need to raise your vibration too.

You can raise your vibration using flower essences or vibrational remedies. It’s so easy all you have to do is Choose the Color or Picture you are most attracted to. Then use the essence in your water bottle daily as well as creating an intention bottle or bowl. See directions below.


To Create a enhanced water bottle-

  1. Imagine and taste one of your three seeds- Imagine what it would be like if it was already accomplished. Imagine the joy and vibrancy that comes from you shining as brightly as you were meant to shine all along. Once you have this image in your mind’s eye go to #2
  2. Then ask what one color or flower will most support this seed right now. Then gaze at the images at the bottom on the page. Green/Purple/Violet/Red. One color will draw your eye or shine brighter than the rest. This is the color you need right now to raise your vibration.
  3. Add 3 drops of the essence to your water bottle or glass of water. One drop for every intention.
  4. Drink water normally as you would throughout the day.
  5. Optional- Apply to the body on any areas of pain. If you have pain this is a big huge supporter.


To Create an Altar Bowl or Offering Bowlflower-of-life-gold

  1. Imagine and taste one of your three seeds- Imagine what it would be like if it was already accomplished. Imagine the joy and vibrancy that comes from you shining as brightly as you were meant to shine all along. Once you have this image in your mind’s eye go to #2
  2. Then ask what one color or flower will most support this seed right now. Then gaze at the images at the bottom on the page. Green/Purple/Violet/Red. One color will draw your eye or shine brighter than the rest. This is the color you need right now to raise your vibration.
  3. Take a small glass bowl and fill it with water. You will need at least one ounce of water. Suggest springwater or activated water.
  4. Add 3 drops of the essence to your water offering. One drop for every intention.
  5. Create ritual to connect to your altar supporters or the Universal field. State your intention out loud or in your mind’s eye. Then place reverently the world on the altar.
  6. Optional- lay offering on a sacred geometrical Shape like the seed of life, flower of life, tree of life etc.

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How to Use Flower Power for Healing + Self Transformation with Flower Essences

Flower essences work with a person’s soul expression in the body. When you are ill or experiencing discomfort in the body, it may be a reflection of a soul/body imbalance. Something is off, and the two are not seeing eye to eye. This PEMS imbalance or expression is where the essences come in as a valuable resource. Work with the colors, pictures or bottles that you are most attracted to and at your own pace. You will work through emotions and pain using two minutes of self-care, self-awareness, and flower energy medicines to support the healing and awaking process. All your work will create lasting changes in the PEMS.


As you continue to work on your PEMS system, you start to peel away layers that no longer serve your system. If you stop the process, the layers may start to rebuild and then you would have to do the work of peeling those layers off again until you were back where you once were; except you will have a higher level of vitality to continue growth & expansion. Rebuilding layers are the natural protective process for the body when it is experiencing suffering without receiving support in return. It creates a callus or shell that protects the delicate transforming caterpillar within until the shell is ready to be cracked open to expose the butterfly to the world. When used in combination with other modalities or resources the essences can provide a crucial framework of support for the healing journey.

Peeling and layering create a synergistic effect where all formulas and self-work are added to the vital foundation of healing. This approach, in my practice, has yielded shocking results of transformation and ascension of symptom pictures and conditions. The main challenge for most folks when using essences is to use the information they receive to move up and out of what is no longer working for them. This allows you to ascend literally by rising from a lower plane of existence or vibration to a higher plane of frequency. Looking upon the shadow pack is dependent upon the person’s ability and desire to complete self-work. For many people it causes greater suffering to look upon the highlighted shadow of themselves. I believe this is one of the reasons why essences are challenging to study. The measurements to test self-work are far from comprehensive and are far from accurate at this point in scientific evaluation.

This can be subtle to the person who is in the midst of this transformation. In a therapeutic relationship, we can more accurately gauge self-sufficiency and awareness, but even then this is the objective view of an observer. The power of the inner healer, who communicates with mindfulness to the entire system, is part of the inner journey to self-awareness as well as the external articulation process that many others have pioneered. This path has been created for future generations to walk, expand, pave and eventually turn into a super highway of self-healing

Edward Bach History – “Father of Flower Essences”

Edward Bach was born in 1886 and died in November 1936. He was an Immunologist, bacteriologist, pathologist and physician. As well as a highly gifted intuitive with the ability to observe nature and the interrelationship with emotions.  He was a thriving medical doctor who held many positions in the hospitals of London from 1912- 1922. He was the founder of the nosodes, a fecal bacterium remedy used in homeopathy.  In, 1917 he suffered from severe abdominal cancer and was not expected to survive. He was given three months to live and was told to say his goodbyes and get his affairs in order. He took a sabbatical for a few months and moved to a secluded country home and started to work with nature to find a cure to his terminal cancer. During this time frame, he continued to see patients from his thriving practice as well as consult with fellow Doctors from all over the world.bach-flower

In, 1928 Bach founded the first seven flower essences in the world. The essences were used according to personality types, emotional patterns and the effects that these had on the human body. The set started with 7, 12 and then the last 19 essences were added. Bach worked clinically with the essences as the only form of treatment for many hopeless medical cases. He saw “miraculous healings” that he attributed to the human spirit being able to express fully in its physical form without hindrances from the emotions. He proposed emotions as the root of disease in the body. He then supported his theories with hundreds of case studies and curing.

The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature – in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine” Dr. Edward Bach

As he reached the end of his life, he was concerned that some of his works might be too radical for the public to take in on their own. He instructed that his secretary burns all his work after he died. He was confident that future generations would come to the same conclusions he did; that plants in nature can offer us healing and growth. It is sad that Bach, near his death, feared that his work was too advanced for humanity at the time, and anything that was not published was lost to the flame. This sad fact is the reason why so many people around the world have worked to further the research of Bach and other essences that are being created from plants and practitioners all over the world.



How Are Traditional Flower Essences Made?

1.The Sun Method is the Most Common:

Directions: Use clear glass and tweezers if you’d like or a leaf from the plant itself.  Sit with the plant and ask permission for medicine.  Pluck flowers with tweezers or hands covered in a leaf to protect and keep separate your vibration from that of the remedy you are trying to make.  You can also place flowers still attached to plant into the bowl of water. I tend to cover the surface of the water with the most precious & vital flowers leaving the wilting or day old flowers to turn to seeds on the stalk. 

Let the flowers sit in direct sunlight for a minimum ½ hour up to 24 hours. Usually, 4 hours is a good average time for powerful essences.  I look for the bubbles in the water & the wilting of the flowers.  Early morning tends to be the best for making flower essences. Being out in the early am keeps the bugs out of your water as they are not usually flying around till 11am-12pm. Watch out. Bees are attracted to the flowers.


2. Boiling Method: 

The boiling method was used for the 3rd group of 19 Bach essences. Bach said that they needed this level of boiling to transform.  This method was used as a symbolic nature of transformation. Bach believed that to truly transform your emotions, and pains in the body,  you must move into another form of being. Ascension.

Directions: Collect ½ pot of stems and flowers and leaves.  Add water to make the pan ¾ full.  Boil for a ½ hour, strain, and use to make stock bottles as with the sun method.


Flower Essence Terminology

 Mother bottle: Is the pure essence (right out of the infusing bowl) mixed ½ and ½ with brandy. For example- I have 2 oz of mother I add 2 oz of brandy to create my Mother bottle or essence.

Stock bottle: is made from 1 dropper full of the mother bottle then filled the rest of the bottle up with brandy.  Bottles you buy in the store are stock bottles.

Dosage Bottle: (what you give to the client or self two weeks or one-month dosing) is a ½ oz dropper bottle filled with 1-4 drops of stock essence in spring water.

-I like to add a touch of brandy or glycerin for added preservation just in case I want to carry the bottle around for the month in my pocket, purse, etc. You can also use hydrosols in place of the spring water to add a special something to your now flavored essence with yummy herbal hydrosols. Some good carries are: Spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, rose, rose geranium, sweet orange blossom, and cannabis.

EXCERPT TAKEN FROM Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week Map to Self Healing 

Which CannaEssence is Best for You?

Just choose the flower or color you are most attracted to right now.

Click the photo for more information on how this essence can help you. 

 cannaessence-coasters-proof-redGreen- Abundance- BleedsPurple - Destinys Calling- BleedsViolet- Cleansing- Bleeds

Why Cannabis Flower Essences?

Cannabis as a plant spirit supports the human system physically with our internal endocannabinoid system. Spiritually the Cannabis plant has been used to find a new consciousness or reality with its hallucinogenic compounds. As a cultivator plant, Cannabis has co-created a unique relationship with the human spirit. We have focused on the female plants as medicinal allies. We have worked with the genetics of this plant to highlight desired traits and remove traits that we dislike or that are not serving the cultivation of this plant. While we have focused on these aspects of the plant we have seen a relationship develop that is one so unlike any other relationship that humans have with plants. Therefore, the Cannabis/Human relationship is extremely unique. Factor in the intentions of this daily interaction to ascend spiritually and expand your heart consciousness! Can you sense the unlimited potential?core-4-close-bottles-small-10-mb


What are CannaEssences TM?

CannaEssences are flower essences that were made to connect the PEMS at a quantum level by integrating color association and vibration attraction through the images on the bottles. Each cannabis plant spirit has a unique message so these 12 are just the beginning of a larger line of plant spirits or devas whose mission is to help sensitive souls and support the ascension of humankind. They specifically work with those who are awakening to the new human consciousness and may be experiencing ascension symptoms. They are especially unique as they combine vibrational remedies with color association, which was inspired by the Manchester color wheel studies, to create a new type of resource: VibroChromoTherapy.


Learn this and more in the VibroChromoTherapy Program Starting February 1st 2017 

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