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The Offer We Discussed

Hello Cannabis Conscious People,

Edibles Encyclopedia boock cover 2016

Today I unveiled my next eBook on LIVE STREAM during 3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live like a Superwoman event at 10 am MST. 

You can get my next eBook at 50% OFF the cover price till May 10th 2016

THE EDIBLES ENCYCLOPEDIA – Cooking & Medicating with Cannabis 

eBook 50% OFF till May 10th Traditionally retails for $9.99

This text was created out of a need to educate my clients and give them an easy to read resource that would allow them the confidence to explore the world of edibles & medication for themselves in a safe and educated manner. I focus more upon medicinal applications then recreational, however all the recipes can be easily modified for higher dosing or the need to omit foods such as gluten, dairy, soy, eggs and more. This text includes a variety of recipes for internal usage as well as some great cosmetic recipes and tincture formulations that have been used clinically with great success for complex medical cases.

Why is this text unique & how does it serve its field:

This text is unique because of its ability to blend dosing strategies, tincture formulation and recipes for dinner, beverages and desserts in one easy to read package. Before this text was birthed I had to go between multiple rare and hard to find texts to get the information my clients needed, now all I do is email this eBook. This is a tested text and has developed more since its inception in 2009 with the support and feedback of my clients, colleagues, friends, family and students. Now that Colorado has adopted recreational and medical usage for cannabis this text has a great opportunity to educate both sides of the spectrum.

It will serve the field of cookbooks and nutraceuticals by giving folks the needed dosing information, but serve as a guideline and template for kitchen exploration. I consistently encourage substitutions, additions and more alchemical kitchen wizardry. The intention is that the reader can gain confidence not only in the kitchen, but as a cannabis connoisseur as well.

It will serve the field of alternative & complementary medicine and holistic health by giving a comprehensive view of the cannabis plant itself, including cautions and concerns as well as safe and effective uses for different pain perceptions and recreational uses.




I hope you find this to be a helpful resource text as you explore the ways that Cannabis can serve your PEMS system.

As always let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Live TV Interview Tomorrow 6:30 MST – Comcast

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Hello PEMS People,

Jamie Lynn Thomas will be on live streaming TV tomorrow April 21st at 6:30-7pm on Comcast Channel 57  answering all the questions you have been dying to ask her. 

Join tomorrow by clicking the links above or below for direct access 

CannaEssences – Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

Hop on and send out your burning questions on the comments link. If they are not addressed during the interview Jamie Lynn will personally reply to each thread afterwards. 

Just in case you missed the Teaser Video 😉


Happy Cannabis Awareness Day,

Jamie lynn Thomas