CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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PEMS MasterMind Summit FREE Class

I’m Hosting the PEMS MasterMind Summit FREE Online Classes

I Would Love it if You Would Join Me.

I have gathered experts from all over the world to share their best tips and tricks to living fully with a healthy body mind. This quarter’s focus is support for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual HEART. You can be sure to find some amazing resources to support your heart too.

Check out the class schedule here

Some of the classes you will see are:

-Cannabis Themed Classes in Feb/March and our special edition CannaHealthTalk News in April

-Sex & Intimacy Themed Classes for February 

-How to Heal a broken Heart using plants & Gems – LIVE 24 HOUR REPLAY

-Heart Chakra Themed Classes 

-Flower Essence Themed Classes
-Color Therapy Classes

-Boundaries Built with Love

-Book Author Interviews
-Healing Fibromyalgia
-3 Ways to Heal Yourself & Live like a SuperWoman
-Massage + Cannabis Energy Medicine
-And so much more. 

Check out the Class Schedule Here


Find a Location Near You

Come and visit one of our new local retail partners! Support local business and save some shipping today.



The Vital Potential Wellness & Apothecary 

By Appointment Only  303-642-0376


4155 East Jewell Ave. Suite 225  Denver, Co


Into the Mystic Healing & Arts 

Address: 720 14th St, Golden, CO 80401 Phone:(720) 495-3230

Address: 720 14th St, Golden, CO 80401
Phone:(720) 495-3230



Spirit Wise Metaphysical Store & Gifts – Littleton 

6590 S Broadway, Centennial, CO 80121

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Upcoming Workshop

 VibroChromoTherapy & CannaEssence Level 1

September 26th & 27th         Sat & Sun

Spirit Wise Metaphysical Store- Littleton Colorado

Pre Register by September 7th for only $99                               Regular tuition is $120

VibroChromoTherapy is the Full Spectrum support you have been looking for your entire life!

Heal thyself to heal the world – Jamie lynn Thomas

Cannabis + Color + Geometry = CannaEssence Powerful Therapeutics

                                             Level 1 Topic & Experiential Agenda 

Saturday 11am-2pm           LUNCH                3-6 pm

Universal Energy, Core 4 CannaEssence, Intro to Chakras & PEMS, Body Sessions Giving & Receiving, Intro to CannaEssence Therapeutics, Color Therapy & Sacred Geometry

Sunday 11am-1:30               LUNCH             2:30-5pm

New Consciousness, Ascension, Self Awareness, Enlightenment and the PEMS, Balance & Power Up, Shadow Pack & the PEMS, Give & Receive a 7 CannaEssence Chakra Session

Color Therapy 1

This supportive and transformative workshop offers hands on experience with both giving and receiving Vibro (Energy) + Chromo (Color) = VibroChromoTherapy sessions. Whether you are a seasoned body worker, stay at home mom or just experiencing pain, you will go home with additional resources to help yourself and those around you feel better with simplicity.

Come and learn the foundation of VibroChromoTherapy and CannaEssence with Jamie Lynn Thomas and James Baker. You will have access to over 10 hours of additional resources to deepen your knowledge base in audio, video or handouts. The workshop includes a core 4 survival kit with eBook, dosage bottle, core 4 essences, links to resources, handouts and discount goodie bag

Core 4 Sample Bottles


VibroChromoTherapy  Level 1

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PEMS Sneak Peek & Wholesale Launch

Connect with your PEMS & Join the Movement!

Wholesale options open today!

Get your order in first and be the first one to carry our innovative and unique product in your store.

Must have FEIN  or EIN to be eligible for our wholesale no taxes options

Please call 720-316-0196 to see if your company is eligible for the tax discounts.

Please give the 4 digit code 0907

Once your application is approved you will be able to make all your orders online through our store or via phone at 720-316-0196

Use the Code for orders over $240 –CANNABIS- for free shipping 

For our Diamond, Platinum & Gold Tiers use the Coupon code – 420CANNABIS for free shipping & $200 off your order total 

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Coming Soon April 10th Sneak Peek

Drops for Self Awakening & New Consciousness

Join the movement and find connection with your PEMS

Coming April 10th for wholesalers

Play with the core 4 as your CannaEnhancer Kit will elevate you to new levels of consciousness

Free yourself from boredom

Free yourself from the same old thing

Choose your path the self awakening and levels of new consciousness with the Core 4 Kit

Core 4- wholesale bottles - CannaEnhancer kit - Drops for self a

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*Sneak Peek* Join the Movement with the #Core 4

Drops for Self Awareness & Integration 

Join the movement and find connection with your PEMS

Coming April 15th 

Play with the core 4 to balance your energetic field and chakras.

Free yourself from pain

Free yourself from past traumas

Choose your Destiny’s Calling  …….With…..


Drops for Self Awareness & Integration

Drops for Self Awareness & Integration