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Healing Fibromyalgia Class Today

Hello Beautiful People,

The Fibromyalgia and Cannabis Flower Essence class happens today at 1:10-2:45 at Peak 17 at the Beaver Creek Resort at the Mountain West Herb Conference. In this class I present our clinical trial that had 3 out of 4 people out of pain & increased well being in only 6 weeks using the CannaEssence 12 color line. You will learn how to apply the CannaEssences to the body to heal fibromyalgia pain symptoms. Healing with Cannabis + Colors

Core 12 Color  Strain Spectrum all 12 available in 2016

I will be selling for the first time to the public the full 12 color CannaEssence set, so you too can replicate our results. 

A paid downloadable video will be available after the conference courtesy of the MWHC.

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Cannabis Flower Essences & Fibromyalgia – A 6 Week Protocol  Saturday 1:15- 2:45 Peak 17 

  1. Jamie Lynn Thomas presents Cannabis Flower Essences & Fibromyalgia – A 6 Week Protocol.  This class outlines a 6 week topical energetic protocol using the Cannabis plant spirit to transform fibromyalgia symptoms and decrease PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual bodies) pain. Every person who has used the essences for fibromyalgia has seen some shift in their PEMS pain and 70% have total resolution of acute symptoms. The protocol is so simple it takes less than 15 minutes to complete and 30 minutes with clinical check ins.


Hearts & Flowers,

Jamie Lynn Thomas