CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

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Limited Edition Wildcrafted Sage Bundles

Each bundle has been wrapped with stones and or flowers to increase the cleansing potential of the white prairie sage. By using a high quality special sage bundle the ritual or ceremony of self care and cleansing will become more pleasant in your PEMS. Give reverence to your own needs in your PEMS or environment and use these special clearing and cleansing bundles to transform your space by raising vibrations.

This batch has been wild crafted to protect the PEMS from outside influences esp negative sources. White yarrow flowers have been used to support the physical and emotional bodies with good boundaries and clearing negative energies away. Yarrow also connects you to the deep wisdom inside of you. St johns wort flowers to bring in the light and banish the darkness. Monarda or bee balm a spicy mint and beautiful purple flower that puts up energetic boundaries between people and entities that have negative intentions. The stones are either purple flourite or yellow or clear flourite that break up stagnancy in the PEMS and break up things that are no longer serving you. THis helps you stop the old patterning and create new highways of intention and transformation.

Prairie Sage(Salvia Tridentata)

This sage variety has an auric and energetic cleansing aspect. This is sweeter in scent then the ceremonial sage with some bitter/pungent undertones. Has grounding and cleansing effect on the lower 2 chakras. As sage is a potent cleanser it leaves the system as a “blank canvas” that can be filled in with anything from the environment, which may or may not be serving, therefore it is recommended that you fill in the open space with another sacred smudge. Best when used in combo with a filling agent i.e. juniper, sweet grass, Paulo santo, lavender, rosemary or copal et all. This variety is used in a similar way to the other sages. However, it is superior in its actions of cleansing energetic space.

Your sacred smudge bundle may carry other treasures such as:

-Herbs and flowers that may have seeds to continue your intentions into germination and fruition as well as adding potency to your intentions and personal boundary needs.

-Stones and resins which each have their own unique qualities

How to use your sacred smudge:

-Light the tip of your smudge bundle (NOT the string/ribbon rolled end), allow the tip to burn and smolder (about 10-30 seconds) look for the red ember and then gently blow out. You can smudge yourself, others and your environment to cleanse and purify. Use a window washing movement from head to foot with the intention that you are clearing at least 1 foot away from the body. Approach this as a sacred and reverent act moving slowly with intention.