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Grounding – RED 2


Congratulations You Need Grounding & Energizing Red CannaEssence

Red CannaEssence is grounding and energizing

Useful for:

  • Feeling depleted Mentally & Physically.
  • Root chakra is balancing.
  • Meditation aide.
  • Useful for low energy or exhaustion.
  • For caregivers, working with the death and dying process.
  • Helpful for the end of life stages.
  • Helpful for body workers to develop healthy boundaries.
  • Useful for communicating over long distances.
  • For hangovers/vertigo/dizziness.

Red as a color is very grounding and works to balance the root chakra. Bringing in new refreshing energy into your light body through your pelvis, sacrum, and skull. This essence gives passage to the dark side of ourselves where the deep self-work and shamanic work are done. It connects you to your root source so that journeys are possible at new and unexpected heights due to the PEMS grounding effects. If you are experiencing ascension symptoms like vertigo or dizziness using this essence for 2-6 weeks is very supportive. Use this essence to ascend your present form.


Red CannaEssence Monograph

Species or Strain:      Shark’s Breath

Indications or negative qualities: Useful for low energy folks or those who are exhausted or depleted mentally and physically.  For those melancholic or depressed situations in life, shaman work esp. underworld travel support. For caregivers working with the death & dying process, for the end of life stages, symptoms of interdimensional travel hangovers which result in signs of vertigo and dizziness. Use for any type of transition phase, a desire to see the shadow or the hidden aspects of the universe,  for those needing to communicate over long distances of time and space.

Positive qualities:

This essence gives passage to the dark side of us – our past lives and those who do shaman work for self or others

-Gives the support for transitions for those in the end of life this essence helps them sort out their death rights & unfinished business with the support of seeing the shadow that’s not worked in this life or past lives.

-This essence offers a way to travel multiple dimensions with ease to the next life or next steps on your life journey

-connects one to the DARK MATTER OF THE UNIVERSE where you are interacting with the universe in a quantum manner

-Gives one the ability to communicate over long distances to the past and futures selves – use this as a tool to the break the mold and transform yourself at the deepest levels of your atomic makeup

Affirmations:  Ascend your present form

Key Words: Low Energy in the Physical & Mental bodies, for any type of transition phase, Supports travel stability & self work, shadow work, grounding – Ascend your present form, fatigue, weakness, energize, rejuvenate, balance,  powerful, end of life, stimulating, joy, love of life, creation of life, end of life, stability, security