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Destiny’s Calling – PURPLE 2

Purple - Destinys Calling- BleedsCongratulations You Need Destiny’s Calling PURPLE CannaEssence

Purple CannaEssence is your Destiny Calling.

Useful for:

  • Gently open & balance your side heart chakras.
  • Meditation Aide.
  • Trust in spirit.
  • Trust in your chosen path
  • Supports your destiny, hear its call.
  • For overactive mental & physical bodies.
  • Faith in self and other is returned, be your lion heart.
  • Helps to focus, prioritize, set & complete goals.

Purple as a color is supportive to the side heart chakras and encourages relaxation. As a CannaEssence the purple is full of clarity at the moment with the ability to give one fine-tuned focus towards calling. If you choose this essence as your #1, you are moving forward into your calling and the universe want you to know you are on the right track. You just need a bit of support to ascend to higher levels of being. This essence is pure trust in the universe and the path you choose to walk in this life. Find clarity from your story and let that nourish your lion heart!

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Long  Purple CannaEssence Monograph

Species or Strain:      Purple Kush

Indications: For those who want to focus and talk to their body or cells. For those with excessive energy in the upper body and limbs. For those who are rigid and overly structured. For those who want to work deeply with their self and shadow. For those who have a vulnerable heart. For those with ear challenges that arise for no reason. For those whose, life pressures are weighing them down. For those who demand much from themselves with harsh criticism and judgment. For those who need to focus and prioritize. For those who are living in the future with much worry about this impending future. For those with overactive mental & physical bodies. For those who have lost faith in their calling or spirit.  For those who have lost sight of their goals but want to get them back

Positive qualities:

-Good for changing things on a cellular level – microscopic

-Supports your innate ability to go deeper and deeper into your core essence with ease, calmness, and confidence. Will work with what’s up or it can easily get into deeper levels by dropping into intention where focus on the microscopic levels can occur- Great for self-work

-Focuses energy by allowing the system to calibrate with the earth. This allows pooling and draining of stuck or excessive energy to flow down the limbs into the earth

-Works deeply with the “vulnerable heart chakra” that is bilateral under the armpits

-Directly affects the ears – cranial plates esp. the temporals and the Eustachian  tube

-The pressures of one’s life are removed – Pressures of life melt away

-Helps one to own the demands they put upon oneself. Allows you to slow down and come back to the present = HOME

-An essence that helps focus with a keen eye on what is most important for the task at hand

– What will serve me to do right now in the present?

-An essence that comes in and allows those who are hard workers to let down their guards and take in the love with a sweet embrace. This can soothe the overactive mental and physical bodies

-An essence similar to beech whose intolerance for others is created out of an overactive metal body – stopping any transference of own self-reproaching and judgment from others back towards the self for a balanced CLEAR and REALISTIC look at what was creating the judge imbalance

-An essence similar to impatience where it is all about speed with a focus on the need to judge others for their inaccuracy and inability to do the job the way I would like it done. Why not do it myself

– this essence helps balance this inner time clock to allow for the truthful unfolding of time and accomplishment this essence also allows the goals and expectations to become realistic so that one is reaching goals and moving on to bigger better ones with ease


-TRUST THE UNIVERSE & the PATH YOU have chosen to walk

Affirmations: Trust Spirit & your chosen path

Key Words: Trust, spirit, chosen path, destiny, calling, rigidity, unfolding, realistic perceptions, imbalance, judge, overactive mental body, overactive physical body, let down, relaxing, calming, balm, inability, love, embrace, slowing down, presence, vulnerable heart chakra, cranial plates, temporal, Eustachian tube, microscopic, cellular levels, universal energy, pressures, demands, unleashed, unpaged, free, soaring, focused, intolerance, impatience, need for speed, inner time clock, truthful unfolding of time, path, walking, trust in spirit, Confident, supported, nourished, relaxed