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Cleansing- VIOLET 2

Violet- Cleansing- BleedsCongratulations You Need Cleansing VIOLET CannaEssence

Violet CannaEssence is deeply cleansing.

Useful for:

  • Use in rituals or any occasion that requires a connection to source.
  • Deeply cleansing & rejuvenating.
  • Meditation Aide.
  • Supports decreased pain and body awareness.
  • For those who have experienced much change needed to integrate it into their systems.
  • Communicate directly with source.
  • Use on the 3rd eye, sacrum and ears for chakra activation, balancing & cleansing.
  • Good for transitions of any kind.

Violet as a color is part of the light spectrum that is almost out of our vision and encourages us to look to yourself for the answers. Once you are deeply connected to the PEMS, you can easily communicate directly with the source of all things.  Your world is about ready to become much larger as you open yourself up to the conversations happening all around you. This essence supports the integration and mops up of the process of growth and expansion. A great transitional remedy is waiting to help you join the movement of re-connection with your PEMS. Helps develop clear and realistic goals with focus and universal support.

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Long Violet CannaEssence Monograph

Species or Strain:      Master Kush

Indications: For those who want to communicate directly with source. For those who are looking for a place to start with the essences. For those who are feeling imbalanced due to big shifts and changes in their life or bodies. For those who use their mental bodies and mind to the point of fatigue. For those who are highly influenced by astrological and planetary alignments. For those whose dislike mornings. For those who require support to move through tough places of being. For those experiencing resentment, anger, hatred or frustration in their bodies. For those with stability and knee challenges. For those who want to interact directly with their soul. For those who have experienced much change, growth, and transformation in their systems, but need a way to integrate them into their system. For those who need to clear base levels of their systems so that they can more easily integrate higher vibrations and octaves. For any out of balance bioelectric system

Positive qualities:

-Uplifting and calming setting one in their body, so they more easily communicate with their soul

-Feel as if in communication with grandfather sky – coolly watching WITNESSING my transformations

-Cultivating inner growth

-Working to harmonize planetary imbalances for those struggling with an excess due to an astrological alignment i.e. mercury in retrograde

-Helps to balance morning rhythms, giving the system support to move through hard places of being. Uncomfortable spots – feeling distress or discomfort in the body

-Helps you be comfortable and being in the unfolding of discomfort with ease walnut like qualities

-Allows resentment to move easily out of the system feeling supported on stable legs with the knees made stronger

-THE SOUL GROWTH FLOWER – To open and use all your resources available to you

– Melting the heart allowing what was once shut down open to new possibilities. This essence allows this new heart puddle to pool around the entire body in a soft and gentle manner. Soothing the system making the heart a pool melting in the wake of a warm hand as if chocolate truffles that melt deliciously to fuel the sweetness of life

-A MOP UP FLOWER – for use after clearing big changes in the system or moving big things in the system

-Clearing base levels so you can use the other essences to hit your optimal potential in time and space

-Chaos = light & newness

-Trauma, triggers or shocks this is an essence that nourishes the out of balance system

Affirmations: Find comfort in the discomfort of growth

Key Words: Uplifting, mop up flower, chaos, newness, change, trauma, triggers, potential, movement, transformation, Integration, heart softening, pooling, melting, hardened, hallowed, hatred, anger, jealousy, brick wall, clearing, baseline, source, angles, guardians, communication, awareness, resentment, forgiveness, distress in the body, discomfort in the body, avoiding being in the body, renew, refresh, rejuvenate