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"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Apprenticeship Flower Essence Program Enrollment is Open

Colorado Wild Crafting Flower Essences Apprenticeship

July – October 2017

Have you wanted to connect more to the heart of nature and heal yourself and your friends with natural remedies?

This once in a lifetime flower essence apprenticeship will change the way you view yourself and the world.

You will learn about one of the most powerful healing modalities that have been dubbed the future of medicine. Join Jamie Lynn Thomas, a certified flower essence practitioner & instructor, for an experience packed adventure into the realm of Wild Crafting & Flower Essence creations. 

Each month you engage in one 4-6 hour wildcrafting and essence making an adventure in the field or garden. Changing your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies PEMS in profound ways. Each class is an adventure full of healing and flowers. To supplement our unique nature class experiences are special learning topic webinars that are recorded and available for a lifetime. 


In this Apprenticeship program you will:Jamie Lynn profile 300

  • Attend monthly classes
  • You will make 1 flower essence each month
  • Take home 3 mother essences for your flower essence pharmacy per month
  • Learn to dispense stock & dosage bottles for yourself or your energy partner
  • Learn the indications & healing properties of at least 40 Foundation essences
  • Receive a spiral bound color copy of Jamie’s flower essence database
  • Get electronic or hard copies of class notes, webinars & the essence database
  • Online access to each Mp3 file or video for the months webinar or teleconference
  • Use the online forum to share your monthly essence experience report
  • Participate in feedback on your peers monthly essence report
  • Receive a certificate of completion in Flower Essence Wild crafting

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And take your vibration to the next level 

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In a world where 350 million people are suffering from depression and Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined our PEMS system is overwhelmed. Flower essence therapies and earthing techniques are the best tools to rewire the brain and nervous system to a more harmonious state of well-being. This means that when we go out into Nature for a hike or wildcrafting, we are rewiring the pathways that cause depression and increase pain perception. In a recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States (PNAS), hiking for 90 minutes will change the way your brain works. By changing these pathways, we can decrease the circulating thoughts or rumination that can lead to severe depression and psychosis.

 Work in harmony with Nature and become a change maker using vibrational and energy medicines!

By working in Nature using the flowers to make vibrational or energy medicines we are able to change the way our bodies react to things like depression and pain. By learning the tools of a flower essence practitioner, you will be able to rewire your own PEMS. By doing this, you create a higher vibrational template of PEMS health. This means that your clients, friends, and family will be attracted to your flower essences through your own illumination. In the massage world, we refer to this higher energetic template as a way to work with entrainment through the client-practitioner relationship. Entrainment means to draw in and transport. Energetically we think of this as a way to show others a signpost on their way to a higher level of being or ascension. In the therapeutic relationship, the practitioner is given a task to work with in their own PEMS. Once they work through this level of dysfunction and find their way to another higher level of being, the client who needs this similar guidance will appear. For each practitioner will work with clients, who are a few steps behind your own process. This not only serves the client but encourages the practitioner to consistently be working towards a higher level of being.

In this program you will work with your own PEMS to raise your vibration and develop skills to work with others if you so desire.

Join the movement of reconnection and raise your vibration with this once in a lifetime Apprenticeship. 

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How to Use Flower Power for Healing + Self Transformation with Flower Essences

Flower essences work with a person’s soul expression in the body. When you are ill or experiencing discomfort in the body, it may be a reflection of a soul/body imbalance. Something is off, and the two are not seeing eye to eye. This PEMS imbalance or expression is where the essences come in as a valuable resource. Work with the colors, pictures or bottles that you are most attracted to and at your own pace. You will work through emotions and pain using two minutes of self-care, self-awareness, and flower energy medicines to support the healing and awaking process. All your work will create lasting changes in the PEMS.


As you continue to work on your PEMS system, you start to peel away layers that no longer serve your system. If you stop the process, the layers may start to rebuild and then you would have to do the work of peeling those layers off again until you were back where you once were; except you will have a higher level of vitality to continue growth & expansion. Rebuilding layers are the natural protective process for the body when it is experiencing suffering without receiving support in return. It creates a callus or shell that protects the delicate transforming caterpillar within until the shell is ready to be cracked open to expose the butterfly to the world. When used in combination with other modalities or resources the essences can provide a crucial framework of support for the healing journey.

Peeling and layering create a synergistic effect where all formulas and self-work are added to the vital foundation of healing. This approach, in my practice, has yielded shocking results of transformation and ascension of symptom pictures and conditions. The main challenge for most folks when using essences is to use the information they receive to move up and out of what is no longer working for them. This allows you to ascend literally by rising from a lower plane of existence or vibration to a higher plane of frequency. Looking upon the shadow pack is dependent upon the person’s ability and desire to complete self-work. For many people it causes greater suffering to look upon the highlighted shadow of themselves. I believe this is one of the reasons why essences are challenging to study. The measurements to test self-work are far from comprehensive and are far from accurate at this point in scientific evaluation.

This can be subtle to the person who is in the midst of this transformation. In a therapeutic relationship, we can more accurately gauge self-sufficiency and awareness, but even then this is the objective view of an observer. The power of the inner healer, who communicates with mindfulness to the entire system, is part of the inner journey to self-awareness as well as the external articulation process that many others have pioneered. This path has been created for future generations to walk, expand, pave and eventually turn into a super highway of self-healing

Edward Bach History – “Father of Flower Essences”

Edward Bach was born in 1886 and died in November 1936. He was an Immunologist, bacteriologist, pathologist and physician. As well as a highly gifted intuitive with the ability to observe nature and the interrelationship with emotions.  He was a thriving medical doctor who held many positions in the hospitals of London from 1912- 1922. He was the founder of the nosodes, a fecal bacterium remedy used in homeopathy.  In, 1917 he suffered from severe abdominal cancer and was not expected to survive. He was given three months to live and was told to say his goodbyes and get his affairs in order. He took a sabbatical for a few months and moved to a secluded country home and started to work with nature to find a cure to his terminal cancer. During this time frame, he continued to see patients from his thriving practice as well as consult with fellow Doctors from all over the world.bach-flower

In, 1928 Bach founded the first seven flower essences in the world. The essences were used according to personality types, emotional patterns and the effects that these had on the human body. The set started with 7, 12 and then the last 19 essences were added. Bach worked clinically with the essences as the only form of treatment for many hopeless medical cases. He saw “miraculous healings” that he attributed to the human spirit being able to express fully in its physical form without hindrances from the emotions. He proposed emotions as the root of disease in the body. He then supported his theories with hundreds of case studies and curing.

The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature – in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine” Dr. Edward Bach

As he reached the end of his life, he was concerned that some of his works might be too radical for the public to take in on their own. He instructed that his secretary burns all his work after he died. He was confident that future generations would come to the same conclusions he did; that plants in nature can offer us healing and growth. It is sad that Bach, near his death, feared that his work was too advanced for humanity at the time, and anything that was not published was lost to the flame. This sad fact is the reason why so many people around the world have worked to further the research of Bach and other essences that are being created from plants and practitioners all over the world.



How Are Traditional Flower Essences Made?

1.The Sun Method is the Most Common:

Directions: Use clear glass and tweezers if you’d like or a leaf from the plant itself.  Sit with the plant and ask permission for medicine.  Pluck flowers with tweezers or hands covered in a leaf to protect and keep separate your vibration from that of the remedy you are trying to make.  You can also place flowers still attached to plant into the bowl of water. I tend to cover the surface of the water with the most precious & vital flowers leaving the wilting or day old flowers to turn to seeds on the stalk. 

Let the flowers sit in direct sunlight for a minimum ½ hour up to 24 hours. Usually, 4 hours is a good average time for powerful essences.  I look for the bubbles in the water & the wilting of the flowers.  Early morning tends to be the best for making flower essences. Being out in the early am keeps the bugs out of your water as they are not usually flying around till 11am-12pm. Watch out. Bees are attracted to the flowers.


2. Boiling Method: 

The boiling method was used for the 3rd group of 19 Bach essences. Bach said that they needed this level of boiling to transform.  This method was used as a symbolic nature of transformation. Bach believed that to truly transform your emotions, and pains in the body,  you must move into another form of being. Ascension.

Directions: Collect ½ pot of stems and flowers and leaves.  Add water to make the pan ¾ full.  Boil for a ½ hour, strain, and use to make stock bottles as with the sun method.


Flower Essence Terminology

 Mother bottle: Is the pure essence (right out of the infusing bowl) mixed ½ and ½ with brandy. For example- I have 2 oz of mother I add 2 oz of brandy to create my Mother bottle or essence.

Stock bottle: is made from 1 dropper full of the mother bottle then filled the rest of the bottle up with brandy.  Bottles you buy in the store are stock bottles.

Dosage Bottle: (what you give to the client or self two weeks or one-month dosing) is a ½ oz dropper bottle filled with 1-4 drops of stock essence in spring water.

-I like to add a touch of brandy or glycerin for added preservation just in case I want to carry the bottle around for the month in my pocket, purse, etc. You can also use hydrosols in place of the spring water to add a special something to your now flavored essence with yummy herbal hydrosols. Some good carries are: Spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, rose, rose geranium, sweet orange blossom, and cannabis.

EXCERPT TAKEN FROM Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week Map to Self Healing 

Which CannaEssence is Best for You?

Just choose the flower or color you are most attracted to right now.

Click the photo for more information on how this essence can help you. 

 cannaessence-coasters-proof-redGreen- Abundance- BleedsPurple - Destinys Calling- BleedsViolet- Cleansing- Bleeds

Why Cannabis Flower Essences?

Cannabis as a plant spirit supports the human system physically with our internal endocannabinoid system. Spiritually the Cannabis plant has been used to find a new consciousness or reality with its hallucinogenic compounds. As a cultivator plant, Cannabis has co-created a unique relationship with the human spirit. We have focused on the female plants as medicinal allies. We have worked with the genetics of this plant to highlight desired traits and remove traits that we dislike or that are not serving the cultivation of this plant. While we have focused on these aspects of the plant we have seen a relationship develop that is one so unlike any other relationship that humans have with plants. Therefore, the Cannabis/Human relationship is extremely unique. Factor in the intentions of this daily interaction to ascend spiritually and expand your heart consciousness! Can you sense the unlimited potential?core-4-close-bottles-small-10-mb


What are CannaEssences TM?

CannaEssences are flower essences that were made to connect the PEMS at a quantum level by integrating color association and vibration attraction through the images on the bottles. Each cannabis plant spirit has a unique message so these 12 are just the beginning of a larger line of plant spirits or devas whose mission is to help sensitive souls and support the ascension of humankind. They specifically work with those who are awakening to the new human consciousness and may be experiencing ascension symptoms. They are especially unique as they combine vibrational remedies with color association, which was inspired by the Manchester color wheel studies, to create a new type of resource: VibroChromoTherapy.


Learn this and more in the VibroChromoTherapy Program Starting February 1st 2017 

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What’s Love Got to Do with Color?

Hello Lovers,

If you are anything like me, you have been experiencing some resistance to the deep changes of the past two months. Last month, May, was a month of lower heart chakra healing. I know it was a month of moving into person power through heart awareness and activation. As we moved into June, the only month of the whole year where two colors are used to make metamorphic changes to the heart space, I noticed a time of renewal and depletion. A type of duality that shows on this months cover of the Raise Your Vibration Magazine or e-Book. As we work with our resistance to change we can connect to the heart to seek out the truth. This is the magic of the month of June! By using duality of the heart space we embrace the 100,000 x heart super powers over lower vibration brain power.

What is your truth? Will you embrace in raising your vibration to help yourself and humanity?

The Dali Lama spoke of the great need to reconnect ones PEMS to heal the world in Boulder, CoWe are the same human being – mentally, emotionally, physically,” the Dalai Lama said.  He also spoke about spirituality and the universal principles in religion….everything is based off of love. That 100,000 x more powerful forces can change the world if we just embrace the love for ourselves and that of all other living beings, plants, bugs, microbes etc. Everything is one…everything is of the universe. We are after all…Just STARDUST coalesced into the a organic bio-electric circuit working to raise our vibration one plane at a time.

June - Green & Emerald eBook cover Standing SMALL


This upcoming month, July, is the month of Turquoise! The high heart and the throat chakra supporters and activators. Talk about a good month for some long overdue conversations and speaking up 🙂 I love turquoise it was my favorite color for most my life. Looking back after much PEMS re-connection, I can see that my attraction to this color came from early instances where my voice was not allowed to speak up or say the truth. This action or reaction of my child PEMS systems, created a coping mechanism that did not serve when I was not longer in those circumstances.

As an adult I had to learn to listen to reaction of my PEMS to interactions with people and places. How did my system interpret the interaction? Was my heart racing fast? Was I feeling an emotion or sensing pain or discomfort in my body? All these PEMS cues taught me when I was speaking authentically or when I was modifying my reactions to the person in front of me?

All traits of an empath, however they were out of balance. For these shadow pack years, I wore every version of turquoise I could get my hands on. Everyone who knew me knew that turquoise was my favorite color blue and if they choose a gift with turquoise it would be home run. Now years later, I no longer love and crave the turquoise blue.

I actually no longer have a favorite color at all.

All colors in different moments serve as my favorite color. I still have colors that I work with more frequently then other colors……this tells me I still have much shadow pack work left to do. Oh the goodness of engagement with a color, a plant, people and the universe. Things will shift. Big things. How could they not with your attention focused on it for the whole month.

I invite you to embrace the Raise your vibration program and engage with Turquoise CannaEssence and support your authentic voice and high heart. 

Lets start chatting about how CannaEssence can elevate your health to the next level!

Hearts & Flowers,

Jamie Lynn Thomas


Ps. Snag a early copy of my upcoming book and get a personalized hand written note signed by the authors own hand.  Pre-order Your copy here 

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Learn Simple Ques from Your Pet – Animals Love CannaEssence!

This is the first in a series of posts on animal uses and the CannaEssences. Please subscribe to get the most up to date info on this innovative collaboration with our Animal friends.

Podscasts from local Colorado animal practitioners, vets and vet techs coming in the months to come. If there are any topics you would like to see, just hit reply & let us know how we can serve you.


Jamie’s Reflection on Animal Uses & Simple Animal Cues

This cat LOVES the bottles

This cat LOVES the bottles

Animals #1