CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Make 2017 the Best Year Ever using the POWER of the Moon + Flowers

Create 3 Seeds of Intention on the New Moon & Transform Your Life in 2017


Connect to the Heart of Nature on January 27th at 5:07 pm

I have created this worksheet to help you clarify your three seeds or intentions that will support your PEMS over the next few seasons. To magnetize the power and potential of these intentions I suggest you use flower essences or high vibrational remedies like the CannaEssence to support your New Moon Intentions. During this powerful new moon, create three seeds or intentions that you want to grow in your life over the next two seasons Winter and Spring.

What three things do you want to nourish, germinate and watch come to fruition over the next few months? What will Spring to life when the seasons change and your seeds start to grow?  

How can you utilize Nature’s power to support your three seeds?


Get clear on your message to the Universe.

Start to clarify your intentions and watch how Abundance aligns with your PEMS systems (physical, emotional mental and spiritual) systems.

By using higher vibrational remedies you can support your seeds of intention inside a cocoon of high vibration. This will more easily link your intentions directly into the wellspring of abundance from the Universe. What Color are You Most Attracted To below?

Just choose the flower or color you are most attracted to right now.

Click the photo for more information on how this essence can help you. 

 cannaessence-coasters-proof-redGreen- Abundance- BleedsPurple - Destinys Calling- BleedsViolet- Cleansing- Bleeds


Life Questions & Shadow Pack Review

Use the questions to clarify what it is that you want for your PEMS. By thinking about and reflecting on the things in our lives that are working and not working we create a direct pathway to our shadow pack. The place where we carry all our baggage and hide our faults and fears until we are able to have enough vitality to look upon them and transform them, with our awareness and intention. By looking at these life questions, you may be sparked to reflect on the things that support your PEMS systems and the things that do not. Take the questions as an opportunity to look inside of yourself. If you have resistance to answering the question or anger or frustration appear. Acknowledge this inside of yourself and try not to judge yourself too harshly. We all have faults we all have issues and we have an opportunity to learn and grow every single day.

Take this day as an opportunity to join the evolution and be a whole new you. A better you every single day. Grow and expand just like the garden does over the spring/summer seasons. Then take fall as the start of the dark time, or the germination time. The time to figure out what we want to become next.

Will you join me and raise your vibration by choosing yur three seeds of intention?


What one thing depletes you the most?

What one thing makes you feel alive, radiant and vital?

What one thing makes you feel confident, abundant and secure?

What type of people support your PEMS?

What would you like more of in your life?

What would you like less of in your life?

How are you making the world a better place?

How are you lowering your vibration and the environment around you?


Planting Seeds & Setting Intentions

When we have a wired connection to the parts of yourself that want to be more, that want to grow, expand and fly out into the world, we are deeply connected to the source of our calling. Our reason for being a vibrational being in this time and in this place. When you are engaged in calling the universe conspires on your behalf. Use the law of attraction and attract to you all the things that will serve in your next evolution of self. As you transform and raise your vibration these seeds will become clearer and the intentions will become more focused.

Use this superhighway connection and reconnect with your seeds of intention at every new moon and full moon.

Take note of what is clear and what is still murky or just hidden from view after your life question review.

Now that you have your shadow pack awake and aware. It is now time to figure out the three seeds of intentions that will support you most in the coming seasons.

Think big. Think to the stars big. No seed of intention is to too high to ascend to


What three things would you like to see grow, transform or change vibration?


  1. Seed One:
  2. Seed Two:
  3. Seed Three:


Raising Vibrations & Supporting Growth

Now that you have your seeds of intentions clarified it is time to support their growth by raising their vibrations. This means you will need to raise your vibration too.

You can raise your vibration using flower essences or vibrational remedies. It’s so easy all you have to do is Choose the Color or Picture you are most attracted to. Then use the essence in your water bottle daily as well as creating an intention bottle or bowl. See directions below.


To Create a enhanced water bottle-

  1. Imagine and taste one of your three seeds- Imagine what it would be like if it was already accomplished. Imagine the joy and vibrancy that comes from you shining as brightly as you were meant to shine all along. Once you have this image in your mind’s eye go to #2
  2. Then ask what one color or flower will most support this seed right now. Then gaze at the images at the bottom on the page. Green/Purple/Violet/Red. One color will draw your eye or shine brighter than the rest. This is the color you need right now to raise your vibration.
  3. Add 3 drops of the essence to your water bottle or glass of water. One drop for every intention.
  4. Drink water normally as you would throughout the day.
  5. Optional- Apply to the body on any areas of pain. If you have pain this is a big huge supporter.


To Create an Altar Bowl or Offering Bowlflower-of-life-gold

  1. Imagine and taste one of your three seeds- Imagine what it would be like if it was already accomplished. Imagine the joy and vibrancy that comes from you shining as brightly as you were meant to shine all along. Once you have this image in your mind’s eye go to #2
  2. Then ask what one color or flower will most support this seed right now. Then gaze at the images at the bottom on the page. Green/Purple/Violet/Red. One color will draw your eye or shine brighter than the rest. This is the color you need right now to raise your vibration.
  3. Take a small glass bowl and fill it with water. You will need at least one ounce of water. Suggest springwater or activated water.
  4. Add 3 drops of the essence to your water offering. One drop for every intention.
  5. Create ritual to connect to your altar supporters or the Universal field. State your intention out loud or in your mind’s eye. Then place reverently the world on the altar.
  6. Optional- lay offering on a sacred geometrical Shape like the seed of life, flower of life, tree of life etc.

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How to Use Flower Power for Healing + Self Transformation with Flower Essences

Flower essences work with a person’s soul expression in the body. When you are ill or experiencing discomfort in the body, it may be a reflection of a soul/body imbalance. Something is off, and the two are not seeing eye to eye. This PEMS imbalance or expression is where the essences come in as a valuable resource. Work with the colors, pictures or bottles that you are most attracted to and at your own pace. You will work through emotions and pain using two minutes of self-care, self-awareness, and flower energy medicines to support the healing and awaking process. All your work will create lasting changes in the PEMS.


As you continue to work on your PEMS system, you start to peel away layers that no longer serve your system. If you stop the process, the layers may start to rebuild and then you would have to do the work of peeling those layers off again until you were back where you once were; except you will have a higher level of vitality to continue growth & expansion. Rebuilding layers are the natural protective process for the body when it is experiencing suffering without receiving support in return. It creates a callus or shell that protects the delicate transforming caterpillar within until the shell is ready to be cracked open to expose the butterfly to the world. When used in combination with other modalities or resources the essences can provide a crucial framework of support for the healing journey.

Peeling and layering create a synergistic effect where all formulas and self-work are added to the vital foundation of healing. This approach, in my practice, has yielded shocking results of transformation and ascension of symptom pictures and conditions. The main challenge for most folks when using essences is to use the information they receive to move up and out of what is no longer working for them. This allows you to ascend literally by rising from a lower plane of existence or vibration to a higher plane of frequency. Looking upon the shadow pack is dependent upon the person’s ability and desire to complete self-work. For many people it causes greater suffering to look upon the highlighted shadow of themselves. I believe this is one of the reasons why essences are challenging to study. The measurements to test self-work are far from comprehensive and are far from accurate at this point in scientific evaluation.

This can be subtle to the person who is in the midst of this transformation. In a therapeutic relationship, we can more accurately gauge self-sufficiency and awareness, but even then this is the objective view of an observer. The power of the inner healer, who communicates with mindfulness to the entire system, is part of the inner journey to self-awareness as well as the external articulation process that many others have pioneered. This path has been created for future generations to walk, expand, pave and eventually turn into a super highway of self-healing

Edward Bach History – “Father of Flower Essences”

Edward Bach was born in 1886 and died in November 1936. He was an Immunologist, bacteriologist, pathologist and physician. As well as a highly gifted intuitive with the ability to observe nature and the interrelationship with emotions.  He was a thriving medical doctor who held many positions in the hospitals of London from 1912- 1922. He was the founder of the nosodes, a fecal bacterium remedy used in homeopathy.  In, 1917 he suffered from severe abdominal cancer and was not expected to survive. He was given three months to live and was told to say his goodbyes and get his affairs in order. He took a sabbatical for a few months and moved to a secluded country home and started to work with nature to find a cure to his terminal cancer. During this time frame, he continued to see patients from his thriving practice as well as consult with fellow Doctors from all over the world.bach-flower

In, 1928 Bach founded the first seven flower essences in the world. The essences were used according to personality types, emotional patterns and the effects that these had on the human body. The set started with 7, 12 and then the last 19 essences were added. Bach worked clinically with the essences as the only form of treatment for many hopeless medical cases. He saw “miraculous healings” that he attributed to the human spirit being able to express fully in its physical form without hindrances from the emotions. He proposed emotions as the root of disease in the body. He then supported his theories with hundreds of case studies and curing.

The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature – in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine” Dr. Edward Bach

As he reached the end of his life, he was concerned that some of his works might be too radical for the public to take in on their own. He instructed that his secretary burns all his work after he died. He was confident that future generations would come to the same conclusions he did; that plants in nature can offer us healing and growth. It is sad that Bach, near his death, feared that his work was too advanced for humanity at the time, and anything that was not published was lost to the flame. This sad fact is the reason why so many people around the world have worked to further the research of Bach and other essences that are being created from plants and practitioners all over the world.



How Are Traditional Flower Essences Made?

1.The Sun Method is the Most Common:

Directions: Use clear glass and tweezers if you’d like or a leaf from the plant itself.  Sit with the plant and ask permission for medicine.  Pluck flowers with tweezers or hands covered in a leaf to protect and keep separate your vibration from that of the remedy you are trying to make.  You can also place flowers still attached to plant into the bowl of water. I tend to cover the surface of the water with the most precious & vital flowers leaving the wilting or day old flowers to turn to seeds on the stalk. 

Let the flowers sit in direct sunlight for a minimum ½ hour up to 24 hours. Usually, 4 hours is a good average time for powerful essences.  I look for the bubbles in the water & the wilting of the flowers.  Early morning tends to be the best for making flower essences. Being out in the early am keeps the bugs out of your water as they are not usually flying around till 11am-12pm. Watch out. Bees are attracted to the flowers.


2. Boiling Method: 

The boiling method was used for the 3rd group of 19 Bach essences. Bach said that they needed this level of boiling to transform.  This method was used as a symbolic nature of transformation. Bach believed that to truly transform your emotions, and pains in the body,  you must move into another form of being. Ascension.

Directions: Collect ½ pot of stems and flowers and leaves.  Add water to make the pan ¾ full.  Boil for a ½ hour, strain, and use to make stock bottles as with the sun method.


Flower Essence Terminology

 Mother bottle: Is the pure essence (right out of the infusing bowl) mixed ½ and ½ with brandy. For example- I have 2 oz of mother I add 2 oz of brandy to create my Mother bottle or essence.

Stock bottle: is made from 1 dropper full of the mother bottle then filled the rest of the bottle up with brandy.  Bottles you buy in the store are stock bottles.

Dosage Bottle: (what you give to the client or self two weeks or one-month dosing) is a ½ oz dropper bottle filled with 1-4 drops of stock essence in spring water.

-I like to add a touch of brandy or glycerin for added preservation just in case I want to carry the bottle around for the month in my pocket, purse, etc. You can also use hydrosols in place of the spring water to add a special something to your now flavored essence with yummy herbal hydrosols. Some good carries are: Spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm, rose, rose geranium, sweet orange blossom, and cannabis.

EXCERPT TAKEN FROM Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week Map to Self Healing 

Which CannaEssence is Best for You?

Just choose the flower or color you are most attracted to right now.

Click the photo for more information on how this essence can help you. 

 cannaessence-coasters-proof-redGreen- Abundance- BleedsPurple - Destinys Calling- BleedsViolet- Cleansing- Bleeds

Why Cannabis Flower Essences?

Cannabis as a plant spirit supports the human system physically with our internal endocannabinoid system. Spiritually the Cannabis plant has been used to find a new consciousness or reality with its hallucinogenic compounds. As a cultivator plant, Cannabis has co-created a unique relationship with the human spirit. We have focused on the female plants as medicinal allies. We have worked with the genetics of this plant to highlight desired traits and remove traits that we dislike or that are not serving the cultivation of this plant. While we have focused on these aspects of the plant we have seen a relationship develop that is one so unlike any other relationship that humans have with plants. Therefore, the Cannabis/Human relationship is extremely unique. Factor in the intentions of this daily interaction to ascend spiritually and expand your heart consciousness! Can you sense the unlimited potential?core-4-close-bottles-small-10-mb


What are CannaEssences TM?

CannaEssences are flower essences that were made to connect the PEMS at a quantum level by integrating color association and vibration attraction through the images on the bottles. Each cannabis plant spirit has a unique message so these 12 are just the beginning of a larger line of plant spirits or devas whose mission is to help sensitive souls and support the ascension of humankind. They specifically work with those who are awakening to the new human consciousness and may be experiencing ascension symptoms. They are especially unique as they combine vibrational remedies with color association, which was inspired by the Manchester color wheel studies, to create a new type of resource: VibroChromoTherapy.


Learn this and more in the VibroChromoTherapy Program Starting February 1st 2017 

CEM Advertisement 3 test

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Start Your Cannabis Business Today as a Brand Ambassador

Start your own internationally legal cannabis business today as a CannaEssence, brand ambassador. 


Make a difference in the world and people’s lives with the future of medicine. 

I’m officially opening my brand ambassador positions to the world, and I can not be more excited about the opportunity to share this high vibe, drug-free, cannabis and color therapies.

My easy diagnostic method allows you or the person you are working with to find the perfect product to help support the PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) bodies towards a higher level of health and wellness.

Just choose the color or picture you are most attracted to, and you will have the exact remedy you need to start healing today.

Cannabis has been famed for its healing abilities for thousands of years.

The color is very therapeutic and part of almost everyone’s life. Even the blind have been able to sense the colors of the essences.


This product has show to transform fibromyalgia pain by reducing by 72% and help decrease cancer chemo and radiation treatment symptoms and improve recovery.


*Yearly Brand Ambassador Membership Fee $47 paid at enrollment One time yearly fee

Try the Product    $149Master Flower Gift Kit and book no writting

The Starter Pack contains our Master Flower kit and book set, the foundation to personal healing and transformation. This pack is designed for those who want to have a product experience and want validation that our products make a difference. This is a GOOD way to begin your CannaEssence journey.

Master Flower Gift Kit + Book

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The Junior Executive Pack is for those who want to get started in their CannaEssence businesses – either part time or full time. They understand that Cannabis Energy Medicine and the CannaEssence are the future of medicine and they want to be part of this innovative industry. They want to experience our core products for themselves and want to share with others. This is the BETTER way to get started.

Master Flower Gift Kit + book x 2

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Launch a Business         $999Launch a business

The Executive Pack was created for the ultimate path to success. This is designed for the serious builder who is willing to put in the necessary time to build a successful business (full or part-time) and teach others to do the same. They want ALL our core products to use or have on hand to share and show and demonstrate and they want to lead by example. This is the BEST way to get started.

Master Flower Gift Kit + book x 2

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Treatment cups Core 4

One of each of the Core *Round Practitioner Bottles –(1/2 oz) (Excellent for demos & sessions) *the rectangular bottles shown are available only for the spa & wellness center packages. Round Bottles come with this package.

Advanced Training Videos

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Upgrade to the Executive Wholesale Package for an additional $400 & get 60% savings and be locked into wholesale prices for one year*

*Includes one 20-45 minute presentation by expert Jamie Lynn Thomas


 40 CannaEssence bottles (10 of each Red/Green/Purple/Violet)

(Local Colorado Only. Live Video presentation available for distance).

Email or Call 720-316-0196 to get this fantastic deal


Bonus Business Building Tools for Members

-Members have access to Monthly Webinars (live or recorded)

-Monthly Live Q & A Sessions

-Any member who upgrades to the Executive Wholesale Package will receive access to one live talk by expert Jamie Lynn Thomas either in person or broadcasted live. We want your business launch to be successful and supported.

-Email Support



Show Me the Money – Commission + Bonuses 

Direct Sales Bonus – EARN 20% Bonus on your monthly direct sales packages to those you sell directly.


3 Customer Orders and FREE Products

You make one monthly purchase + 3 new customers with paid monthly orders = You EARN FREE product for average customer order cost


For every three Executive Packs sold in one month, you will earn one junior executive pack for FREE (Value of $599)


Sell five or more Executive Packs in one month and earn $100 Cash


Sell seven or more Executive Packs in one month and earn $500 Cash


Sell five or more Executive Packs for three months straight and earn $500 Cash in addition to any other bonuses



You can learn more about our compensation program in the compensation CE Addendum.



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VCT Enrollment is Open – Links Fixed

12 Month Online Program Starts February 2017- Jan 2018

Get certified as a level three VibroChromoTherapy Practitioner 

CEM Advertisement 3 test


PreRequisites: None. This program is designed to bring you from a beginner to a practitioner in only twelve months. Level 1-3. It can be beneficial for some if you are familiar with flower essences, energy medicine or spiritual healing. However, it is not required. You will learn the foundation and build upon it monthly.

Certification: Level 1-3 VibroChromoTherapy Practitioner

Required Reading: Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week Map to Self Healing Volume 1 by Jamie Lynn Thomas  and all twelve monthly color Ebook (included-delivered monthly)

Suggested Reading & Free Training Programs: Cannabis Therapeutics for Cannabis Practitioners ed1 by Jamie Lynn Thomas, Practitioner Bach Flower Essence Online Training Modules by Jamie Lynn Thomas

Required Supplies: Monthly dosage bottles (all 13 are included in your package)

Objectives:* To prepare the person to work with VibroChromoTherapy (VCT) TM for self-healing or with others. Gain insight into the body-mind, color psychology & therapy, energy medicine, cannabis and plant spirit medicine. Learn how to accurately formulate VCT dosage bottles using the easy color attraction diagnostic method TM. Skillfully perform VCT treatments on yourself and your energy partner. Obtain a basic understanding of how VCT integrates with other modalities like massage, Reiki, spa treatments, acupuncture etc.

*Level 1-3 is the foundational program for the internship & externship clinical programs levels 4-6.

In this transformative and healing twelve month program you will learn to heal yourself and your energy partner with VibroChromoTherapy and Drug-Free Cannabis Energy Medicine.

We blend the future of medicine with a simple, intuitive monthly process.

Watch as your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (PEMS) Bodies expand and you attain a whole new level of self-consciousness as you elevate from the old you to the new and improved high vibrational you.

Raise your vibration by using the twelve most powerful colors and cannabis plant spirits over the course of one year


Transform                 Transcend                   Evolve

Each month you will study one color and the matching CannaEssence.

  1. 1x Monthly Ebooks = 12 ebooks total or upgrade to a hard copy for only $9.97 per month + shipping
  2. 1 x Monthly Dosage Bottles with the color & CannaEssence of the month or upgrade to the regular size stock bottles (180 doses) for $14.97 + shipping
  3. Monthly self-care & Energy partner trades
  4. 1 x webinar on the color of the month (recorded)
  5. Online Forum & Facebook Group
  6. Homework feedback
  7. Case Studies


Change your life by reconnecting your PEMS using the techniques outlined in the program.

Expand your mind. Open your heart. Heal your spirit. Understand your body. 

CEM School June

Join the Powerful and Innovative School of Cannabis Energy Medicine

Enhance any energy therapy with color and drug-free Cannabis flower essences

All full pays with upgrades will receive their complete kits before the start of the program.

Hard copy books will be shipped one week before the first of the month for those who upgrade

Have questions? Call Jamie Lynn at 720-316-0196 or Email

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Weed & Wine Gift Fair Events Dec 9 & 16th


December 9th 2016 6pm-9pm Littleton, Co.

Weed & Wine Gift Fair just in time for the holidays. Get unique local gifts at huge discounts while sipping wine, trying Cannabis products, getting massages and facials. Turn your holiday shopping into an elegant self-care experience that is sure to leave you feeling vital and refreshed.

Cannabis expert Jamie Lynn Thomas will be giving two 20 minute talks packed full of information and samples for all those cannabis curious folks out there.

Join us for a fun event that will leave you the star of the gift giving season.

December 16th 2016 6pm-9pm Lakewood, Co.

Weed & Wine Gift Fair just in time for the holidays. Get unique local gifts at huge discounts while sipping wine, trying Cannabis products, getting massages and facials. Turn your holiday shopping into an elegant self-care experience that is sure to leave you feeling vital and refreshed.

Cannabis expert Jamie Lynn Thomas will be giving two 20 minute talks packed full of information and samples for all those cannabis curious folks out there.

Join us for a fun event that will leave you the star of the gift giving season.

Check Out Our Vendor Page 

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Cleansing + Purging in October

October photo

October is a month of Cleansing and Integration after the long months of the past year.

Hello PEMS Conscious People,

Does your Physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies need a makeover or a reset? 

 This is the time of year when everyone is experiencing the radical change of seasons and temperatures. This can bring colds, flus, deep anxiety and a revival of things that you chose not to deal with earlier in the year.

 EVERYONE is needing to integrate the huge planetary shifts into their PEMS.

The reason for integration is to ease your ability to rise upward from a plane of lower consciousness to one that is elevated to your current vibrations and heart resonance output. The great challenge for each and every one of us,  is to stay with the DISCOMFORT OF GROWTH. This my friends,  is much harder than it sounds when you have no support. Therefore, I invite you to explore what VIOLET CannaEssence can do for your PEMS with my most recent how-to video.


You need violet if you are attracted to this image

Violet- Cleansing- Bleeds

Violet CannaEssence leaves you feeling: Uplifted, alive, radiant and connected to source. 

Watch Violet How to Video Here

You can Purchase your own Violet Essence at our LOCAL COLORADO RETAILERS or at our ONLINE STORE  or buy the book and complete kit here 

Violet- Regular & Practitioner Size Bottles

If you would like to practice your sensing centers, watch the video with a soft gaze.

What do you notice?

Can you sense shifting in my auric fields?

Let me know your electric senses with some comment goodness 🙂


Hearts & Flowers,

Jamie Lynn Thomas

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Miss CannaEssence on TV?

Hello PEMS People,

I have had some emails trying to find the live streaming TV interview by Marty Ortanez on Getting High on Anthropology on April 21st 2016.

Marty has recently uploaded the edited this 30 minute interview for your watching pleasure.

I had a blast and learned all sorts of new skills.

Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments section below 🙂


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Last Minute Local Gift Ideas

Hello Busy Sensitive Soul,

Have you been looking for that perfect gift and have not quite found it yet? 

Do you like to support local artisans and get a deal?

Well look no further CannaEssence has you covered this holiday season.

ce core 4 application 4 small

If you are wanting some super special goodness to place in the stocking…head on over to one of our local retailers to get your goodies in your elf hands today.


For those of you, unable to make it into the store 😉 head on over to our online store for extended FREE shipping till January 1st.


A super special announcement:

Jamie Lynn Thomas introduction to CannaEssence and VibroChromoTherapy book will go on sale for preorder on New Years Eve and as an ebook on January 5th. 

Until the full moon,

Rainbow Hearts




Have You Seen This?

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Hello CannaEssence Enthusiasts & Flower Essence Curious People 🙂

Jamie BBJamie Lynn Thomas here, letting you know about all the cool videos I have made available to you on the site this week. Lots of information flowing and the FREEBIES keep on coming. My mission is to empower you through education. Each one of these videos (all under 10 min) offer you an opportunity to sense along with your PEMS. Whether you are using the essences on your body along with me or you are just observing my PEMS as I self apply.

I invite you HSPs & empaths to utilize those gifts of sensitivity to support your PEMS, so that you can help all those in your hearts webs.

Keep your eyes peeled next week for a chance to win your very own CannaEssence toolkit and a very special session with yours truly

Jamie Lynn Thomas Integrative Therapeutics Practitioner and Medicine Maker Extraordinaire.

A value of $297

For each purchase of any CannaEssence product from the ONLINE STORE from 10/15 – 10/20  you will be entered into the drawing to experience an Integrative CannaEssence session for yourself. Winners TBA 10/23/2015

Excellent reasons to get your CannaEssence on today 😉


1.-How to Use the Core 4 Essences in 8 minutes or less 


2. -Violet uses


3. Clearing PAIN in the PEMS with the core 4 


You can Purchase your own CannaEssence set at our LOCAL COLORADO RETAILERS or  ONLINE STORE 


Please let me know what you think of the videos, if they were helpful and any other questions you may have.


Spectrum Heart Light,

Jamie lynn Thomas 

CannaEssence CEO & Formulator


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Are You In PAIN? Change Your Day in 10 Minutes or Less with CannaEssences

Are You In PAIN? Change Your Day in 10 Minutes or Less with CannaEssences TM

Are you experiencing   PAIN in your PEMS?

 Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual

Which One is Calling for Your Attention?


Jamie BB

Jamie Lynn Thomas here with an extra special post & announcement today.

  I will be sharing a deeply intimate experience with you….

Where I transform right in front of your eyes…….


I’m sharing my healing process with you, in the hope that you too, will join me in the movement of re-connection with your PEMS system through self awareness & self application sessions.

As a wounded healer with gifts of heightened sensitivity, I have found tools to survive in this world and they all start with self awareness and self care. The requirements of self care, cleansing and Integration are deep themes that are up this October. Traditionally, October is associated with violet and pink, for breast cancer awareness month.  In color light therapies, October is the month of integration and preparation after the long work days in spring and summer. Fall is a preparatory month for the “dark days” of the year where our days are shorter; presumably filled with clouds, storms and other weather patterns. Color therapy is abound in the world if only we look for it 😉

After the super moon lunar eclipse in September, the Earth has been covered in a thick fluffy cloud matrix; I sense that it is a protective cocoon. This covering is similar to the cocoon, covering or wrapping, that we see after a CannaEssence session with a human or animal bio-electric system.

Come join me and transform your pain scales in 10 minutes or less

Use this easy 10 minute tool for your pain management goals.

You can be assured that CannaEssences will synergize any other form of care.

Synergize = is where 2 agents when used together equals more then the sum of its parts. Therefore, increasing the effectiveness of all agents.       1+1 = 3 or more


You can purchase yourself any of the core 4 CannaEssences at a LOCAL CO RETAILER or Online HERE


If you would like to experience a guided in person, group or distance session with Jamie Lynn Thomas. Stay tuned to your inbox for some upcoming offers and openings.


In the mean time, let your PEMS guide you towards some self care today.

Self Applications are Healing

Self Applications are Healing


Your Partner in Quantum Rainbow Light,


Jamie Lynn Thomas

CEO & Integrative Therapeutics Health Practitioner