CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Smudge and Space Clearing Workshops Oct 30th and Nov 13th

Come explore the world of smudge and space clearing in your own PEMS for a deeply cleansing experience. We will discuss daily hygienic clearing exercises for the PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) centers as well as environmental cleansing. We will go over the extensive list of resources and space clearing tools like smudge sticks, sprays, quantum cleansing bowls and more.

You will leave with one of Jamie Lynn Thomas world famous sacred smudge bundle as a resource to start cleansing your spaces right now. You will also leave with an extensive handout with non-smelling, non-smoking smudge, and space clearing options as well. This is on top of the two-hour webinar series you receive too.

There is something for everyone in this hands-on class.

Are you needing a good cleansing of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of yourself? Or maybe your sensitive and empathic and you are sensing more energies around and they are overwhelming you. If either is the case. You will feel like you had a full body makeover and reset. Elevating your vibrations to new levels of being.

 Some advanced topics we will go over: 

-Charcoal burning & resins- Safety and resin qualities we will work with Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber and Palo Santo Resins.

-How to clear another person PEMS system with a smudge stick/sage wand etc

-How to sense others auras and boundaries

-How to fill in any holes or gaps, wounds int he bio electric fields and auras.

*Upgrade to a decorated sage wand for only an additional $15

Two dates available for 2017

– Oct 30th 6 to 8 pm – Lakewood, Co. 

– Nov 13th 6 to 8 pm- Lakewood, Co. 

Check out our other workshops, events, and classes for the rest of 2017




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New Dates- Weed & Wine Health Expo + Gift Fairs – Pamper Yourself & Make a Splash This Holiday Season

Are you or someone you know curious about Cannabis, CBD or Hemp? This is the perfect health expo and gift fair for the CannaCurious. You will get to experience a sampling from multiple CBD vendors at their booths and in our awesome gift bags. Then go claim your pampering passes for a CannaEnhanced mini CannaEssence Massage or Facial from one of our trained practitioners.  All of this goodness without the exposure to smoke at traditional cannabis events. We are all about the CannaCurious and we want this to be a safe space for you or Grandma to come explore the world of Cannabis at this unique health expo. You will leave refreshed, revitalized, inspired and empowered after you talk with our experts and dig into your very own copy of the Cannabis Therapeutic Manual.

We have three dates and eighty unique vendors to serve your gift giving needs. 

1. Oct 30th – + Yoga 

2. Nov 4th Gift Fair & Health Expo 

3. December 9th Gift Fair & Health Expo 



Details for the Health Expo & Gift Fairs:


This pampering evening extravaganza will consist of an enhanced massage or facial, wine tastings, live music, expert mini talks on Cannabis. We are focusing on the many ways to use Cannabis in your life for healing, an increased sense of well-being or connecting to the spiritual side of cannabis. During the evening, you will experience the healing power of Cannabis with a CannaEssence Enhanced Massage or Facial tm. Experts in the industry have been gathered to share their best tools and tricks to help you live a more empowered, healthier and vital life.


*******You will leave with a free signed copy of Jamie Lynn Thomas’s book on Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners. ***********

Your ticket includes:

  1. Enhanced Cannabis Energy Medicine Massage or Facial

  2. One copy of the book Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners by Jamie Lynn Thomas  

  3. Oct 30th only Entry into an Elevated Yoga flow with self- anointing of cannabis energy medicine on your root, heart or crown chakras. with Ganjasana

*No consumption of THC or recreational cannabis will occur at this event. No smoke or secondhand exposure. You can be sure this is a great event to introduce your mom to cannabis.

*Tickets are nonrefundable

*21 and up event

Bring your ID

First Come First Served- Sign up sheet for General Admission is available as you check in. Please show up early and let us know if you want a massage or facial. 

All VIP PAMPER Passes will get both a massage and facial. Just sign up for your favorite time for each of your services.

What is a CannaEnhanced Cannabis Energy Medicine Massage? A CannaEnhanced Massage is a CannaEssence energy session, given by one of our licensed massage therapists. Experience a taste of what Cannabis Energy Medicine and ViborChromoThrerapy can do for you. Then schedule your 90-minute long bodywork session and get a 20% discount.

What is a CannaEnhanced Cannabis Energy Medicine Facial? A CannaEnhanced Facial is given by one of our estheticians using clean, whole food products and enhancing them with the Cannabis Energy Medicine of your choosing. Radiate your light.


Check out our other events and get tickets here 


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VibroChromoTherapy Program Open for Enrollment

Program Starts Feb 2018-Jan 2019

Enrollment is Open for VibroChromoTherapy


In this transformative and healing twelve-month distance learning program you will learn the tools to activate healing in you and your energy partner using VibroChromoTherapy and the CannaEssence. Use Drug-Free Cannabis Energy Medicines and other vibration tools for a powerful year of evolution. You will also learn to work with the Bach flower Essences and other vibrational resources during this life changing program.

We blend the future of medicine with a simple, intuitive monthly process.

Each month you will expereince a whole new color and vibration. Watch as your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (PEMS) Bodies expand and you attain a whole new level of self-consciousness as you elevate from the old you to the new and improved high vibrational you.

Certifications Earned in Year One:
1. Level  3 VibroChromoTherapy Practitioner Certification
2. Bach Flower Essence Practitioner
3. Level 3 CannaEssence Practitioner


Is the VibroChromoTherapy Program Right for You? 

Schedule Your Interview & Application Session Today

Raise your vibration by using the twelve most powerful colors and cannabis plant spirits over the course of twelve months all from the comfort of your home or electronic device. Each month you will plant your seeds, sprout your color and then flower to be replanted and cycled all over again. You are a cocoon transforming each month into a beautiful butterfly, raising your vibration with the cycles of Nature for a powerful metamorphosis experience.

VibroChromoTherapy Certification

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Become an Author in 3 Months- MasterMind Online Program

The Online 3 Month Author Mastermind Program


Starts October 1st – Dec 2017


 Seed to Flower Book Mastermind Author Program 

Create a book and publish it in only three months with this intensive Online mastermind coaching program designed to fit your busy schedule

Write & Publish your book in just 3 months

Work hard, play hard and write the book you always dreamed of. Get the support you need to create a foundation write your book. During our unique 90-minute weekly mastermind sessions, you will write one chapter a week using the mastermind formula. 

I, Jamie Lynn Thomas,  published twelve books last year and a half with this easy formula and you can too!

Change the world with your unique message and do it quickly.

Whether your motivation is to make yourself an expert in your field, increase your prospects, increase your revenue or just because this is your passion book calling to be shared with the world NOW.

Make the choice today to commit to yourself and all the people you will help just by sharing your special message with the world.

Full pay options get 20% discount. 


Write Your Book in Ten Weekly Mastermind Sessions 

Each week for ten weeks we will sit down and write our books together over the web waves using a simple formula. Jamie Lynn will coach and guide the group with writing exercises that will give you the information you need to work on your one chapter per week for ten weeks.  You will leave the one hour to ninety-minute call with all the tools you need to complete your chapter foundation for the week if you have not already done so during the call. Every session is recorded, so if you happen to miss one you will be able to work with the team remotely through the forum after you complete the recording. You will also be able to go back through and use these sessions to help you prep for future books 🙂

Get Your Chapter Reviewed Weekly

Then you will submit your chapter for review from your peers. This is a great way to get your peers feedback and support.

Personal 30 Minute Coaching Session with Vibrational Remedy

You will have access to one thirty minutes focused coaching session each month with Jamie Lynn as part of your package. This usually includes a high vibrational flower essence, gem essence or environmental essence to support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as you work past fears, embrace your calling and transform the world with your book. *Shipping is not included and will be charged separately

Additional Mastermind Free Webinars from Experts

We will have a few additional free webinars from experts sharing tools and tricks of the trade during our adventure together. These will be recorded and available for your viewing.

Constant Email or Facebook Group Support

Anytime you have a question you send it directly to Jamie Lynn, or you can post on the Facebook group to the whole mastermind team.

Learn How to Format and Prepare Your Book for Publishing

In writing week 1 & 11, we will review formatting your book in a word for self-publishing on Amazon.

Learn how to publish your book on Amazon

Learn the ins and outs of self-publishing and choose your distribution methods. Learn what an ISBN is if you should copyright your work and other details for self-publishing i.e. what is your BMSC code and what genre you are.

Get access to a  hardbound proof copy of your book

Once your book is approved, you can order a proof or hard copy of your book for review. This is the first of many books you will hold in your hand. Once you approve your proof, your book will start showing up on bookshelves, depending on your distribution method, in 6 to 8 weeks.

Get your book reviewed on Amazon by at least three people

Each author will review at least three other authors books online through their live Amazon links. This will help bump your stats. This is also a great way for your peers, who have read your previous chapters, to give their opinions.

Join this amazing mastermind group for only

$97 a Month


For fewer than three hundred dollars you will have the book in your hands that you always wanted to write.

I paid thousands of dollars to get “coached” for my first book, and I received less than half of the tools that you will get weekly.

Invest in yourself

Invest in your book, your life’s work

Invest in changing the world

If you have question Email

Call 720-316-0196

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CannaEnhance Facials and Massages with Cannabis Energy Medicine

CannaEnhance Facials and Massages with Cannabis Energy Medicine




Indalesia Velasquez (client model) & Grier Gladden from Alchemy Bodywork and a trained VibroChromoTherapy Practitioner

*Article Reprinted with permission from Spa & Massage Magazine August 2017 Issue 

Fifty million people are living with chronic pain, but they do not have too. Cannabis energy medicine reduces pain and increase a sense of wellness in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (PEMS) and can be used anywhere in the world. Get the renowned healing properties of cannabis without the messy hassle of a drug in business. With no contraindications, cannabis energy medicine can be used during pregnancy, when taking multiple medications and during radiation therapy. Combine the healing benefits of massage and esthetics with the famed qualities of cannabis, and you get a CannaEnhanced session that is sure to be restorative to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The color picture attraction diagnostic system empowers the client to choose the perfect remedy to support the PEMS. This easy one-page tool can be incorporated into any intake or add-on paperwork and takes less than one minute to complete in the treatment room.

What color are you most attracted to?

 cannaessence-coasters-proof-redGreen- Abundance- BleedsPurple - Destinys Calling- BleedsViolet- Cleansing- Bleeds

Any massage can be CannaEnhanced with one to three drops of the chosen color to a small lotion bottle. Then perform the requested massage with the added benefits of cannabis and color therapies.  You can send home the remainder of the specially medicated lotion with the client to continue the healing in between sessions. This type of empowered healing is a great opportunity for the client to work at home with their internal physician; tapping into the perfect time, to apply the medicated lotion to their PEMS, for optimal growth and transformation.

Empowerment and education are crucial in the spa for both the client and the practitioner.  By empowering the client to choose their remedy, using the color picture diagnostic system, and then applying cannabis energy medicine to their PEMS. You reduce pain and increase your client’s sense of wellness; essentially arming them with body-mind-spirit training tools of self-healing. You are giving them paraphernalia for their whole human system, not only the physical body but the emotional, mental and spiritual parts too. This engenders a sense of trust in your brand and encourages abundant referrals. On average, clients who CannaEnhance their massage notice an increased sense of wellness and decreased pain for four to five days after the session.

Cannabis energy medicine, when applied to the skin, decreases pain perception by two to five pain points by reconnecting the PEMS through body-mind-spirit connection and the endocannabinoid system. Opiates and other pain killers tend to affect, on average, only two pain points and have addictive tendencies. In fact, ten million Americans are addicted to substances to fight chronic pain. That means that a fifth of all chronic pain suffers become addicted to the drugs that are meant to be short-term pain management devices.

During a six-week clinical trial of six hundred and forty women with chronic, severe fibromyalgia, cannabis energy medicine was applied to the body for 15-20 minutes once a week by a practitioner. The subject was then sent home with a medicated lotion and was instructed to apply the lotion to the whole body at least one time each week of the trial. At the end of the six weeks, we saw a seventy-two percent reduction in acute and chronic symptoms. Plus, one hundred percent of the subjects felt they had more control of their chronic pain after working with cannabis energy medicine. There is nothing else in our herbal or pharmaceutical repertory that can make those types of changes in the PEMS in such a short time. Larger more intensive trials must be done to find the bio-mechanism behind the first results.

In April 2017, CNN ran a poll that showed 60% of Americans believe that Cannabis should be legalized. The many headlines that followed show the stigma is declining, as states embrace legalization and the clinically proven properties of Cannabis. This means that 60% of clients are CannaCurious and ready to explore the world of cannabis one safe bite at a time. Cannabis energy medicine allows practitioners to provide a unique add-on to massages, facials and other spa services without the negative effects of traditional cannabis. For example,  it is common to hear people getting paranoid and disconnected from the body when smoking cannabis. However, cannabis energy medicine is completely drug-free and those qualities, usually caused by THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ),  are not present and never show up in a drug test. Cannabis Energy Medicine is an international drug-free cannabis product that uses the master flower imprints to heal the endocannabinoid system.

Other Cannabis Energy Medicine Uses in the Spa

  • Enhance aromatherapy affects
  • Hand & foot treatments
  • Hydrotherapy services
  • Massage & Facials
  • Scrubs & Exfoliation services
  • Towel services


When using cannabis energy medicine in facial and cosmetic services, three benefits can be seen: softer smoother skin, vital radiance, and decreased tension lines. By adding just add one drop of the chosen color of the day to the base, moisturizer or other liquid cosmetics, you create a CannaEnhanced experience that leaves the client feeling like they received a complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (PEMS)  makeover. Very similarly to Reiki and Acupuncture, cannabis energy medicine, works with the meridians to create a sense of wholeness or homeostasis in the PEMS.

Cannabis energy medicine seems to work with the endocannabinoid system as if it was fed THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ), CBD (Cannabidiol), or other cannabinoids even though it is completely free of all of these constituents.   The endocannabinoid system is considered the twelfth body system and acts as a bridge to all the other systems. Its main goal is to maintain homeostasis between each body system. Homeostasis is the balanced state in which all body systems are working together harmoniously in sync without decline or change.  When this vital system becomes starved of nutrients, it no longer can function properly, and systemic conditions like fibromyalgia can express in the PEMS.

Cannabis energy medicine and massage services offer three benefits: decreased pain, balancing moods and better energy levels.  When you add the chosen color to your massage lotion and apply it to the body over the meridians, all three qualities come out to support the client on the table. You’re giving a whole body treatment that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (PEMS).

Topical body applications work on pain zones by vacuuming out pain and re-infusing the PEMS with colors and light. During oncology massage, after an area has been irradiated, you can apply water compresses to, the normally contraindicated, area without fear of causing injury or more severe burning; unlike lotion which will cause harm. For most oncology clients twenty minutes will be a long application. However, some clients go into a type of meditative healing space that can last upward of forty-five minutes. It will all depend on what the individual PEMS system needs. If the light is missing from the twenty-two meridian pathways, the cannabis energy medicine will take longer to infuse the colors through the PEMS system.

How to make a compress:

What you will need:

  1. One small bowl.
  2. CannaEssence stock bottle of your choosing (Red, Green, Purple, Violet)
  3. One small towel and one medium towel
  4. Hot water


  1. Fill a bowl with hot water
  2. Add one to six drops of the CannaEssence stock bottle of your choosing.
  3. Place a small towel in a bowl. Wring out excess fluid.
  4. Apply the compress over the affected area. Medium towel on top.
  5. Lay down and stay horizontal for 20 to 45 minutes or until the client gets fidgety or feels complete.

On average it takes forty-five minutes to integrate the changes in the PEMS from a cannabis energy medicine session. After the session is closed and the client is leaving the room, hand them a glass of water with one drop of the color they were working with during the massage. Suggest that they sip the water as they check out. You can then offer them the remainder of the lotion from your medicated lotion bottle or prepare a dosage bottle as a take home oral remedy.

How to prepare a dosage bottle from a stock bottle of CannaEssence:

What you will need:

  1. One ½ oz dropper bottle
  2. CannaEssence stock bottle (Red, Green, Purple, Violet)
  3. Spring water


  1. Fill your dosage bottle with spring water.
  2. Add one drop of the CannaEssence to the bottle.

How to Use Your Prepared Dosage Bottle:  Choose 1 of the below methods to work with your dosage bottle.

Create your dosage bottle today

  1. Set Dosage frequency:
    1. Take four drops 4x a day for two to four weeks
    2. Add four drops to your water bottle, cosmetics, foods,
  2. Intuitional & body talk method of dosing:
    1. Keep the essence in your pocket & take it whenever you think about it


For chronic pain and low energy, I suggest giving the medicated lotion and instruct the client to apply it to the body at least once a week up to three times a week until our next appointment. Usually two weeks later a new medicated lotion or dosage bottle is needed to continue the healing process.

For clients who have anxiety and mood imbalances, I will give a dosage bottle, so they can take drops intentionally every time they need support. By having a resource specially tailored for their current needs, it creates a sense of empowerment and ownership over the healing process. For many people, this can show up as a type of reclaimed confidence, clarity and a sense of balancing the mood swings of life. You can then have them add drops of their dosage bottle to their daily water bottles, cosmetics, foods, etc. until your next session.


Schedule Your Distance or In Person VibroChromoTherapy Session Today



VibroChromoTherapy uses color therapy and plant spirit medicines to reconnect the physical, emotional, mental and spirtiual bodies or PEMS systems. CannaEssence are the main line of flower/color essences that are used. A chakra balancing and wellness raising session will transform your PEMS for 5 to 7 days after the session. Leaving you feeling radiant, alive and full of vitality and resource. An excellent tool during big energetic shifts or transitions or if you are depleted in any one of the PEMS centers. A dosage bottle is included with this session as a resource tool for continued self-consciousness.

*Article Reprinted with permission from Spa & Massage Magazine August 2017 Issue 

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Invitation to Party + Celebrate the Earth

Calling All Earth Conscious People,

Come on out today and celebrate the Earth at the Weed and Wine Health Expo at 6-9pm in Lakewood, Co. Special expert talks on plant spirit medicine, healing allies and tools will be available for you to change your consciousness and raise your vibration. Imbibe in some adult CannaEnhanced beverages and get a massage and facial while you’re at it to feel revitalized and nourished. Tickets are going fast, so reserve your space right now. Plus, get a free copy of my book a value of $24.99. What is stopping you from connecting with your heart tribe?

April 22nd 6-9pm 

Weed & Wine Health Expo  April 22nd, 2017 6pm-9pm Lakewood, Co.


Weed and Wine Health Expo kicks off April 22nd at 6pm-9pm in Lakewood, Co. Come celebrate the month of Plant Spirit Awareness as we focus on the many healing aspects of the master plant, Cannabis. This evening extravaganza will consist of an enhanced massage or facial, wine tastings, live music, expert mini talks on Cannabis. We are focusing on the many ways to use Cannabis in your life for healing, an increased sense of wellbeing or connecting to the spiritual side of cannabis. During the evening, you will experience the healing power of Cannabis with a CannaEssence Enhanced Massage or Facial. Experts in the industry have been gathered to share their best tools and tricks to help you live a more empowered, healthier and vital life.

You will leave with a free signed copy of Jamie Lynn Thomas’s book on Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners. 

Your ticket includes:

  1. Enhanced Massage or Facial
  2. One copy of the book Cannabis Therapeutics, A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners by Jamie Lynn Thomas  
  3. Access to the evenings expert talks See the Schedule Here

*No consumption of THC or recreational cannabis will occur at this event. No smoke or secondhand exposure. You can be sure this is a great event to introduce your mom to cannabis.

*21 and up event

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About the Author Jamie lynn Thomas

About the Author & Creator of CannaEssence   + VibroChromoTherapy

Jamie Lynn started her journey to vital health through a debilitating chronic illness that resulted in her taking 50 prescribed medications. Jamie was told she would be disabled for life; unable to walk without assistance or live a normal young woman’s life without medications and lingering complex problems. After hearing this bleak future, Jamie Lynn was determined to find “another way to heal and become whole.” To do so, she went to two full-time schools at the same time to learn as much as she could about human health. She has thirty degrees, certifications, licenses, and diplomas to enlighten her PEMS or Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual bodies. Now 16 medication free years later, Jamie Lynn is an avid mountain climber full of vitality, vision, and vibration.

She uses her experience of hopelessness from diagnoses to help her clients’; specializing in empowering others to heal through PEMS reconnection. Jamie Lynn felt that the balancing of her PEMS is what saved her life and allowed her to regain health; exceeding all the expectations for someone with her conditions. She is a living, breathing miracle.

This passion and understanding are what drove Jamie Lynn to create a product that would support her clients in a powerfully simple way. She wanted to use the most potent tools to create a conscious, sustainable and beautiful product that would serve humanity and the planet alike. Therefore, the CannaEssences were created, then used in the clinical trial and case studies with a focus on chronic conditions like cancer, fibromyalgia, and pain. Jamie Lynn uses the CannaEssences personally in combination with her favorite tools for self-care, cosmetics, and daily maintenance. She blends them into her total health programs to serve her

clients vital health.

Jamie Lynn has served as faculty and administration at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and the Academy of Natural Therapy.  Jamie Lynn has published six books for helping people reconnect to their PEMS through the Cannabis and Bach Flower Plant Spirits using vibrational imprints, color therapy, and sacred geometry. She presents workshops in VibroChromoTherapy, VibroChromoPictography, and Cannabis reeducation.

Jamie Lynn graduated from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism with honors holding Clinical Certifications of  Herbalism, Nutrition, and Bach Flower Essences. As well as the Metropolitan State College with Two Bachelor certifications: Integrative Therapeutics, Nutrition, and Biology. The Colorado School of Healing Arts with certifications & advanced training in Medical and Oncology Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular & Structural Massage Therapy, Craniosacral and Lymphatic Drainage Therapies, Healing Touch, Trauma Touch Therapy, Polarity. Flora Corona a Certification in Quantum Flower Essences and Color Therapy. Academy of Resonance Therapy with certifications in Quantum Mechanics.  As well as completing apprenticeships and mentoring in energetic modalities such as Reiki master, Peruvian & Earth-based medicines. Internships in: Teaching, Pre-Medicine, Gardening, Biofeedback, and Psychiatry.

Check out some of the books she has published 

6 Book Group shot 2016 BANNER

Contact Information:

Call:  720-316-0196.

Check out my website at  

Email me at


Learn More about the VibroChromoTherapy Program: vibrochromotherapy-certification/

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Apprenticeship Flower Essence Program Enrollment is Open

Colorado Wild Crafting Flower Essences Apprenticeship

July – October 2017

Have you wanted to connect more to the heart of nature and heal yourself and your friends with natural remedies?

This once in a lifetime flower essence apprenticeship will change the way you view yourself and the world.

You will learn about one of the most powerful healing modalities that have been dubbed the future of medicine. Join Jamie Lynn Thomas, a certified flower essence practitioner & instructor, for an experience packed adventure into the realm of Wild Crafting & Flower Essence creations. 

Each month you engage in one 4-6 hour wildcrafting and essence making an adventure in the field or garden. Changing your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies PEMS in profound ways. Each class is an adventure full of healing and flowers. To supplement our unique nature class experiences are special learning topic webinars that are recorded and available for a lifetime. 


In this Apprenticeship program you will:Jamie Lynn profile 300

  • Attend monthly classes
  • You will make 1 flower essence each month
  • Take home 3 mother essences for your flower essence pharmacy per month
  • Learn to dispense stock & dosage bottles for yourself or your energy partner
  • Learn the indications & healing properties of at least 40 Foundation essences
  • Receive a spiral bound color copy of Jamie’s flower essence database
  • Get electronic or hard copies of class notes, webinars & the essence database
  • Online access to each Mp3 file or video for the months webinar or teleconference
  • Use the online forum to share your monthly essence experience report
  • Participate in feedback on your peers monthly essence report
  • Receive a certificate of completion in Flower Essence Wild crafting

Flower Essence Banner

And take your vibration to the next level 

Combo2Cosmo FEEmperorEmperor2essence pour

Equinox100 gatheringEquinox090 gatheringEquinox097 gathering

Equinox102 gatheringEquinox096 gathering

Equinox091 gathering

In a world where 350 million people are suffering from depression and Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined our PEMS system is overwhelmed. Flower essence therapies and earthing techniques are the best tools to rewire the brain and nervous system to a more harmonious state of well-being. This means that when we go out into Nature for a hike or wildcrafting, we are rewiring the pathways that cause depression and increase pain perception. In a recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States (PNAS), hiking for 90 minutes will change the way your brain works. By changing these pathways, we can decrease the circulating thoughts or rumination that can lead to severe depression and psychosis.

 Work in harmony with Nature and become a change maker using vibrational and energy medicines!

By working in Nature using the flowers to make vibrational or energy medicines we are able to change the way our bodies react to things like depression and pain. By learning the tools of a flower essence practitioner, you will be able to rewire your own PEMS. By doing this, you create a higher vibrational template of PEMS health. This means that your clients, friends, and family will be attracted to your flower essences through your own illumination. In the massage world, we refer to this higher energetic template as a way to work with entrainment through the client-practitioner relationship. Entrainment means to draw in and transport. Energetically we think of this as a way to show others a signpost on their way to a higher level of being or ascension. In the therapeutic relationship, the practitioner is given a task to work with in their own PEMS. Once they work through this level of dysfunction and find their way to another higher level of being, the client who needs this similar guidance will appear. For each practitioner will work with clients, who are a few steps behind your own process. This not only serves the client but encourages the practitioner to consistently be working towards a higher level of being.

In this program you will work with your own PEMS to raise your vibration and develop skills to work with others if you so desire.

Join the movement of reconnection and raise your vibration with this once in a lifetime Apprenticeship. 

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February Classes and Events

February Classes & Events


February 13th  6- 7:30 PM MST 

sexual-intimacy1. How to Increase Intimacy & Sexual Sensations with Your Partner using Cannabis Energy Medicine at 6 pm MST
with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

In this unique workshop, we will discuss the 3 most common intimacy challenges in any relationship and how you can program your love life to be the perfect PEMS partnership. Jamie Lynn will discuss 3 ways to use Cannabis Energy Medicines to create a CannaIntimate TM sexual healing session with your partner. Experience heightened sensations with this unique form of foreplay, sexual play and sensual healing that is sure to deepen your relationship and connection to your twin flame.

Its High Time You Got Intimate with Yourself & Your Partner.


February 15th 6-7:30 PM MST  

Learn the three most vitally powerful supportive strategies to help heal yourself and live like a superwoman with ease and grace.’

Jamie lynn had been 100% disabled 16 years ago. She was unable to walk without assistance and taking 50 prescribed medications. Now she runs 5 companies and is know by many as a superwoman; full of vitality, energy and lots of smiles.

Do you want to know her secrets too? Come join us for 60 minutes of life transformative resources.

There are 9 Keys to Superwoman success, and you will leave with tools to create action and changes in your system right now.

If you have been struggling with your vitality and happiness then now is the time to shift that vibration and elevate your personal vibration.


February 15th 7:30-9pm 

front-cover-sideways-4-x-6-11. Intro to Cannabis Energy Medicine & Self Healing at 7:30-9pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Jamie Lynn’s signature talk on Cannabis Energy Medicine and Self Healing tools from her book Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week map to Self Healing V1.1

Change your life one drop at a time. One color at a time.

Learn three keys to self-healing using Cannabis Energy medicine. The completely drug-free way of using the highest vibrational plant in the world, Cannabis.

Register Here

February 16th  6- 7:30 PM MST 

heart-chakra-balancing-methods1. Balance Your GREEN Heart Chakra at 6 pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Learn 3 keys to balancing your GREEN Frontal heart chakras using color, plants and energy healing. Excellent for both the beginner and expert, as new information and resources will be unveiled in this unique plant spirit, Color

Excellent for both the beginner and expert, as new information and resources will be unveiled in this unique plant spirit, Color spirit, and energy healing class for the heart chakra.

You will learn about the many heart chakras and leave with tools to balance your main GREEN front heart chakra.


February 17th-18th  Secret Smoke Out Slumber Parties Denver, Co.

15871863_1864484717168568_5987950898716377703_nSecret Smoke Out Sumber Parties is a monthly event that Fusion Event Designs LLC has created to gather the cannabis community and share time together. This is networking on a whole new level. Wear your PJs, Bring your sleeping bag and let’s have some slumber party fun.
Men and Women are welcome!
Must be 21 and up – ID will be verified at the door

Dab Bar
Party Games
and more!


February 18th 11am-12:30 PM MST

color board Final FINAL

1. 3 Keys to Cannabis Energy Medicine 11am MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Learn three keys to self-healing using Cannabis Energy medicine. The completely drug-free way of using the highest vibrational plant in the world, Cannabis.

Jamie Lynn’s signature talk on Cannabis Energy Medicine and Self Healing tools from her book Cannabis Energy Medicine a 6 Week map to Self Healing V1. .

Change your life one drop at a time. One color at a time.

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February 22nd 6:30-8PM MST  

massage-for-messing-with1. Massage + Cannabis Energy Medicine  at 6:30 pm MST with Jamie Lynn Thomas 

Massage therapy is powerful, and when it is combined with Cannabis Energy Medicine + Color Therapy, the healing benefits are impressive.

Learn about the three keys to giving a cannabis energy medicine enhanced massage. Explore a completely drug-free way to use one of the highest vibration plants in the world.

Enhance your massage, enhance your practice and serve your client’s success.


February 26th 8-9am  MST 
Use the power of the new moon to create a powerful ritual using cannabis energy medicine to heighten the experience

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How to Heal a Broken Heart Using Plants & Gems 24 Hour Replay


How to Heal a Broken Heart Using Plants & Gems

If you have ever had a broken heart and felt alone and unsupported then this is the class for you. In this 24-hour replay workshop, we will go over the plant spirit medicine, flower essences and GEM essences used to support the PEMS heart space. You will discover ways to use flower power and color power in your life to heal a broken or fractured heart space. Learn how to reprogram and break old patterns and habits of love and intimacy, so you can rebuild your heart and empower your heart chakras to grow and expand. This allows you to resonate your perfect frequency out into the universe to find your twin flame. The one who completes your soul in this time and place.

Dip into the magic of intimacy with your PEMS and transcend your broken heart today.

If you are interested in more classes or events, check out the Events & Workshops page to stay up to date.