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Abundance – GREEN

Green- Abundance- BleedsCongratulations You Need Abundance GREEN CannaEssence

Green CannaEssence is abundance and prosperity.

Useful for:

  • Heart chakra opening & protecting.
  • Meditation Aide.
  • Who want to desire to manifest abundance, prosperity & joy in their lives.
  • Who have lost faith in the world or themselves?
  • Helpful to shift depression.
  • Supports protected heart opening.
  • Supports learning & integration of that knowledge.

Green as a color is supportive to the heart. It allows the heart to feel a sense of peace, joy, and abundance from deep inner sources. As an essence, this green CannaEssence is full of prosperity, joy, and safety in the world. This essence uplifts opens and supports the sensitive heart. By resonating from the heart, you have 100,000 x more power than the brain to transform the world around you with your super heart powers!

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Long Green CannaEssence Monograph

Species or Strain:      Eisenbaur

Indications: Lack of joy, lack of prosperity or abundance, unable to see or desire abundance, lack of luster, lacking safety for the heart, having trouble learning lessons that have been taught before, over the hardened heart with barriers or walls, not being in the present due to armoring or judgment. For those who have lost faith in the world or themselves. For those who only see the negative or are pessimistic. For those who do not have the strength or desire to care

Positive qualities:


-An essence full of potential to see prosperity, abundance, joy and safety in the world. Allows this to come and bath them in a web of safety and protection as they cultivate this new home of potential and abundance – Let go of what was and see the possibilities of tomorrow

– Flower of SAFETY- a haven for “Everything’s going to be all right.”

-Essences of the air and ether

-Full of life-giving properties and toxins – a yin-yang essence without judgment or sway towards one or the other works with the Male-Female within each one of us by allowing the heart to melt and open to the possibilities of what will come. Making sure that the journey provides neutrality that neither is good or bad, but just is. Yin & yang without the judgment

-Activates the heart center so that TRUE JOY may be felt and that you can connect and resonate what is TRULY JOYFUL FOR YOU out to the world through your heart fields – Bring love and potential into your heart

-An essence that radiates the goodness that is here in this heartfelt moment

-MANIFEST PROSPERITY – Goodness will manifest with this essence

-Allow the progress others have made help you learn from their mistakes/successes

Affirmations:  Manifest Prosperity!

Key Words: jealousy, depression, worn down, loss of faith, apathetic to suffering of others, armored,  pessimistic, reawakening,  abundance & joy, revivification, heart opening, heart softening, heart melting, protective, safety, lessons, relearning, retaining lessons, potential, love, uplifting, nourishing,