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Reiki + Cannabis Energy Medicine

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reiki-symbolsMany people know the power of Reiki, but not everyone knows the magnificent power of blending Reiki with Cannabis Energy Medicine. By connecting both the plant and color kingdoms to the universal energy field provided by Reiki you can ascend to new heights of Reiki mastery.

When I first learned Reiki, I thought I would never be able to reach greater heights of energy awareness and harness the energy that I could now sense. Now close to seven years later, I can see that the opportunity to raise my vibration and consciousness is truly endless at this point. Someday, humans may truly ascend and become pure energy as we were when we seeded this planet with consciousness from the bosom of the universe. However, now, we have so many opportunities to continue to grow, elevate and expand to greater heights of energy awareness. Now is our time to  become the beacons of light we were meant to be. All you lovely light workers are the beacons of light for all those wanting and needing to raise their vibrations. Are you prepared to hold that great energy transformation or do you need some allies?

Ever notice, someone staring at you in the grocery line? I do, and it is not just because I’m a redhead, it’s because they are attracted to my light. They want to know more about what makes me shine and they want to stand out too. They know, or their PEMS knows that I have tools to help them become the people they were always meant to be on this planet; a human full of awareness living in sustainability and shining their beautiful light to the rest of the world. They raise the world’s vibration just by connecting to the light of attraction and seeing a future they thought was not possible. They literally ripped off the veil away and saw the future they could have built long ago if only they had the support to be the light changing the world.

I worked with Reiki for two years before I started incorporating my other plant allies to create a much more potent form of energy work something that I dubbed Ascended Plant Spirit Medicine or VibroChromotherapy. A place where energy, color, and healing therapy meet to create a powerful synergistic effect that increased the potency of both and catapulted my senses into extreme heights of transformation. Synergy is defined as “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

This means that Reiki was powerful but when combined with plant spirit medicines like the CannaEssences the energies were increased by three-fold sometimes six-fold.

This is the law of attraction and the law of entrainment.

As my body was able to take more energy and transfer more energy into the world around me I was able to entrain others through  the use of quantum physics and elevated PEMS consciousness. This allowed me to share with other people the experience of having raised a plane of existence and left behind a lower energy me that was not serving to my calling or the world around me. It allowed me to transform myself and watch my students start to transform and ascend their old ways of being and doing. By using cannabis energy medicine and Reiki together I was able to get more people to  engage in this aspect of their healing or life purpose. Then they went out into their communities and started to transform and elevate other aspects of the population all through the law of attraction and quantum physics.

Reiki is built upon a model of giving attunements and awakenings to the PEMS through attunements given by a Reiki master.

The master then transfers their knowledge and the ancient symbols upon the PEMS bodies to create a type of energetic awakening that allows you to feel then and sense the energies around.,
This does not mean that these energies were not there until you were aware of them it actually just means that you have been given a glimpse into the world of energy by awakening your body to the universe around you. Most people will experience a type of ascension raising from a place of lower vibration to one that is higher on a new elevated place. This happens a total of three times until you are given the keys to symbols in your Reiki master training.

Once you are given these keys to Reiki, you are expected to pass the symbols the same exact way that you learned them.

I do not believe in this particular type of method. It is outdated and reflective of a generation that needed ritual and mystery to create something sacred so that the teachings would be valued by a material culture and population.

We are in the quantum age- the age where thought and reality are one of the same. Where we create our futures and our perception of reality. Our energy medicines need to be reflective of these principles.

They need to evolve and ascend so that lightworkers have resonancy with these therapies once again. We need to remove the old ways of being and doing and embrace the newness of trust and intuition. This is our greatest guide, especially when in alignment and resonancy with the holographic heart space.

This means we need a new type of teacher, one who is willing to look at the future of energy medicine and what it means for people to trust themselves and their intuition and let the magic become a reality.

This is how I train and work with Reiki or any other type of energy work.

I trust myself; I trust the universe, and I trust energy.

If I do that, I will never need any protection as I only allow serving energies into my field. I take my power back and my control over the quantum field. Because if I can think it I am creating it in my reality.

In my understanding of the evolving energy patterns on his earth, it is best to ground and expand the PEMS and the energies by using plant spirit medicines to activate experience. By using the master flower, cannabis, a plant who has the highest vibrational imprint in the world. A plant whose three-month life cycle can destroy over ten years of radiation energies and whose sole purpose is to support and help humans to ascend to their greatest level of consciousness. Cannabis Energy medicine is always striving to raise vibrations to a higher plane of existence by elevating consciousness and awareness.

Cannabis Energy medicine has many strains and scientific color combinations that can create massive healing and changes in the PEMS systems if one uses intention, intuition and imagination.

This is the plant that we, reiki masters, can use to give plant spirit medicine Reiki attunements. Its actions are both balancing and elevated as it raises PEMS vibrations to new heights. Cannabis energy medicines when used with Reiki attunements, balances, and grounds the ascension process in general. This makes receiving Reiki attunements less painful and less challenging to integrate into your daily life & PEMS systems.

Cannabis Energy Medicine helps you break the old patterns of believing and helps you ascend and transcend the thought patterns of all those who came before you so you can be the change and create change by being the best high vibe you you can be.

Entrain the world to this high vibration and imagine the infinite potential for health and transformation in your personal REIKI practice or work with your Clients.


Keep your eyes peeled for another blog in this series on how to apply Cannabis Energy Medicine and Reiki together in session.


If you are interested in obtaining your REIKI MASTERSHIP TRAINING with Cannabis Energy Medicine Boosts and attunements, please contact me at


What color would you want to work with first in your Reiki Practice?


Hearts & Flowers,


Jamie Lynn Thomas


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