CannaEssence Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

Cyber Flower Essence Special Ends Tuesday

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Cyber Flower Essence Special Sale

*Once a Year Sale Prices good November 25th at 12:00 Am and end on Tuesday, November 29th 11:59 Pm 
*Free Shipping for Continental USA 

Get your self care and client care on with these high vibrational products sure to raise your PEMS to conscious heights. Every single person who has used or tried the essences have felt an increased sense of well-being and our fibromyalgia clients report complete acute pain reduction and more manageable chronic pain.

Choose a product made by hand by a small woman owned business and support yourself, your clients and your community.

40off1Master Flower Gift Kit and book no writting

40 percent off GIFT KITS Price List

There is nothing like receiving a Flower Essence Gift Kit for the holidays. 

Help heal the world from the inside out. 

Transform your waters and support the water all over this Earth with your higher vibration.


Master Flower Gift Kit: Everything you need to start working with the CannaEssence.


H2O Infusion Gift: Change the world by changing your waters and vibration. Use color therapy to transform your environment with this water infusion color board and cannabis energy Medicine book bundle. Excellent for the beginner.


20% Off Individual Bottles


Which CannaEssence is Right For You? 

Just choose the flower or color you are most attracted to right now.

Click the photo for more information on how this essence can help you. 

 cannaessence-coasters-proof-redGreen- Abundance- BleedsPurple - Destinys Calling- BleedsViolet- Cleansing- Bleeds


20% Off Books 

CE Winter PRICE LIST WINTER 2016-17 Get Educated and inspired by the many ways to use the master flower, Cannabis with our 20% percent off special sale. 


Sending you hearts & flowers to change your vibration and heal the world from the inside out, 

Jamie Lynn Thomas



Our Mission is to help connect people to their PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual) bodies so they can uplift themselves out of pain to be who they were born to be. We offer conscious, sustainable and beautiful products to help the world become self aware 1 drop at a time. Our mission is to help humankind reach self awareness by connecting with their PEMS. By supporting the PEMS or the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual parts of a person ascension can occur from a plane of lower existence to one of a much higher vibration.

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