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"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Free Gift + 24 Hour Replay -Heal Fibromyalgia with Cannabis Energy Medicine

Cannabis Energetics & Quantum Flower Essences

Hello CannaEssence Fans,

Toady, I shared my webinar on Healing Fibromyalgia with Cannabis Energy Medicine

Just in case you missed the Livestream on Oct 27th, watch the replay athis link for the next 24 hours. 

Claim your Cannabis Energy Medicine Kit here. Everything you need to get started using the future of Medicine. CannaEssence’s and Cannabis Energy Medicine. Join the movement today.

Hearts and flowers,

Jamie Lynn Thomas

Ps. I did mention a FREE Gift,  right? 🙂 
ABook Mock Up 1s a special thank you for being part of my self-healing tribe, Please, Download my book, Cannabis A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners

Get the Fibromyalgia Free Download Here


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Cleansing + Purging in October

October photo

October is a month of Cleansing and Integration after the long months of the past year.

Hello PEMS Conscious People,

Does your Physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies need a makeover or a reset? 

 This is the time of year when everyone is experiencing the radical change of seasons and temperatures. This can bring colds, flus, deep anxiety and a revival of things that you chose not to deal with earlier in the year.

 EVERYONE is needing to integrate the huge planetary shifts into their PEMS.

The reason for integration is to ease your ability to rise upward from a plane of lower consciousness to one that is elevated to your current vibrations and heart resonance output. The great challenge for each and every one of us,  is to stay with the DISCOMFORT OF GROWTH. This my friends,  is much harder than it sounds when you have no support. Therefore, I invite you to explore what VIOLET CannaEssence can do for your PEMS with my most recent how-to video.


You need violet if you are attracted to this image

Violet- Cleansing- Bleeds

Violet CannaEssence leaves you feeling: Uplifted, alive, radiant and connected to source. 

Watch Violet How to Video Here

You can Purchase your own Violet Essence at our LOCAL COLORADO RETAILERS or at our ONLINE STORE  or buy the book and complete kit here 

Violet- Regular & Practitioner Size Bottles

If you would like to practice your sensing centers, watch the video with a soft gaze.

What do you notice?

Can you sense shifting in my auric fields?

Let me know your electric senses with some comment goodness 🙂


Hearts & Flowers,

Jamie Lynn Thomas