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Roses + Lunar Eclipse Ritual

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Hello Everybody,

Today on the lunar eclipse I would like to support you with a ritual to help your intentions of PEMS transformation. Yesterday, I shared a video on Facebook three ways to use your intentions and the plant spirits around you. Today, I want to explore qualities of roses using Color therapy and ethnobotanical research. 

In today’s video, I want you to imagine your favorite rose . What is the color of that Rose? Do you have a positive or a negative physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual reaction to that Rose or color?

 In the video, I discuss a group of rose colors and each one has different properties. Each specially colored Rose has to offer something magical in return to support your PEMS. Just like with the Canna essences and color attraction you’ll be attracted to the flower or the color that will best serve your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. 

By following your personal color or flower attraction you start to work with your self-healing mechanisms. You literally activate your color power and transform your physical emotional mental spiritual bodies. I invite you to come explore the Fantastical world roses and plant Spirit medicine.
Hearts and flowers,
Jamie Lynn Thomas

PS. I would love to hear your comments about your favorite color rose and the magic that you’ve noticed connecting with the plant spirit. What Memories in the physical emotional mental spiritual bodies call to be shared during this lunar eclipse transformation? 


Our Mission is to help connect people to their PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual) bodies so they can uplift themselves out of pain to be who they were born to be. We offer conscious, sustainable and beautiful products to help the world become self aware 1 drop at a time. Our mission is to help humankind reach self awareness by connecting with their PEMS. By supporting the PEMS or the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual parts of a person ascension can occur from a plane of lower existence to one of a much higher vibration.

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