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Family + lunar eclipse 

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​Use the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse this month to highlight serving and non serving familial relationships. Consider taking a break from those folks who suck your soul or use emotional blackmail to get their way. Using the CannaEssences to support your PEMS during this tumultuous time will give you strength to follow your heart and set those boundaries with Family. 

True Family are folks who take you as you are without judgement i.e. equanimity. Family who can share your joy and engage in friendliness will have heartfelt compassion for you as a person. These are the people who fill you up and are a pleasure to be around. These are the serving types of family ties for the awakened and conscious soul. 

Family who is non serving is made clear during the lunar eclipse. Thank you to the universe for that clarity and call to action. Now it’s time to let that negative energy go and build a new life without all that non serving baggage. There is no need for everyone to understand you or even accept you. In those moments of clear choice choose you and rise above familial imbalances. 

Sometimes distance and unfriending in all aspects of life is needed for the emotional blackmail to be stopped and reprogrammed. 
This thread of non serving family is very clear during this lunar eclipse. It takes personal power and strength of knowing to not allow others to manipulate or formulate the life they think you should have. Stand up for yourself and use that clarity to change the ties of imbalance. 
We do not need to like or love family that does not serve our process of growth. In fact, many family members force you to grow and expand. Others act as emotional vampires who suck your soul dry. It is these family members that need to be distanced or removed for a time. 
Time away. Time to heal. Time to change.
Time allows each person to grow and forces you to look at your shadow pack and all the triggers or baggage that comes from shake ups with familial ties. 
I’m taking the month of September to remove all those toxic family members from my life for a time…Will you use the strength of the sun and moon to clarify your relationships too? 

Tell me your lunar eclipse ahas in the comments.

Hearts and flowers,

Jamie Lynn 


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