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Get Your Copy of Cannabis -E-book -Manual for Cannabis Practitioners- Free Download for the Next 48 hours

Book Mock Up 1Hello PEMS People,

So my mailbox is blowing up with emails asking about my Cannabis Herb Thesis that I mentioned on last weeks interview on Getting High on Anthropology .

This E-book has my entire thesis broken down by body system with a detailed Cannabis Monograph.

I poured my heart and soul into this lovely text for two full years when I was going through herb school and getting a bachelors at the same time. Oh the joys of research and plant medicine abound! I added references and resources for the novice to the practicing clinician.

If you are wanting to learn more about the therapeutic uses of the Cannabis plant this is a great text to add to your repertoire and for the early bird price of FREE you can not beat that 🙂

I’m offering this text for free for the next 48 hours, so make sure and get yours downloaded today

It has been a few years since I added some information and as I do so, I see this will have to be a two part series or create a second edition 😉 If you have some resources that you would like me to be aware of please post the link in the comments section below.

I hope that my thesis on the Cannabis plant by body systems will be supportive to your PEMS and that of your client’s 🙂


Get Educated About Your Tools for Health & Consciousness using my Cannabis E-Book – A Manual for Cannabis Practitioners


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Don’t miss out on this special offer! Only 48 hours to snag your copy


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Become a Flower Essence Practitioner + Healing

In a world where 350 million people are suffering from depression and Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined our PEMS system is overwhelmed. Flower essence therapies and earthing techniques are the best tools to rewire the brain and nervous system to a more harmonious state of well being. This means that when we go out into Nature for a hike or wildcrafting we are rewiring the pathways that cause depression and increase pain perception. In a recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States (PNAS), hiking for 90 minutes will change the way your brain works. By changing these pathways we can decrease the circulating thoughts or rumination that can lead to severe depression and psychosis.

 Work in harmony with Nature and become a change maker using vibrational and energy medicines!

By working in Nature using the flowers to make vibrational or energy medicines we are able to change the way our bodies react to things like depression and pain. By learning the tools of a flower essence practitioner you will be able to rewire your own PEMS. By doing this you create a higher vibrational template of PEMS health. This means that your clients, friends and family will be attracted to your flower essences through your own illumination. In the massage world, we refer to this higher energetic template as a way to work with entrainment through the client practitioner relationship. Entrainment means to draw in and transport. Energetically we think of this as a way to show others a signpost on their way to a higher level of being or ascension. In the therapeutic relationship, the practitioner is given a task to work with in their own PEMS. Once they work through this level of dysfunction and find their way to another higher level of being, the client who needs this similar guidance will appear. For each practitioner will work with clients who are a few steps behind your own process. This not only serves the client,  but encourages the practitioner to consistently be working towards a higher level of being.

In this program you will work with your own PEMS to raise your vibration and develop skills to work with others if you so desire.

There are only a few more days left till registration closes. 

Become a Flower Essence Practitioner + Heal yourself & Others

Flower Essence Banner


And take your vibration to the next level 

Combo2Cosmo FEEmperorEmperor2essence pour

Equinox100 gatheringEquinox090 gatheringEquinox097 gathering

Equinox102 gatheringEquinox096 gathering

Equinox091 gathering




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HeartCore + Earth Day + Full Moon = Powerful

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Hello PEMS People,

On April 21st we had our first mini moon or Pink moon of the year. A term used to describe the quality of the moon and its effect on the PEMS of all living things. The pink moon is a reference to the mooncreeping-phlox being the furthest away from the Earth then any other moon in the calendar year.  According to the farmers almanac  it is also known as the sprouting grass moon, egg moon and the fish moon. Native Americans, who lived in harmony with the land, learned tricks or DIY hacks from living each day in deep observation of Nature. Imagine, you are living on the plains in a tee pee and your life rotates around the seasons, the sun, moon and stars. As each new moon rose and fell, swelling into a bright white egg and then disappearing to blackness, you are left with signs from Nature. Guideposts on your way through life….If you are observant enough to recognize them.

These signs returned every 12 moons, like clockwork. They became the backbone to their planting and harvesting schedules, it dictated their nomadic lives forcing them to moon-a-640x480remember and teach future generations. Each one of these tools laid the course, literally, for their lives. These folks truly knew what conscious, sustainable and beautiful really meant. As modern PEMS aware people, we must remember this knowledge from our ancestors. We can do this with mindful reflection. All full moons offer a time for DEEP SELF REFLECTION. Combine this with the qualities of April, we are hit emotionally with a super whammy.

How can you utilize the power of deep self reflection, sprouting seeds and Earth Day? Well for me and other sensitive PEMS people, getting your hands in the dirt, the Earth will nourish your seeds so you too can sprout your pink flowers and shine even in the face of adversity. This year our huge swings from 78  to 15 degree weather is pulling peoples PEMS out of balance. This is even more intense then in previous years due to the huge vibrational shifts that are happening on the Earth at this time. We are being called home. Remembering what was forgotten and finding the core of why we are conscious beings living on this planet.  I feel this is because we are getting so disconnected from our roots in Nature. This is why I want to share one of the most powerful earth exercises I learned early on from my mentors. 529094_352369041489171_228182337241176_955858_1423640955_n-e1337143078958

I have some tools below for you to work with the HEART OF A TREE to get your PEMS re-connected to the heart of nature. 


The moon, the timing and all the PEMS shake up is a beautiful metaphor for the shadow side of the month of April or color yellow. Ie complementary colors are violet and indigo. The moon is pink to sooth all that huge shake up from the first part of the month and yellows massive amount of clarity and boundary energy. All pushing to the culmination of release. Sometimes in the way of an explosion of upward and outward energy. See my previous post on how to work with these duelistic qualities of the color of yellow. 

What are you changing in your life to best serve your needs? What part of your shadow needs to be illuminated for a reflective glance?

I have a large list that I’m implementing with the full moon. What does not serve, what drains you, what is leeching your soul dry…will all come to a head within the next 24 hours. Stay in your PEMS and take action to remedy that which does not serve.

This is one of those months where these big momentous shifts in energy and vitality create long lasting change. Shake ups and upheavals are common in April and with this emotional child re-connection moon it will be even more powerful then previous Aprils. This is the month where, in the past, I purge most of the things that are causing my PEMS dysfunction. It is usually not pleasant and it is very difficult as it requires work to follow through and keep those boundaries strong. This is a month of relationships beginning and some ending. The great month of life and death. Beginning and ending cycles.

This moon mirror reflection can create changes in perception and health as we hold on to that does not serve our PEMS. This type of dysfunction leads to more illness and less vitality. All things that set up the seed to fail to thrive. If we embrace the positive uplifting, joyful and vivacious qualities of April and the Pink Moon we can solidify the foundation that we created with our Nature and PEMS re-connection. We are the seed our PEMS our beautiful messy PEMS. Love your system and it will show you the path to cleansing clarity.

I like to use the heart core tree connection exercise, to get clarity from the heart of nature. As a sensitive soul, I had always heard whispers from the tree’s, even when I was a very young child. I would tell the Pine trees my secrets and they would talk to me about reconnecting to Nature to solve these problems. I would tell a pine in Jefferson County and one at the far end of the state would know my secrets. This fascinated me,  as a young one who grew up camping and 4 wheeling with my mother in the Rocky Mountains. It fascinates and intrigues me more as a scientist and conscious PEMS person. How can one tree, a supposed single organism, act like one and the whole at the same time? This speaks to me of an interconnected web bridging the gap between each individual tree. It allows them to function as an individual and as a conscious group unit. It is synonymous to the way I  understand biochemistry and physics.

We are the conscious universe experiencing itself in the form of a human body” Jamie Lynn Thomas

I was thoroughly immersed in this delicious thing called Nature. However, this Nature is denied to many souls across the planet…… But it does not have to be this way. We can bring Nature into the Urban environment through mindful re-connection with the Nature that is already around you. It will not be the same high resonance vibration that a wild untouched pristine piece of Nature, but it will be exactly what you need to support the turmoil of this moon, color and month. I invite you to keep your eyes and heart open for the tree that calls to you. That intrigues you…that pulls you in and wraps in its heartcore embrace.

Jamie n Cedar tree- hug

Connect to the HEARTCORE of a Tree:

  1. Search out a tree that is calling you. Perhaps it looks interesting or is brighter then the other trees around you.
  2. Go and sit near the tree with your head and spine resting along the trunk. Get comfortable in your sitting position and your touch with the tree. If you are uncomfortable, move around the tree trunk until you find the perfect spot for you two to connect.
  3. Imagine going into the heart or the heart core of the tree with your minds eye. What do your senses
  4. Imagine your heart space uplifting and opening in response to the trees heart.
  5. Allow the two hearts to connect and start to exchange resources.
  6. You will send the trees heart all that is good and nourishing from you to the tree.
  7. You will receive the same in return from the tree.
  8. Both with give what they can and take what they need without injury to either system. This is the highly conscious Nature that is re-connecting your PEMS to the truth and the heart of Nature herself.
  9. Allow yourself to sit and go deep with the Heart Core of the tree. This usually lasts about 10-30 minutes. The longer you spend with the tree the more depleted you are. This is a reminder from Nature to do this more frequently. Your PEMS will love you dearly for your mindful attention to re-connection.

Hearts & Flowers,







Jamie Lynn Thomas 




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30 Minute Countdown – Live Link Included

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Hello PEMS People,

In just 30 minutes Jamie Lynn will be answering all your questions live on Comcast Ch 57.

Join the link below and make sure to get your comments in the chat bar.


Looking forward to rocking your world and changing your perception of Cannabis medicine,


Jamie lynn Thomas




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Live TV Interview Tomorrow 6:30 MST – Comcast

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Hello PEMS People,

Jamie Lynn Thomas will be on live streaming TV tomorrow April 21st at 6:30-7pm on Comcast Channel 57  answering all the questions you have been dying to ask her. 

Join tomorrow by clicking the links above or below for direct access 

CannaEssences – Flower Essences for the New Consciousness

Hop on and send out your burning questions on the comments link. If they are not addressed during the interview Jamie Lynn will personally reply to each thread afterwards. 

Just in case you missed the Teaser Video 😉


Happy Cannabis Awareness Day,

Jamie lynn Thomas



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Webinar Today at 12pm – Heal Yourself & Live Like a SuperWoman

superwoman_logo_by_stick_man_11-d8jdgrpHello PEMS People,

Today is a fantastic day of webinars with tons of information and 3 easy steps to start transforming your life today 🙂 

If you have not registered for this amazing event, do so now HERE

This is one of the last chances to hear this amazing talk by Jamie Lynn Thomas this Spring. You won’t be able to have access to these tools until September


If you can not make this webinar, but want to attend the next one on Friday May 6th at 10 am MST  SAVE MY SPOT HERE


Looking forward to hearing your questions,

Jamie Lynn Thomas



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Are You Going to Explode?

boiling-over-pot-of-rice_istockApril is a month of overflowing pots….especially from those who tend to stuff things in their pot. Then they boil over the side and explode their lid on the nearest unsuspecting person. There has got to be a more constructive way to use this massive amount of energy that April brings. After all April is preparing seeds for huge amounts of spring growth and foundation setting. This is very constructive positive yellow energy! So how do you shift your explosion into transformation and growth? Work with complementary colors, shadow packs and PEMS shell elevation.

Psychologically, when we are all shook up by personal insecurities we tend to retreat into our PEMS shell. We become defensive and protective of our tender being. This can result in the imbalanced quality of yellow. A sense of feeling unstable, underground and lost. This is one of the hardest months for people to get through due to this shake up of the system. Add to it an unusually hot spring, and we are left with a melting pot of aggravation; a clear example of the imbalanced yellow quality.

It is a great month for retreating into solitude and reflection. Allowing you to come back to center. Allowing you to trust in your connection to spirit (Indigo) to dive deep into reflective cleansing (Violet). This type of shadow work,  allows you to clear those layers of the shadow pack that are rearing their ugly head for a look….but due to the stuffing nature of humanity we are left to the explosive aftermath. This is a natural human tendency to hold in and stuff down what the PEMS does not have enough vitality o deal with. That is why it become the shadow pack, the illusive sides of ourselves that crave attention and transformation, but are still not tangible….not until we grab it and bring it forward into the light of reflection.

This is why working with the opposite or complementary color is so important during challenging months. If you look at the Yellow Color Board you can see that the traditional color and the CannaEssence complementary color. These are the colors that when placed over one another will create white light.

Complementary color is: colors directly opposite each other in the color spectrum, such as red and green or blue and orange, that when combined in the right proportions, produce white light.

This white light is a neutral cool clean place for the PEMS to reset and revive. This allows your PEMS to integrate the shadow pack and allows the system to elevate to another plane of being.

Use the Color board below to work with the complementary colors of April.

Directions to working with the image below:

Stare at the image on your computer or phone for at least 1 minute. Allow your eyes to choose the color that most actively draws your eye. Allow your eyes to become soft. This means you allow your skin around the yes to loosen and your focus on the object is not as intense. You see the object clearly you just are not piercing it with your observation beam.

Do this exercise once a day for the entire month of April to balance your explosive urges. Use this month to elevate your PEMS by embracing the discomfort of growth with violet (top) or engaging ones higher self by using indigo (bottom). Get this and more with our monthly Raise Your Vibration Health Program

Yellow Quantum Color Board

Yellow ocmplementary color


Hope this tid bit form the book has been supportive to your evolving PEMS systems:)

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.


Hearts & Flowers,

Jamie anointed with light. She is bathed with the sunflowers & mints in her urban garden.

Jamie Lynn Thomas

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Upcoming Webinars

CannaEssence Core 4 Logo onlyBelow is a look at our upcoming webinar schedule. Register and save your spot today!

Space is limited to only 100 participants. These webinars fill up quickly as they are available all over the world 🙂 


1.  Three Ways to Heal Yourself & Live like a Superwoman      April 14th 12-1pm

Jamie lynn Thomas will outline her 3 most vitally powerful supportive strategies to help heal yourself and live like a superwoman with ease and grace. Jamie lynn had been 100%  superwomandisabled 16 years ago. She was unable to walk without assistance and taking 50 prescribed medications. Now she is medication free and runs 5 companies and is know by many as a superwoman; full of vitality, energy and lots of smiles. Do you want to know her secrets too? Come join us for 60 minutes of life transformative resources. Webinar from the comfort of your home.

2.  Endurance Flower Power & Muscle Pain   April 14th 2-3 pm MST 

Join our Raise your vibration monthly metamorphosis program today to get access to this webinar and one more through  April & Yellow 

These are programs that are available only to those registered for the Raise Your Vibration Health Program


3. Introduction to the CannaEssences    April 30th  4-5 pm MST 

After attending the webinar you will know exactly whether or not the CannaEssences are a fit for your personal needs. You will learn 3 easy ways to use the essences ranging from 1 minute to 45+ min using topical or internal application methods. You will have an opportunity to find the perfect CannaEssence for your personal system. You can engage even more by asking those lightening questions at luminary speaker Jamie Lynn Thomas. Use your smart phone or computer to engage with this unique interactive webinar. A awesome handout will be available for download to all attendees.

Explore the rainbow of colors with your PEMS

Explore the rainbow of colors with your PEMS


4. Q & A Flower Essence Wildcrafting (Making) Apprenticeship     May 2nd  12-1 pm MST 

After attending this webinar you will know whether or not the flower essence wildcrafting apprenticeship is a good match. You will learn what the program entails and how you will end up with a 10 year flower essence pharmacy inventory. In past programs, I have had people travel from out of town 1 x a month just to participate in this amazing life changing program. 

Flower Essence Banner

5. Three Ways to Heal Yourself & Live like a Superwoman  May 6th  10-11 am MST 

The last chance to engage in this webinar till July! Jamie lynn Thomas will outline her 3 most vitally powerful supportive strategies to help heal yourself and live like a superwoman with ease and grace. Jamie lynn had been 100%  superwomandisabled 16 years ago. She was unable to walk without assistance and taking 50 prescribed medications. Now she is medication free and runs 5 companies and is know by many as a superwoman; full of vitality, energy and lots of smiles. Do you want to know her secrets too? Come join us for 60 minutes of life transformative resources. Webinar from the comfort of your home.

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Do You Know Our Story?

CannaEssence Logo

Explore the rainbow of colors with your PEMS

Explore the rainbow of colors with your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Bodies —PEMS


CannaEssence hand collects flower essences in Colorado to create therapeutic life transforming body care products and services. These products of self care and healing, can be sold internationally at select spas, wellness centers, and retail locations.

Vital Vision:

We bring self awareness, healing and empowerment back into people’s lives through our transformative products. Our mission is to help support the new consciousness that is happening on our planet at this time by supporting mindful souls 1 drop at a time.

Our Story:

Jamie Lynn Thomas, Founder & Medicine Maker, healed herself from severe disability with mindfulness and plant medicines. For the past 10 years, she has worked with individual clients, companies and practitioners to transform their lives through education and empowerment. The CannaEssence line was created to support practitioners and clients who are dealing with pain or imbalances in the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies (PEMS). CannaEssence uses the 12 most therapeutic colors and flower essences to create an easy to use color and picture attraction system. All you have to do is pick the color or picture that you are most attracted to and it will be exactly what you need to support your current healing process.

Products & Services:

Flower Essences are herbal extracts that work through the acupuncture meridians to enhance sense of wellbeing and natural radiance. Essences do not have any scents or alcohol. We educate spas, wellness centers, and practitioners on the therapeutic uses with specialty practitioner bottles and workshops. Our retail products are excellent tools to continue the revitalizing effects of the essences after any CannaEssence add on service.

Raise Your Vibration Monthly Health Program 

VibroChromoTherapy Practitioner Training Program 

Spa & Wellness Center Training Consultation Packages 

Flower Essence Making Apprenticeship June-Oct 

Allergen Free Ingredients:

CannaEssence is committed to the highest quality ingredients to support highly sensitive people. Our product is Free of: Gluten, Egg, Tree Nut, Shellfish & Corn.

Who Benefits the Most from Flower Essences & Color Therapy?

Flower essences replenish the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual systems or PEMS. Essences are especially useful when traveling, experiencing emotional upset, loneliness, exhaustion or a need to revive or nourish any one of the PEMS systems. Color + Photo therapy balances moods and increases the effectiveness of all types of healing modalities.

Use as an Add on for Existing Spa Treatments:

CE Spa & Massage Catalog SPRING 2016 SMALLCE Spa & Massage Catalog SPRING 2016 SMALL

CannaEssences(CE) can be added into any existing spa treatment for less the $2. With our unique training programs, anyone on your team will be able to perform basic CE Add On sessions. CE Enhanced Spa Treatment Examples: Facials, Body Wraps, Massages, Steams etc.

What will I Notice after Using the Essences?

After a session, people will experience an increased sense of wellbeing. Each essence has its own supportive qualities that can leave you feeling: uplifted, alive, radiant, confident, loved, supported, relaxed, powerful, energized, protected, joy, abundance and prosperity.

How Long will it Take to See Results?

Each person is unique, however, on average most people will experience shifts in the PEMS within 7-10 days. Short term results are seen after a session, usually lasting 4-5 days with Case examples; decreased pain, increased energy, balancing moods and increasing vital radiance. We suggest using a combination of personalized sessions and self care applications for the most effective long lasting results.


CannaEssences have no contraindications. They can be used with any medication.

Pregnancy Uses:

CannaEssences are excellent tools for the entire pregnancy process; especially useful during the prenatal phase when combined with reflexology or prenatal massage.


Jamie Lynn’s Story:wp-1455113950215.jpeg

Jamie Lynn started her journey to vital health through a debilitating chronic illness that resulted in her taking 50 prescribed medications. Jamie was told she would be disabled for life; unable to walk without assistance or live a normal young woman’s life without medications and lingering complex problems. After hearing this bleak future, Jamie Lynn was determined to find “another way to heal and become whole”. To do so, she went to two full time schools at the same time to learn as much as she could about human health. She continued to get thirty more degrees, certifications, licenses and diplomas to enlighten her PEMS or Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual bodies. Now 16 medication free years later, Jamie Lynn is an avid mountain climber full of vitality, vision and vibration.

She uses her experience of hopelessness from diagnoses to help her clients’; specializing in empowering others to heal through PEMS reconnection. Jamie Lynn felt that the balancing of her PEMS is what saved her life and allowed her to regain health; exceeding all the expectations for someone with her conditions. She is a living, breathing miracle.

This passion and understanding are what drove Jamie Lynn to create a product that would support her clients in a powerfully simple way. She wanted to use the most potent tools to create a conscious, sustainable and beautiful product that would serve humanity and the planet alike. Therefore, the CannaEssences were created, Then used in clinical trial and case studies with a focus on chronic conditions like cancer, fibromyalgia and pain. Jamie Lynn uses the CannaEssences personally in combination with her favorite tools for self care, cosmetics and daily maintenance. She blends them into her total health programs to serve her clients vital health.

Jamie lynn Thomas

Jamie lynn Thomas

Medicine Maker and CEO of:  CannaEssence TM    Patent Pending

www.                          720-316-0196

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