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"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

Learn Simple Ques from Your Pet – Animals Love CannaEssence!

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This is the first in a series of posts on animal uses and the CannaEssences. Please subscribe to get the most up to date info on this innovative collaboration with our Animal friends.

Podscasts from local Colorado animal practitioners, vets and vet techs coming in the months to come. If there are any topics you would like to see, just hit reply & let us know how we can serve you.


Jamie’s Reflection on Animal Uses & Simple Animal Cues

This cat LOVES the bottles

This cat LOVES the bottles

Animals #1  



Our Mission is to help connect people to their PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual) bodies so they can uplift themselves out of pain to be who they were born to be. We offer conscious, sustainable and beautiful products to help the world become self aware 1 drop at a time. Our mission is to help humankind reach self awareness by connecting with their PEMS. By supporting the PEMS or the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual parts of a person ascension can occur from a plane of lower existence to one of a much higher vibration.

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