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"Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine" Dr Oz on the Oprah Show

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Best Tool for Any Sensitive Person or Empath

The body check exercise is the best tool that any empath or highly sensitive person can do for themselves.

If you embrace this tool as a resource for truth telling. You will connect so deeply with yourself that your highly sensitive tools will become gifts for you to help those around you.


“This simple exercise will transform your life if you are overwhelmed with others energies.”      Jamie lynn Thomas an excerpt from her upcoming CannaEssence book: Daily Exercises for the Sensitive Soul 


Body Check Exercise – Step 1 to Connecting to Your PEMS

Take a moment to get in communication with your body mind by performing the body check. This is a great exercise to get you to connect to your PEMS, so that you can be fully aware of the changes your body goes through as it delves into body talk.

Body Check Starter Questions:

You can simply start by asking the body a few questions:

  1. Body mind we are listening please tell us what you want us to know?
  2. Is there an area of the body that has discomfort, pain?
  3. Is there something in your life that is causing you suffering? If so where do you sense this in your body?
  4. What area of the body is affected when you talk, think or imagine this thing that is causing you suffering?
  5. When you sense into this area what information do you get?
    1. Audio, visual, scents, emotions, pain, inner knowing, sensing’s, flashes, movies etc
  6. Ask this area what type of support it would like?
    • It may flash a color of the essence, touch somewhere on the body –ANYTHING really – no expectations just listening
    • If it is not a direct answer
      • Look to the 4 essence cards & do the color attraction or touch method

Exercise- Body check Exercise Parts 1 & 2

  1. Body Check EXERCISE #1: to ground & connect the body
    • Close your eyes or keep them open in a soft gaze
    • Do a quick inventory of the entire body- breathing in the body as a whole 3 breaths
    • Then start with your attention at your feet breathing in for 1 or 2 breaths then moving onward upward to the head Once you are complete you are ready to begin body check part 2
  2. BODY CHECK EXERCISE #2: to move heavy energy & get in full body mind space

Step 1: Imagine there is a large vase full of a warm honey like fluid that is being poured gently over your head in a cleansing and nourishing movement that will eventually be pooling at the feet & soaking into the great earth mother as sweet compost

That which does not nourish us can nourish the mother – our hoocha (heavy energy) is her black gold!!!

The honey acts by taking everything that is not serving into itself to be fed as ambrosia to the earth

  1. Step 2: As it moves its way slowly down the body it pools and sits on areas that need a little extra attention or nourishment – breath this into your body letting it leave you clean, bright, clear and full of life

If there is pain in an area – allow the honey to pool around the area. Seeping in, bringing with it the light of your awareness. Bring your breath and awareness into the area. Breathing through the it for 3 breaths and on the final breath exhale deeply letting your awareness float on to the next area with the next breath

Step 3: The honey has reached your feet & is now pooling around you slowly seeping into the earth. You see this dark & heavy honey leaving your body & it is transformed as the earth sucks the ambrosia of hoocha. I image a brightness of diamond golden rays as the hoocha honey is transformed by the earth mother. She transforms darkness to light and uses it to grow her inner gardens. She loves our heavy energy & wants to co-create a more solidified PEMS for you for it also supports her too.


Audio version is Here!!!

 Keep your eyes peeled on the resource section for upcoming free downloads and printables 🙂 


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About the Creator Jamie lynn Thomas

An excerpt from the introduction from Jamie Lynn Thomas’s upcoming CannaEssence books.

In 2000, I was out of action mentally and physically so much so that I was deemed disabled by the state of Colorado. I walked with a cane and was so disconnected from my body and mind that I would seem like another person at times….


My studies in clinical flower essences after having been introduced to them from an herbalist healer who was working with me on my own health issues in 2000. During this time, I was taking 50 prescribed medications a day and seeing over 15 doctors in various fields of specialty as well as being deemed 100% disabled by the state of Colorado.  I was doing nothing but getting worse, feeling worse and seriously considering the reasons why I should stay on this earth. Until, I started using the essences, working with my nutrition, my intuition and really harnessing the power of my sweet gifts of sensitivity instead of running away from them, I was a lost soul suffering in the crowd……


The use of the essences encouraged me to come back into my body and the present to reconnect to my heart and inner gifts.  Now 15 years later, I’m a shining light of vitality and hope for my clients, apprentices and peers.  Walking this journey has taught me so much about the human desire to heal and live ones life’s calling. Without this self journey I would not be conversing in the realm of text about a concept that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE….


Now we come to the birth of CannaEssences a blended marriage of color therapy and plant medicine. This co-creation was birthed out of a love for the cannabis plant spirit, art, beauty and a desire to serve humanity. I was called to work with the images, vibrational essence and colors of Cannabis plants. As my collective of practitioners and students studied these unique plants we found that each species had its own unique vibration and special message for humanity. Each new species was created with a shared intelligence with humans for a final goal or purpose and that in itself holds great weight energetically. For where intention goes energy flows. Each species has been bred to be the best of the best. Very similar to the way champion purebred horses are only mated with other pure breeds seeking out a certain train i.e. longer running stride covers more distance due to longer body & legs. This same concept has yielded cannabis plants with very high vibrations due to this special breeding…Each plants individual message, image and personal vibration resonated with a specific color on the Manchester color wheel…


That meant that each color has a unique mate that vibrates at that individual frequency….


As I worked my way through the color spectrum with a variety of essences a group of 12 KEY allies presented themselves as an initial set to support others who are sensing shifts or wanting to encourage shifts in their consciousness, perceptions or just get to know themselves at a more intimate level. This set works with 12 key color spectrums that revolve around shades of green to balance, open, elevate and increase the frequency of the heart field: Lime, Green, Emerald, and Turquoise. All the other colors of the spectrum work with chakra zones and other body zones that the human bioelectric field is used to seeing in daily life;  Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Violet, Magenta. This rainbow color spectrum that revolves around the powerful hearts bioelectric field yields a comprehensive system that works to balance the system with colors and energetic resonancy.


All essences work the best when you actively take a role in the healing process. I challenge you to take a look into the mirror and look into your shadow. Bring it out of the darkness and let it enter the light for you to look upon with compassion, equanimity, joy & friendliness.   Let it serve you and humanity through service to yourself through heart centered self reflection and observation. A ho!” Jamie lynn Thomas

    Read more   About Jamie Lynn Thomas Integrative Practitioner

Jamie Lynn Thomas

Jamie Lynn Thomas

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